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Tips For Choosing the Perfect Fishing Kayak


Choosing a fishing Kayak is fairly a difficult journey. Many fishermen love to fish on shore and off shore. If you are the type of person who loves to ride a kayak as they fish, then this is the best place to get some ideas.

Some of the reasons that kayak fishing has turned out to be very famous is because of the following:

  • It is affordable
  • Has no gasoline costs for fishermen
  • Has the accessibility to smaller and un-pressured bodies of water
  • Makes fishing quicker and it does not have constant upgrades
  • The adaptability that comes with it

How to Choose a Perfect Kayak?

The Classic Accessories Colorado XT Inflatable Pontoon Boat Reviews

The Colorado XT Pontoon fishing boat is 9 feet long and has a conveying limit of 400 pounds. It accompanies a removable transport wheel for a less demanding dispatch. As well as, it can be effortlessly expelled and set into one of the capacity compartments.

A portion of the numerous elements on the Colorado XT incorporates a number of features:

  • Weatherproof engine mount
  • Two removable rigging packs with 20 pockets altogether
  • Two protected glass holders
  • A wire crate for back capacity or a battery
  • Two separable froth fly patches
  • Multi-position pole holders;
  • and considerably more.

The base of the barges is covered with PVC for incredible scraped spot resistance. Brushing against rough surfaces is no more a drawn out an issue. The highest point of the barges is produced using intense nylon. The bladders are produced using cool and warmth safe vinyl that is not going to shrivel or extend contingent upon the climate. The barges take around 2 minutes to load with air in case you’re utilizing a little electrical pump.

Fishing Tips Using A Kayak

Battling an enormous fish from a kayak is sufficient to raise the strength of any fisherman. But, you ought to never start such a battle without a fight battleground. Particularly, when your battleground is not open terrain on the grounds that any snared fish will keep running for a cover. Angling from a boat or land area gives genuinely strong port, but what do you do when you are angling from an exceptionally “towable” vessel, similar to a kayak?

Wilderness Systems Ride 135 Fishing Kayak Review

Wilderness Systems Ride 135 Fishing Kayak Review

Brief Overview

As more and more kayaks had been introduced out to the market lately, you are not quite sure of which of these kayaks are durable and reliable enough when you’re on the water. When purchasing a kayak, you have to make sure that durability and reliability are always present, for that is the necessity in a kayak, and not only that, the kayak should have the safety and comfort that it can fully provide so that the paddler can enjoy fishing and relax his mind and body as well. And all these you can find and the Wilderness Systems Ride 135 Fishing Kayak can provide.

The Wilderness Systems Ride 135 Fishing Kayak is meant for fishing, for the kayak is naturally equipped with a Slide Trax system located in the bow area that doesn’t need any tools to make it work. The kayak is made with an Airpro Freedom Elite seating system to give the paddler a comfortable and relaxing ride during fishing, made to be removable and sliding as well to give the anglers a better view and casting for the prey. With this system, it provides the paddler a better performance and control during the ride and activity.

Also created with a self-bailing scupper hole, the angler won’t have to worry when the portable boat is almost full of water, all you need to do is to remove the cover and it will just drip right out. The Wilderness Systems Ride 135 Fishing Kayak is also equipped with comfort carry handles for an easier and comfortable lifting and towing, made with a rudder ready if in case the anglers are tired of paddling and wanted to take time to rest and need not to worry about the paddles sliding out of the kayak and a plus for the carved cup holder that will keep you refreshed and hydrated during the trip.

And if you’re looking for an unforgettable adventure overnight near the water, the Wilderness Systems Ride 135 Fishing Kayak is created with a comfortable carry handle and an Orbix bow, midship and stern hatches that can fit the paddlers’ overnight equipment and a tank well to keep the other equipment dry and safe.  The Wilderness Systems Ride 135 Fishing Kayak has a lot to offer when it comes to fishing, and this kayak is one of the best choices of most anglers out there. The Wilderness Systems Ride 135 Fishing Kayak is one of the most comfortable kayaks to use and light enough to carry around with only 37 kg of weight.

