How to Fish for Walleye Like a Boss


Are you getting tired and bored on daytime fishing already? It’s time for you to try walleye fishing! It will definitely excite you because it is best done at night. Walleye fishing is possible during night time because of walleye’s unique characteristic and feature being called as “night creatures”. Walleye fishing could be best done on some simple steps and techniques with proper equipment, location and time.

How to Fish Walleye from Shore

Walleyes are characterized also as a schooling fish. So during fishing, if you once do find one or catch one, better stay there for more because you will probably find more! They also like to stay on coverings especially with weeds for feeding and for shelter too. So you better be off with man-made cribs to them at the bottom of the waters and near the shore. You can go for live baits such as minnows during shore fishing.

Shore fishing is considered the most productive way or option you can go with. During early spring, walleyes are easy to fish on shores especially on areas with sand and rocks on it wherein they love to spawn on.

Male walleyes tend to go out on shallow parts during spawning time, while females do prefer deeper parts of the water within their spawning area during the day. But if you want for bigger walleyes, you should try to fish on deeper area where they spawn.

Some walleyes do feed themselves on daylight few hours after dark but spontaneously fed themselves at night.

It is actually a matter of knowing when to fish depending on its location and seasons. It is because walleye tend to change habits depending on seasons.

During spawning time, you can fish more males rather than females. It is because males usually go on shallows to feed but near spawning areas. And during full spawning time, females are less active on feeding too.

During fishing, since walleyes are schooling fish, it is much easy for you to fish more than what you hope for whether it is done through a simple way of fishing or by the use of a boat.

Winning could be achieved here through scouting or spotting for their possible spawning areas or their shelters such as coverings on shores.

Jigging is the most commonly used by anglers here. It helps you reach out on depth where walleyes stay. But take note, they usually strikes while it sinks to the bottom. Swim jigs are used in order for you to be able to notice if there are bites or none because as they strikes while it sinks, it makes it hard for you to notice it which means lost on your part. Use colored ones such as white, yellow, green or black.

On spring time, they can be easily caught as well as in winter but not on summer time.

On shore fishing, location best paid off if you think it’s hard for you to get bigger walleyes on it? Better think it over then. Bigger walleyes can also be fish on shores too depending on location.

Moreover, you could experience lots of excitements on shores rather than on boats. It is just a matter of selecting the right equipment and discovering the right locations. Usually walleye fishing on shores could be best done within two to three weeks after spawning.

Also, the best areas to fish are those in the weeds aside from sandy and rocky parts of the shore. At this time of the year, walleyes are very aggressive to fish not only with live baits but also by lures too!

How to Fish Walleye from Boat

Boats play great role in walleye fishing. They are used for trolling walleyes toward the area where you want to fish because sometimes in rivers or in lakes, walleyes are being scattered around by following schools of bait, and or rocky humps. So trolling is best used with these kinds of problems and boats are one of the important equipment in walleye fishing.

In fishing from boat, you can cast, troll and or let it drift away when fishing. You can also fish while being anchored. Using it can do magic in lakes, and in rivers too! It could also mean more walleyes to fish.

You can use either live baits or lures from boats would it be in lakes, and in rivers. Simple jigs are commonly used here because of its versatility. You can cast the jigs behind the boat. It is so easy to fish using a boat for walleyes because you can play and do tricks easily while in motion. And not to mention their weakness over baits that’s in motion.

But still live baits such as minnows when used in boat fishing can be perfectly be matched as to productivity is concerned.

Boat fishing on rivers is easy compared to shore fishing alone or fishing in river banks. Why? It is because boat can easily overcome or fight with the current even on extreme conditions. Bottom fishing is suitable to do here. But for anglers, it is hard for them to fish for walleyes here because they tend to ignore feeding somehow and just wait for the proper time to feed back there on shallow parts to feed on scattered baits left behind by fishermen.

How to Fish for Walleye Like a Boss

How to Fish for Walleye at Night

Walleyes are considered as nocturnal fishes. So they tend to feed themselves during night time rather than day time. It is possible for them because of their unique characteristic of having a keen sense of sight that they can see well even in dark areas of the waters. They have these predator characteristics too! They can see much of their prey at night that makes them different from any other fish.

