Jackson Kayak Coosa Review

Ever thought about kayak fishing this summer? Or do you just want to explore the great outdoors and get a sweet escape from the busy and stressful life in the city. Then try out the Jackson Kayak Coosa, a small maneuverable kayak built especially to make your fishing experience as enjoyable and safe as possible. May it be for trophy fishing, family trips, or you just want to relax in the sweet ambiance of the river while fishing then the Coosa is just what you need.

The people behind the creation of the Coosa call it the evolution of kayak fishing. Sounds exaggerated right? But once you get to know more and experience this amazing creation then that is the time that you will believe that this is indeed the evolution for kayak fishing. Every angler would wish for the perfect kayak to go with fishing, the Coosa is not that perfect but it does get the job done flawlessly.

There are a lot of other kayaks out there that are built for the same purpose, but the Coosa will just amaze you with all the new features it comes with. If you’re looking for a kayak that’s user friendly, excellent build quality, and for a reasonable price then look no further as the Coosa is exactly what you will be needing.

Its main purpose is to give you the versatility and flexibility to reel in your catch without having to deal with those pesky wobbles and budges. If you’re new to kayak fishing and is looking for something to make your first time a little less of a hassle, then the Coosa is going to be the one that you would want. And at just 65lbs it is still light enough for one man to carry.

This kayak is most recommended for beginners who want to experience what kayak fishing is all about. With its amazing build and advanced features, it’s guaranteed to give you the best experience while being completely safe and comfortable on this kayak.

What separates the Coosa from the other types of kayak is its design and quality to maximize your fishing maneuverability may it be for beginner or experienced fisher. The Coosa was designed by world renowned kayak fisher Drew Gregory after years of experience with other kayaks and dealing with a lot of other issues with them, he and his partners were able to develop the Coosa. It takes kayak fishing to a whole new level with its performance and stability like no other. And with that being said you should all be excited to hear what the Coosa has to offer.

Features of Jackson Kayak Coosa


Hull Design

The hull of the Coosa is wide with a 23-inch flat platform so rest assured that standing on top of it and leaning over is very safe, but don’t lean in too much that you might fall off. You can even turn around or stretch your feet if you ever feel cramped, everything that the Coosa was built for is top class. Thanks to this great hull design stability and maneuverability is never an issue for the Coosa.

Adjustable foot pegs

This makes the Coosa functional and convenient for paddlers of any sizes.

Elite Seat 2.0

From the previous version of this there were a few changes made that further improved the comfort and relaxation just for you. This version is more comfortable and a lot more sturdy than ever before and is also detachable that can be used for other purposes. It also has a new look with its 3D mesh fabric and has more storage capabilities now. It also comes with an adjustable, and detachable support pad that can also be used as a pillow for camping.

Heavy Duty Seat Attachment Buckle

After a few seasons of using your kayak, you’ll be noticing that the seat buckle that keeps you connected to your kayak is tearing down bit by bit. And you can’t just ignore this, because it regards your safety as well. But as for the Coosa, the buckle that comes with it is very durable and has tough attachments to last for a very long time.

Drag Chain Chute

Anyone that has fished in rivers know the struggle of losing a great fishing spot especially in moving waters. Now the drag chain is one of the solutions to that problem, as it is easy to drop and gives you the nice feel of slowing down and controlling your Coosa.

Hull Storage

Can’t get enough of the hull design? Well here’s more, it also has a storage that is perfect for keeping your fishing rods, camping gear and other stuffs that you might want to bring along your trip. This keeps your things safe while you enjoy fishing and cruising along the river. Say goodbye to those stressful thoughts that you might have missed or dropped something, because as long as it’s inside this storage it’s going to stay there.

Day Hatch

This hatch is a great place to store your snacks, or maybe gadgets that you might want to bring along. It keeps your things safe and dry and accessible to you anytime that you might want to have a quick bite, or call someone, or maybe take a once in a lifetime photo with your camera. It never hurts to keep your gadgets in a waterproof or floating container, just to be on the safe side.

Stand Assist Strap

Now this is one handy strap, as it allows standing up and sitting down a breeze for anyone. It is secure and easy to reach. It’s located just beside the day hatch.

Ram and GoPro Inserts

There is a slot that is well positioned for your GoPro to capture and record all the fun and memorable moments that you will be having on the Coosa. The positioning was well thought of to bring out the best of your captured footages and also for your convenience of use. This slot is also accessible to some fishing accessories via ram mounts.

