Old Town Vapor 10 Angler Kayak Review

One of the most crucial stages in doing any recreational activity is to choose your gear properly. From picking up choices to deciding which is which; gears that are not just perfect but also reliable are necessary in making any activity a blast! At the same time, it should make sure that the user of any particular gear is safe and guaranteed of his enjoyment.

If fishing kayaks are to be the center of this conversation, there will be an endless list of possibly perfect boats that anyone can use. Boats suited for all water terrains and speed, durability, speed and whatnot. Fishing kayaks are considered versatile pieces that can be used for all activities anyone can name of while in the water – paddling and even motor boating.

Nowadays, people opt to choose the versatility of fishing kayaks over traditional boats. This is mainly because fishing kayaks can serve multi-purpose roles. When plans change, let us say, from casual paddling to fishing, these pieces can go from one place to another.

This article will tell you why the Old Town Vapor 10 Angler Kayak is the next big thing in going kayak fishing!

Features and Highlights of The Old Town Vapor 10

The Old Town Vapor 10 Angler Kayak is considered a compact boat that can carry a professional angler’s load. It is a stable and efficient ride, with a large cockpit opening that is designed for a comfortable ride in the waters. The boat is perfect for both professionals and novices that are starting their baby steps in paddling.

This kayak is made of a single layer polyethylene plastic, like most of the fishing kayaks out in the market. What sets the Old Town Vapor Kayak is that the interior is made of hollow design, filled with air to maximize strength and durability from within.

The kayak does not bypass the rider’s comfort as well. It has an adjustable padded Comfort Flex seat that follows the contour of the rider’s body, thigh pads to keep the legs from being strained in prolonged riding hours and adjustable foot braces to ensure comfort down the feet. The parts also make movement within the cockpit and boat control easy the entire time!

Ease of access is also crucial, as identified by the experts who studied the mechanics of a reliable fishing kayak. This is why they have added additional accessories within the cockpit. A molded-in cockpit tray and cup holder is installed, without worrying of making a mess while fishing and having a good sip of root beer. A molded-in paddle park is also installed, to make sure that unused paddles do not get in the way while fishing for carp.

Experts have chosen molded-in structured accessories in order to achieve a sleek design without compromising the boat’s primary function. In addition to, molding in these spaces does not overwhelm the eyes with too much clutter.

In addition to the accessories in the cockpit, the molded-in accessories are found in the carry handles, strategically placed on the sides of the kayak for easy loading and unloading the boat when starting the activity. A stern day well is placed, in order to provide additional storage for extra fishing gears and whatnot. A skid plate and a drain plug are also installed, providing easier access for cleanup after use of the boat.

For the professional angler, he knows that fishing must be done while enjoying the sun. This led to the making of installed two behind-the-seat flush-mounted rod holders. This was identified necessary to enjoy a hands-free fishing experience, perhaps, for both pros and starters. An anchor also comes with the package, and in order to provide less hassle while keeping the boat secure in its place, the anchor comes in a trolley system.

A deck bungee is also installed, adding more security to the boat when strapped to the back of a pickup truck and putting the boat in the pier. No one has to worry about getting these boats lost; with double security measures, assurance of safe keeping is a no-brainer for this big boy.

The Old Town Vapor 10 Angler Kayak also comes with two brother models – the Vapor 10XT and the Vapor 10. Both models copy their precedent in terms of the main parts. The specifics that set them apart from the former are that, both of these pieces have enhanced Foot Brace Systems. The Vapor 10XT has a Support Track Foot System, while the Vapor 10 has a Glide Foot Track System, both helpful in boosting comfort in the lower half of the body. The Vapor 10XT also has a Stern Click Seal hatch for additional storage.

Specifications, Size, and Other Product Details

The Old Town Vapor 10 Angler Kayak stands tall in a 10-foot frame. Its length is not a problem to any type of body, since it has adjustable seats and equally comfortable cockpit features. The width of this piece is 28.5 inches, making the length proportional to the girth that does not give the skeptical idea of compromised comfort. The highlight of the boat is the cockpit.

The cockpit has a dimension of 19.5 inches by 48 inches, in relation to its width by length, meaning that the gap provided for movement by this piece is relatively big enough for movement. The deck stands at a height of 16.75 inches, making physics work through equal buoyant force relevant to the dimensions.