The Ocean Kayak Torque Motorized Fishing Kayak Review

The Ocean Kayak Torque Motorized Fishing Kayak Review



Kayaking has been a trend for most people nowadays. Usually, kayaks are used for some recreational activities like fishing. When using a kayak, you must prepare your body for you need to use a paddle in order for the kayak to move, which is why kayaking is considered by people as a form also of exercise. Now, what about for those who are not that young anymore and paddling for hours is not that easy even if it exercises the body? Well, the Ocean kayak torque motorized fishing kayak is the answer.

The Ocean Kayak Torque Motorized Fishing Kayak is built specially for an easy way of fishing. Of course, paddling is fun but also you have to expect that it will be tiring for the body. Now, with Ocean kayak torque, you can rest your body as you search for a nice fishing spot for it is a motorized fishing kayak. So, if you decided to stop paddling, you will not be staying in the place and you can just sit back and have fun for the ride.

With its Minn Kota motor design and Maximizer technology, you can control the kayak with the use of your fingers as you sit and just feel the gentle wind on your cheeks. Don’t worry if you want to switch into paddling again. You can easily remove the motor and pick up your paddle. How exciting it is to have the torque with you!

Its features are really the stuff you need in your fishing voyage! Its fishing pod has seven portals, two flush mount holders, a large bow hatch, a large tank well and paddle keepers which are great for your fishing journey either on a bay, river or lake. This kayak can compete with any fishing boats on your favorite fishing area with both its paddle and motor features which definitely make fishing fun and easy.

How is it possible to have a motorized kayak? Is this kayak really efficient for fishing? Of course, it is! It has extra large rudder engineered for an easy steering when the motor is in use and don’t worry about the weeds for it has weedless wedge support to have a weed-free cruising and fishing on waters.

Tequila! GTX Tandem Kayak – The Best Sit-on-Top Tandem Kayak

Tequila GTX Tandem Kayak - The Best Sit-on-Top Tandem Kayak

Now that summer is around, most sports enthusiasts prefer fishing as one of the most and the best recreational activity, as fishing not only helps clear your mind, you get to relax your body and enjoy your leisure activity as well, especially when you go out with a buddy. What you need is a reliable fishing kayak. In looking for a kayak, you have to guarantee that it’s not only reliable and durable but can also provide the safety all the kayaker needs, and what could be the best kayak than the Point 65 N Tequila! GTX Tandem Kayak, this is one of the best kayaks that most anglers buy and have a satisfying adventure and time on the water. Check out the details this amazing kayak has.

Brief Overview

The Point 65 N Tequila! GTX Tandem Kayak is one of the most versatile sit- on- top modular fishing kayak of all time. It is preferred by most of the anglers out there because of its unique design and impressive performance while on still or rough waters. This kayak has it all, not only by design but also when it comes to the tracking ability, speed, maneuverability, and stability while paddling along the stream, an all- in- one designed kayak that all the anglers desired for in a kayak. With the help of the Snap- Tap Modular System, you can choose to either go solo or go fishing and paddle with a buddy.

This kayak is designed to have the first Snap- Tap System incorporated in a kayak. The Point 65 N Tequila! GTX Tandem Kayak can be easily separated into 3 manageable parts that can be stored at the back of your car or under your bed. This 10- foot kayak has the stability and maneuverability while on the water, safe and strong the Point 65 N Tequila! GTX Tandem Kayak can hold and support a weight of up to 300 pounds that aids in its tracking keel for the kayak to paddle straight in the water like an arrow.

And of course, you can’t go a day without getting comfortable, well the Point 65 N Tequila! GTX Tandem Kayak is made with 2 comfortable and adjustable seating system that is made with an AIR PRO Seating and molded over with EVA foam, to keep the paddlers dry and comfortable. Adding to the comfort is the molded- in cup holders to keep the anglers refreshed during the fishing trip.