Paddle Stager

This will serve as the perfect stowing place for your paddle. It is easy to reach, very convenient for times that you will be ready to make the perfect cast. It will be keeping your paddle where it should be when you are not using it.

Multiple Rod Stagers

Stagers are built for items that you are not using at the moment to be accessible anytime that you need it. This one keeps your rods in place where it will be easy to reach and also secures it from sliding around the Coosa. You never know when an extra rod might come in handy so bring in two or more. Don’t worry as this stager can handle multiple rods and keeps it in front of you for easy access.

Removable Skid Plate

This is one smart feature as it will let you replace your skid plate so then that way you don’t have to replace the whole boat when the stern wears down.


A large tankwell located at the back of the Coosa that comes with a bungee to help secure your gear, coolers and tackle. It’s going to be hot this summer so be sure to bring a cooler and some refreshers.

Fish Grips

This is one cool fishing tool that’s designed to handle fish in the Coosa, especially ones that you can’t grab by your hands. Fish that have razor sharp teeth? Not a problem for this tool, just grab that fish using this and it’s not going anywhere. That should buy you all the time that you will be needing to take the perfect photo or whatever you want to do with it.

Ergonomic Handles

The use of this handle is to give you a good grip when carrying your Coosa. With its newly improved grip texture to give you a firmer grip even when wet.

Line Cutterz

Now these double-sided blades are perfect for cutting fishing lines, and is also adjustable. These blades are well protected and easy to reach. It’s going to be located just on the seat frame whenever you need it.

Seal Line Seat Pouch

This back pouch comes in very handy for a lot of trips. It’s water resistant, also removable so it can pretty much serve as a regular storage to keep some of your things from getting wet or damaged. Very durable and also comes with a bungee for extra space to easily access some of your items.

Plano Boxes

The Coosa has plenty of space to put boxes like this that would be easy to reach places. May it be under or beside your seat, and this kayak comes with (1) plano 3640 box.

32 oz. Nalgene/Central Beverage Holder

Each kayak comes with a 32 ounce wide mouth water bottle. Made in USA, custom Nalgene bottles are decked out with Jackson kayak logos.

Jackson Kayak Coosa


  • Length- 11’2
  • Width- 32
  • Height- 16
  • Total Capacity- 375
  • # of seats- 1
  • MSRP (US $)- $1299.00 

The Next Big Thing

Now with all that being said, there’s going to be a lot of reason why you should pick the Coosa over all the other kayaks. Other kayaks are also good and reliable, but we’re not going to go with just reliability, people nowadays should choose the best and most suitable kayak for a specific purpose. And if that is going to be kayak fishing then the Coosa is the best option that you have.

The Coosa has also received a lot of good feedbacks from customers that was overwhelmed by how good this kayak does its job. Some of those feedbacks mentioned “This kayak is one of the best that I’ve ever used, the stability of this kayak is like no other. It was made for kayak fishing, and it really gets the job done with its great performance and amazing build quality.”

On one of the exclusive interviews with Drew Gregory the designer of the Coosa. He stated that “Standing is a huge advantage in most types of fishing and anglers who can get to that higher vantage point will also have higher catch rates”. And that is where this kayaks overall design excels, it makes standing up and reeling in your catch of the day a lot more easier than just your average kayak. Only few other kayaks are worth mentioning when it comes to the high standards set by the Coosa.

This kayak can also serve as a family boat, and for that purpose you would be looking for something that’s hard to trip over. The Coosa has a wide interior design that would allow you and your family to have a fun and safe cruise on it. Also worth the mention is its removable elite seat that could also provide your family with extra space for a lunch and maybe sand bar relaxation situations.

With a lot of other kayaks to choose from why pick the Coosa? After reading all of these, then surely all of your questions have been answered. For pro kayak fishers choosing the right one was never an easy task. But once you’ve purchased and used the Coosa, then you just bought the best of what you can get out of all the other options.

But it wouldn’t hurt to ask some advice and tips from people that you know before buying a kayak. Try asking some of your friends whom may have heard or used this kayak already. Get a feedback if how the Coosa performs, if it is what they say that it is, also check if it really is the most that you can get out of your money.

You may just be looking for something that is a lot faster or a lighter kayak. Maybe a kayak that is built to withstand the strong rapids down river, or a kayak that has more space to fit in more people. It’s all up to you, but if you are looking for an absolute fishing machine then this kayak is definitely the best that you could possibly find out there.


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