Understanding How to Use the 3-Way Swivel Fishing Rigs for Beginners

The 3-Way Swivel Fishing Rig is a basic and simple rig which is popular when a fishermen drift for fluke.

It can reduce the tangles and the twists in the line even if the currents are strong. You can bait it with almost any types of lure you want such as sand eel, squid, spearing, and even the Trilene Big Game Monofilament form Berkley

The 3 Way Swivel Fishing Rig is also compatible with larger baits or strips especially if big fishes are present. Finally, the weight and the size of the hook can be adjusted accordingly.

In this article, we will discuss on how to use the 3-way swivel fishing rigs. Check this out now:

What is a 3-Way Swivel Fishing Rigs?

If you wish to drift bait, you can always use the 3-way rig, or also called as the Drift Rig. There are other rigs available in the market today, however, it failed to present both the frozen and live baits, unlike how the 3-way swivel rig does it.

It is easy to assemble the three-way swivel fishing rigs, plus it is also even convenient to fish using this type of rig. It is the perfect tool for drifting over any fish at the depths of the water.

Now, let us discuss the components of the 3-way swivel fishing rigs.

Components of the 3-Way Rig Swivel Fishing

Each part of the 3-way rig swivel is affordable. This will enable you to buy it in bulk and of course, you can save your money, time, and effort with this

You can always buy more than what you need because this type of rigs can accommodate two treble hooks that can snag rocks easily and other structures at the bottom of the water. These are the things that you will need:

20-25lb Trilene Big Game Monofilament

For your drift weight, you can use this 20 to 25 pound Trilene Big Game Monofilament from Berkley. This is the favorite of the many bass anglers due to its outstanding abrasion resistance, lower stretch than other monofilaments available today, and the price is reasonable.

30-50lb Trilene Big Game Monofilament from Berkley

You need to use this part for treble hooks. This one will definitely give you a good amount of line for an affordable price which is already good for many months. This is good for saltwater fishing and it is available in transparent color.

6-8 oz. Drift Ball or Torpedo Weights/ Torpedo Sinkers

Drift balls won’t tip over as soon as it hit the bottom of the water in comparison with the torpedo weight. Torpedo weights or torpedo sinkers are aerodynamic under the water and it gets down quickly and easy. Thus, make the right choice now!

Snap Swivels

For Snap Swivels, try the Danielson swivels since these are cheap and readily available in your local stores. Some of the available Danielson swivels are the Ball bearing swivels with welded rings, barrel snap swivels brass, black barrel swivels, crane swivels, and bass three-way swivels. You can also opt for high-quality ball-bearing swivels other than Danielson that you think are much stronger.

Three-Way Swivels 

There are various Three-way Swivel brands today, but you can try the Sea Striker since you can buy this in bulk and it is reasonably priced. You can opt for Sea Striker Billfisher Krok Barrel Swivels, for example.

Treble Hooks, Size 2-4

You will need trebles that measure between size 2 and 4; or depending on the bait size that you’ll use for drifting. You can always use the big or small treble hooks, depending on your personal preference. You can try the Owner Stinger ST-31, Mustard KVD, or VMC Inclines for the treble hooks.  

More Tips Regarding the Components of the 3-Way Swivel Fishing Rig

When buying the rig, you can use the Danielson snap swivels and attach these to your weights. These are indeed affordable in comparison with other brands.

However, you can still look for high-quality ball-bearing snap swivels for your main line if you don’t want a cheap snap swivel to bust you and lose your entire rig when fishing.

For treble hooks, you can use those that are not thicker than a 2X strong hook for various reasons.

First, if your hook is thick, it won’t get inside the mouth of the fish enough and you could possibly lose the quality of the fish.

The 2x thickness is really strong to resist bending while fighting a fish. On the other hand, it is thin enough to bend it on a purpose if you accidentally snag a rock.

You can opt for 6 to 8 ounces of drift weight, however, you can always choose another weight if necessary.

For example, when the swell picks up, you can upsize it and then, your rig will be left far from the boat.

Meanwhile, a 10 to 12 ounces of drift weight can make you closer under the boat, so long as your rod can carry the weight.

You can downsize it anytime when you think that the weather is calm and flat, and you can have a better bite detection and it is indeed easy to work with.

How to Assemble Your 3-Way Swivel Fishing Rig

Now that you have learned the components of the 3-way swivel fishing rig, now it is the time to put these things altogether now.

You can always adjust it based on your length, line strength, size of the hook, and others. These are the easy steps on how to assemble a three-way rig:

Using your 30 to 50 pounds of monofilament line, cut first a strip of a line that measures about 3 feet and tie it on the first treble hook using a Snell Knot.

Next, slide your second treble hook on the line. Tie it for about 3 to 4 inches away from your first treble hook. Make sure to attach your double treble hook leader using a Palomar Knot in the 3-way swivel fishing rig.

The next step includes making a short leader that measures about 12 inches to a snap swivel with the use of your 20 to 25 pounds of monofilament line.

Attach the snap swivel leader to your three-way swivel using a Palomar Knot as well.

Finally, you’re now ready! Just attach your weight choice on the snap swivel and the main line to the three-way swivel!