These are just a few of the awesome features of the Point 65 N Tequila! GTX Tandem Kayak, naming some more are the Deck Fitted mount for GPS to keep you on track, the molded- in multi-foot rests to give comfort and better traction during the voyage, the kayak’s large compartment to keep other equipment and necessities for the paddlers, the flush mounted rod located behind the front seat and on the deck and the rod holders in the solo and mid- section part of the kayak.

Ocean Kayak Scrambler XT Angler vs. Scrambler 11 Review

Ocean Kayak Scrambler XT Angler vs Scrambler II Review

When looking for a reliable kayak, there are a lot of things to consider. First and foremost is its reliability and durable when it is emerged in water and how it cooperates with the paddler on any kinds of rough waters like still, rough or hard- wood drifted waters. And a few reminders to look for a good kayak are its height and weight for both affects the speed and stability of the kayak, a comfortable seat for positioning, built- in rod holders that you can use for fishing and a good foot brace for a better traction and performance. These are just a few of the features you need when looking for a good angler kayak. And to compare two of the best kayaks for anglers these are:

Ocean Kayak Scrambler 11

The Ocean Kayak Scrambler 11 is one of the most and extremely stable kayaks out in the market. This kayak can be easily maneuvered and perfect for fishing. The Scrambler 11 has a length of 11 feet and 6.5 inches, a perfect height for a better speed. It’s as wide as 29.5 inches that can give the paddler a better and wider deck to stand up thus giving the paddler a better stability. This kayak can support a maximum load of up to 350 lbs. The kayak is also equipped with Comfort plus Seating System with a large molded- in seat for the paddlers comfort during the ride. A 6-inch cam lock hatch with storage bucket to keep your equipment and gadgets safe and secure from getting wet.  A molded- in cup holder to keep the paddler comfortable and refreshed during the voyage, a built- in ergonomic bow and stern handles to easily carry the kayak in and out of the water. Paddle keepers to keep the paddles in place and need not to worry for the paddles to roll out of the kayak and into the water, a skid plate, threaded hull drain plug and so much more.

Malibu Kayaks X-Factor Sit-on-Top Fishing Kayak Review

Malibu Kayaks X-Factor Sit-on-Top Fishing Kayak Review

If you want to go fishing on the farther part of the bay, you need to have a very stable and durable kayak with you for your safety and convenience. The kayak that you must use should have the X – factor that you are looking for. That is why, if you want to have a wider fishing exploration, you must have Malibu Kayaks X –Factor sit on top fishing kayak which is very expedient for lakes, river and bay fishing.

The Malibu kayak X –Factor Sit on Top fishing kayak is best for a drier fishing expedition and also for a comfortable diving into the waters most particularly on the bay. The sea has very unpredictable waves and currents that could suddenly jerk your boat when you go fishing on open waters. If you don’t have a very durable kayak with you, the possibility of your boat to turn over and the possibility of you being soaked into the water are high. You must choose a fishing kayak that could withstand the unpredictability of the waters.

Even if you check the weather for today, you cannot be sure that it will not change, for sooner, expect that it will change. Even if you look at the water in the bay and you think that it is calm, you must not be that confident, so in order for you to be secure, you have to use the Malibu kayak X –Factor Sit on Top fishing kayak which is made better most importantly for the bay fishing and diving. Also, this fishing kayak is fast and fun and is ready to take on the unpredictable waves of the bay and big waters.

Malibu kayak X –Factor Sit on Top fishing kayak has a high rocker that could break through the waves with a lesser risk of the kayak to turn over. It is a sit on top kayak which is very convenient for paddling and fishing on the waters. It will ensure your comfort in moving while you paddle and go fishing on the waters. This kayak really has the “X- Factor” that any paddler wants their kayak to have!