Genuinely, the product weighs 49 pounds or 22.2 kilograms, a weight that is generally considered heavy but given the specs on this mighty piece, the weight is worthy and can be less of a concern. The built of the boat makes it able to carry a maximum load of up to 275 to 325 pounds, which means anyone can basically bring anything while on their fishing trip. Extra compartments are available for extra storage.

With the dimensions given for this product, it is undoubtedly a compact and reliable piece to be brought to the next fishing trip anyone has been planning for the longest time.

The product also comes in two color variations – urban camo and brown camo. The style adds diversity, as well as love for nature, as it naturally blends in nature as a backdrop. The piece‘s urban camo style is also a nice deviation from the usual kayak colors seen in the market; it’s icy feel is also cool in the eyes. Overall, product is a cool piece to choose from many others.

Old Town Vapor 10 Angler Kayak

Product Reviews from Satisfied Customers

“Great Kayak!

“A fantastic kayak; I wasn’t familiar with kayaking, and this was my first. I’ve used it extensively for a couple of years now for fishing and wildlife photography. It’s very stable, roomy and I’ve had it out on large lakes with boat wakes and never felt like I was going to tip. Rod holders are handy and there’s plenty of room to stow gear below deck in front of you (camera bag, fishing tackle, etc.). This is highly recommended.”

“Awesome, but who decided to put the drain plug there?

“Love this kayak. It is very stable and easy to paddle. Much faster and tracks much better than my 12 ft Sun dolphin. Only drawback is the drain plug placement. Buy a second plug and install it in a logical place. Also very roomy and I am 6’1 270.”

“It’s a great kayak for the money.”

It is a great kayak for the money. It has a large cockpit that helps it stay cooler in the heat. Seat isn’t too bad but a stadium seat helps a lot. The drain plug location really isn’t that bad. The problem with it is that tipping it over to get the water out there also sends some of the water into the channel going around the cockpit so it just won’t come out where the drain plug is. I fixed that by drilling two tiny holes on the high part of the paddle holders that are built into the cockpit rail on the same side as the drain plug. After that the water comes right out when you turn it over.”

Rating: 10 of 10

“I have purchased 2 of these kayaks over the last several years. I used them in lakes and in the backwaters of the everglades and in Florida bay. For the money, you can’t beat this boat. It tracks fairly well and is very stable even in choppy water. I have battled several sharks in the 3 to six foot range. Never felt like I was in danger. I am a big guy about 6 foot and 260lbs. I would not hesitate to recommend. Had some tight lines, too!”

Rating: 8 of 10

“It needs a skeg. Tracks ok when paddling but when u stop it veers left or right making angling with it difficult. I have a W/S Commander 14ft, a Native Ultimate 14ft and a Native Magic 14.5 ft kayak so I do a lot of paddling. For a 10ft yak it is fairly quick. I am 5’10” and weigh 190 lbs. this yak has no problem with my weight even when loaded down. The seat is not bad but not good. I simply put a padded seat on top of the stock seat and I paddle in comfort. I put a small skeg on it and I love this small yak now. If you are looking for a yak to fish or hunt out of this one needs to be on your list. It is light, rugged and fairly quick. You will need a skeg or rudder but the yak is well made.”


The piece, without any form of bias, is definitely one of the best pieces of fishing kayak in the market. How this boat was made; the materials used and the dynamics, the mechanism of physics, the ease of access and the comfort provided by it to the user is impeccable. The styling and color palette chosen for this piece is also fit on the performance to be given by the boat. Overall the piece is a great addition to an existing collection, or a perfect choice for the very first kayak to buy to start your next hobby!

This boat will be a perfect companion to bring in the next fishing or paddling trip that anyone is planning. Another good thing is that you can bring almost anything when using the boat. From fishing gears, refreshments and even electronic gadgets, one surely can bring anything without worrying about it being a hassle. With extra compartments, your things will be secured and free from clutter.

The boat is a perfect item in terms of stability and endurance. With a hollow design made of polyethylene, this boat is another reliable piece that guarantees the user of its endurance and comfort. The built-in extra accessories make the boat easy to use and navigate. Comfort can be achieved through reliable pieces such as the adjustable seat and cockpit designed to maximize movement. The ease of installing and the like is also likely an advantage.

The item’s good reviews make it an undoubtedly top competitor in the market. Some even say that they can bring their dog along while doing fishing. This piece is definitely a reliable kayak when it comes to durability and comfort. Aside from the facts given above, this item does not cease to disappoint the consumers with its performance.

Overall, the item is the next go-to boat for your next trip! A 5-star rating through and through!


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