Setup the Rod and the Reel for Drifting

Assembling the three-way swivel fishing rig is easy. Now, you need to switch your focus to the proper gear to drift this right of rig efficiently and effectively. Stick to a casting or a conventional setup in lieu of a spinning setup on this type of rig, since it is easy to maintain the drift using a casting or conventional setup.

Recommendations for the Drift Rod 

It is also important to check the rod stiffness too! If the rod is too stiff, you will ultimately lose feel as well as the fish that you are eyeing in the sea. Meanwhile, if the rod is too soft, chances are you will be overpowered by the fish and you will struggle or fight a lot with it every time you put your rig back to the surface.

In addition, these are some of the recommended tools for the drift rod:

Daiwa V.I.P. 870

The Daiwa VIP 870 measures 7 feet with 15 to 40 pounds weight capacity. The Daiwa rod is similar to the Ugly Stick Tiger but with better action and overall quality. In addition, the grip of the product is made of foam with a triangular-shape for better handling or gripping.

Phenix Abyss 808

The Phenix Abyss 808 is one of the favorite rods of many people and it can do so much more. You can have a product that measures 8 feet with perfect action which will allow you to drift a breeze. The company also offers a lifetime and over the counter warranty, thus you will definitely get the best deal out of your money.

Ugly Stik Tiger Casting

This rod is affordable and it can do its job just right unlike other brands. Indeed, it can be used for drifting a 6 to 10 ounces of weight if it is necessary.

Some people might say that this is not the prettiest rod in the market today, however, it gets the job done with the approval and it is affordable than other rods. The rod measures 7 feet long, its rod power is medium length, and the reel seat is conventional.

Recommendations for the Drift Reel

Some people invest their money on the reel because they need this tool to handle various weight load especially when they face various battles on saltwater and freshwater.

Others would spend only at least $100 to $150 for a quality reel. Indeed, this is a good investment that will pay off in the next years to come.

Meanwhile, here are some of the drift reels that you can try:

Daiwa Seagate Star Drag 20H or 30H 

This product is perfect for various purposes at an affordable price. The Daiwa Seagate Star Drag is a high-quality item which is simple to use. You can opt to have the Saltist Drag Black Gold 20H or 30H for more bearings and high-end materials for your drag.

Penn Squall 30 Star Drag

This is an affordable brand that offers efficient workload. The products of the Penn brand ranges from mid to low line of items; which is all made of metal body construction. The reel is also indestructible that makes it indeed stand out among other reels available in the market today.

Shimano Torium 16HG

The Shimano Torium is also a must-have! This is lightweight, compact, and extremely smooth. It offers a tough carbon-fiber drag system which is indeed worth your money.

Things to use for the Main Line When Drifting

You can use the braided line whenever you are not fishing off on a charter boat. Definitely, the braid will lead you to the bottom fast, give you crazy sensitivity, and be able to cut through the water quickly and easy especially when drifting.

With the braid, you can determine whether you are on the sand or on the rock and feel the tiny bite as much as possible.

For the braided line options, you can opt for 30 to 50 pounds such as the Daiwa J-Braid, PowerPro SuperSlick, and the PowerPro Spectra.

Meanwhile, for the Monofilament Line options, you can opt for 20 to 25 pounds just like the Trilene Big Game, P-Line CXX, Maxima Ultra Green, and the Yo-Zuri Hybrid.

Kinds of Fishes to bait using the 3-Way Swivel Fishing Rig

There are various kinds of fishes to catch using the 3-way swivel fishing rig especially when you decide to drift in the salt water.

If you are lucky and you can get some fresh-dead squid then you will get what you’ve paid for your money. It is not always great to go ahead and buy several boxes of squid or other baits for equally the same results all over again.

Fishes just like the Halibut are picky-eaters, unlike a hungry lingcod that does not care at all about its bait or its food.

Meanwhile, some of the live or frozen bait options that you can have are squid, anchovy, mackerel, herring, and sardine. You can also try other baits and you can just be creative with it.

Final Words: Fishing on a Three-Way Rig

Fishing on a three-way rig is easy to learn and simple to do. However, make sure that when you fit the bottom of the water, reel up for a few cranks. Try as much as possible to prevent your treble hooks to dig into the structure under the water or at the rock, which can cause the destruction of the tackle and the time wasted to retie it.

Do not fret if you think that you are a few feet away from the bottom. Remember, the fish are not always located at the bottom of the water and they swim to eat as well.

From time to time, free-spool to the bottom of the water so you can see where are you now. There are times that you will drift over a big drop-off or the bait that you use will be too high and you have no idea about it.

If you touch the bottom constantly, it will give you a hint whenever you decide to go from the rock structure to the sand, or from the sand to the rock structure.

Meanwhile, if you think you are bitten, make sure to reel in the slack before deciding to set the hook. Whenever you reel in first before the slack will pick up the hookset from the heavy weight that you are currently using, you will have a better position before inserting the hooks on it.

Reel and swing in one steady and sure position.

Lastly, if you think the drift is strong enough, you can use a drift sock to help slow down your boat. This will bring a huge difference and position your rig to the location where it actually belongs.

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