The “X- Factor” kayak has great features which are very sensible for fishing on bays and big water with its high rocker that is ready to meet the exciting waters.  It has two dive tank wells which make diving easy and comfortable for this kayak is best both for fishing and diving, as well as, it has also paddle holders made great for fishing purposes. Its features have also front and rear child seating areas and a wide cockpit area which are really amazing for having a companion in diving or fishing.


If you wish for the best kayak ever, Malibu kayak X –Factor Sit on the Top fishing kayak is what you are wishing for! If you want to go fishing with a kayak that could withstand the impulsive waters, the X- Factor is great for you! It has high rockers which could face the bumps and sudden excitement you may face when you go fishing on big waters. Some other kayaks are just great for small water fishing but this one will give you a better and wider water to go fishing and diving with a friend.

Its sit on the top seat is very suitable for fishing when facing the big water. It is easy to move and paddle in a sit on top kayak rather than on the sit inside one where you will feel trapped and harder to escape when unexpected things occur on your journey. This kayak has it all! it has features for fishing, diving, exercising and other recreational activities you plan to have with it.

Malibu kayak X –Factor Sit on Top fishing kayak also has two dive tank wells which are convenient for easy movement on the boat. This kayak offers you a first class ride into the waters for this kayak is speedy and stable. Surely, this kayak is ready for the swells on the waters that you will not mind fishing on the tough waters because of it. Definitely, this one is just what you need for big tough waters!

It has great recreational features that make your fishing comfortable and your paddling exciting. It has eyelets, cup holder, Nylon hooks, bow and stern handles, bungee tank cord and hooks and many other amazing features for you! You would surely feel the X- Factor feeling while you are riding this super kayak on the bay or big water. Well, with this kayak, you can also let a child or two of your children to be with you on your fishing expedition.

The seating areas are made of foam which makes the ride more comfortable for the passenger. You and your companion will be at ease on fishing with this kayak which only provides you the comfort you need. While other kayaks are back paining, this one is just relaxing.

Also, it is made of polyethylene. A very durable plastic that is fitting for water sports, fishing, diving or other recreational things you can do on the water. It is tough and does not break easily. At the same time, it is light, very portable and convenient.

2 Person Sit-on-Top Fishing Kayak Reviews

2-Person Sit-on-Top Fishing Kayak Reviews

Brief Overview

A kayak must be convenient, comfortable, durable and reliable enough especially if you want to go fishing on waters. Never use a kayak that would make you feel trapped and uncomfortable while you go fishing. Fishing in a non-fishing kayak would make your journey inconvenient and tiring. Usually, people who are being too practical and chose a non-fishing kayak because it is cheap, end up complaining about the uneasiness they felt during the ride, the back pain they had and the difficulty they had in paddling.

Using a sit-inside kayak for fishing is really not recommended for it offers less space for the legs to stretch and for the arms to paddle, that is why a fishing kayak should be a sit-on-top to have an easier steering of the kayak and easy movement of the arms in paddling. Sit-on-top kayaks are designed for a comfortable fishing and paddling on waters. This type of kayak gives you enough space for movement especially on fishing and a place where you could store the things that you need while you go fishing.

Now, if you want to have someone to accompany you on your fishing journey either on bays, lakes or rivers, you must use a two-person sit-on-top fishing kayak. This kind of kayak is very suitable for two persons who want to go fishing and have exercise on the waters. Just like, a one person sit-on-top, this kayak gives you and your companion a comfortable paddling and fishing while you relax and just feel the gentle wind touch your skin.

A two-person sit-on-top fishing kayak has great features which are very suitable for fishing on waters and also on other recreational activities that the paddlers want to experience. It has a storage area where you could keep things like food, water, and other necessary tools that you could use on your journey as you explore and fish around the lake, a river or a bay. It has also rod holders which are a very smart feature that you could use when you and your companion decided to rest for a while or paddle for a while. Paddle holders are also present when after a long paddling; you have found a perfect spot for both of you to go on fishing.

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