Night time is the right pace for them. It is the perfect time for feeding and for spawning too. Here, they are more active and sometimes hard to fish but they tend to go out in schools and it is much easy to fish as many walleyes as you can at night than on daytime.

Some says that it is more complicated and hard to do night fishing than the usual day time fishing. But if you’re for walleyes, it is the other way around. It is done simpler and easy, but mind you? It is the most productive one.

The secret of success in fishing is through simple but proper planning. Always be ready with all your necessary equipment and baits. Then finally starts to scout or find for their coverings or their schools.

You can go on fish on many different areas at night. And you can also get back to those areas you had fish before thinking that other schools of walleye have moved in there.  Furthermore, in night fishing, you’ll be surprise of having more fish and sometimes of bigger sizes of walleyes you’ll get.

Some walleyes feed themselves on day light too! So there are still chances of getting one or two at this time. But it is best done few hours after dark till night.

You can also try sort of shore casting at night. Especially on cool waters wherein weeds are beginning to die because walleyes try to move in on current areas and on shallow parts of the water such as shore to feed. So it can be considered also as the perfect time to fish.

Make it as simple as possible at night. Don’t just think of the fish itself but rather the enjoyment it brings. Night fishing could be great done with friends or families for fun. Experience the cool breeze and tranquility it brings. The simple relaxation that could make your busy world stop for a while and self-fulfillment it gave you is all that matters most every end of the day.

How to Fish for Walleye in Lakes

Fish where walleyes at! This sounds great when you’re fishing for walleyes in lakes. Since walleyes go in schools, tendency to fish for more in lakes is possible. You can make it simple though lures for walleyes can bring about magic in fishing. Lake fishing would still be best done at night too! Not to mention that walleyes tend to appear at night to feed.

If the lakes have greater chances of having bigger walleyes, the chances of you to caught bigger ones are expected too. It is because they tend to go on schools of the same size.

Fishing for walleyes on lakes are much likely the same as fishing on rivers and on shores. It is usually best done at night with proper equipment on hand with handful baits. It is just a matter of investigating, looking for the perfect areas to fish as well as the perfect time in every changing seasons.

You can make use of a boat too on lakes for a better trolling and for greater casts. If you think that it’s so easy to fish on lakes, you better not. Walleyes here are furious enough and can make a harder fight for anglers.

You can use bottom fishing technique here because bigger ones tend to stay on bottom rather than on open areas of the lake. You can spot for coverings ones hallow areas of lakes sometimes or at night for a chance to find them in.

Aside from being nocturnal, and usually feed at night, walleyes are sensitive to the changing seasons. They react on water temperature too!

In lake fishing, you need to look for coverings and sometimes you have to be stealthy too! Why? It is because walleyes give a good fight on waters and at night where they are so furious and active especially during spawning.

Sometimes anglers on a boat help each other by copying someone’s strategy if had constantly fish one.

Try experimenting. Since walleyes are sensitive in different seasons, better try to use the perfect live baits for them. Minnow baits in spring, and leeches in summer. Sometimes it can be of help experimenting not just on baits but on tactics or fishing techniques too!

Moreover, you also would need a depth finder when fishing in lakes. It is how you can measure the depth and in order to reach for schools of walleye underneath or in the bottom and or simply to know where they are. But without it, just try to troll deeper. It is to let you estimate the lines you’ll be using. You can go with lures too! Walleyes are fascinated with it also because of their attractive colors at night.

In lake fishing, expect to use bigger rods and strong lines because here, you have greater tendency to get or encounter bigger walleyes.

By the way, usually bigger walleyes are females. So if you tend to fish for bigger ones, you must prefer bottom fishing rather than going for shallow one.

Anglers and fishermen love this sport because they give a great fight and struggles at night. It is possible however to make it easy for them by using simple techniques in fishing, what all it takes is only through careful studying and planning before and during fishing.

So guys, if you are planning to start fishing for walleyes. Better start reading first and explore the world of walleyes. So that when time comes to do fishing, you will never run out of ideas to use. It is not just doing it for fun but most especially to develop your skills in fishing too!  Be patient enough and responsible in fishing.

Always be reminded of the rule of fishing which is to “catch and release”. Where in you need to be responsible to release them again on the waters if they are too young and not yet suitable to fish. It is not just the rule of law but also the rule from God. To all you guys out there? Always bear in mind that fishing also means great responsibility too!


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