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Shimano Metanium

It is that time of the year to welcome back the Shimano Metanium Series. Shimano has released another newly improved casting reel, the Metanium MGL series. It has been a one million dollar question, to why manufacturers have the desire to compete with one another? They go an extra mile to design a one-of-a-kind product which is still quite similar to the others. But, the Shimano Metanium series will prove us otherwise.

Ultimate Angler’s Guide to Abu Garcia Fishing Reels

Abu Garcia fishing reels are well-known by a fishing hobbyist. They provide a huge selection of specialized tools for every aspiring or professional angler’s needs.

It has long been known that a fisherman is only as good as the tools he carries. It has also been a well-established fact that not all fish can be caught using the same equipment.

If you want to one-up that prize catch of the day and not tell the story of the one which got away, then best come prepared.

In this guide, we are going to cover a broad range of Abu Garcia fishing reels and discuss in detail the 3 P’s when selecting and finally purchasing the fishing reel most suited for your needs.

The 3 P’s are Price, Performance, Proficiency.

Shimano Torium 50 Conventional Baitcasting Reel Review

Shimano Torium 50 Conventional Baitcasting Reel Review

Have you ever had a problem looking for a good baitcasting reel that you can use at any level of the fishing game? Does it drag your time and consume your energy in finding the perfect reel for your fishing trip? Do you want a baitcasting reel that is versatile enough for all the fishing games you would like? Well, search and worry no more, because the all new and improved baitcasting reel made by Shimano is available in the store to grab by anglers. Yes, the ultimate Torium 50 Conventional baitcasting reel is now available. Now with the help of this baitcasting reel, you can have all the fun and enjoyment that you have been seeking for in fishing trip without even worrying if the reel will work or not. With the Torium 50 Conventional baitcasting reel, you can guarantee the reliability and the functionality of the baitcasting reel in any kind of fishing game.

Brief Overview

Shimano had been manufacturing baitcasting and spinning reels for a number of years now and the company is known to produce tools that are world class and have the durability that can withstand any corrosive environment where ever the anglers may use it. The company made sure that the baitcasting reels created would leave a mark on the market with its features. Made to equip a number of features and usages the baitcasting reel included in this world-class lineup is the Torium 50 Conventional baitcasting reel.

The Torium 50 Conventional baitcasting reel is a one of a kind baitcasting reel since the baitcasting reel is made with a solid star- drag reel that is perfect for saltwater use or for live bait or even applied for bottom- fishing. Not only that, the Torium 50 Conventional baitcasting reel is also equipped with certain features like the High-Efficiency Gearing (HEG), Cross Carbon Drag Washer, Super Stopper and an A- RB or Anti- Rust Bearings.

Shimano Thunnus 8000CI4 Spinning Reel Review

Shimano Thunnus 8000CI4 Spinning Reel Review

When you go on a fishing trip, everything should be ready and within the reach of your hand. All the types of  fishing tackle and the tools that you brought should be reliable enough for you to be able to enjoy your fishing trip and most especially durable enough when you’re on the verge of fun while battling your catch of the day. You should have, not only a durable fishing rod but as well as, a reliable spinning reel that can perform smoothly as you are fighting the meanest fish that nature provides.

Owning such a spinning reel is never at par; you can definitely buy a spinning reel in the nearest store at your place and just go ahead on your way to your fishing trip, but then, having an ordinary spinning reel won’t give you as much fun either. You have to make sure that what you have for your spinning reel will provide you both the durability and the reliability when it comes to performance. Why not try what most anglers use, the Shimano Thunnus 8000CI4 Spinning Reel.

A Brief Look at the Highlighted Features

Shimano is known to create durable spinning reels and other products so to speak, that most anglers are using for their fishing trips. Not only is the company known to create durable fishing reels but also known to manufacture reliable fishing gears and that leads as to the reason why most anglers, both beginners, and intermediate anglers, are using the company’s products. The products created are worth the wait and the storage for those anglers who have the knowledge about Shimano’s creations. They can testify that the spinning reels and other fishing equipment, created by Shimano are like no other compared to any spinning reels. As to know why it is worth it compared to others, let’s go ahead and find out.

First and foremost the company had been manufacturing fishing gears for a number of years now, but the main focus here is the Shimano Thunnus 8000CI4 Spinning Reel that is out on the market today and so as to let the anglers know what makes this spinning reel majestic compared to other spinning reels. The amazing thing here is that the highlighted features that the Shimano Thunnus 8000CI4 Spinning Reel is made with are the CI4 or the Carbon material it’s made of and the Baitrunner system, located at the front and the rear of the spinning reel.

Well to go in deeper, first and foremost the Shimano Thunnus 8000CI4 Spinning Reel is highlighted with the material it’s made of. This spinning reel takes a page under the Bicycle Division of Shimano’s page, made so since the spinning reel is using a material made of Carbon that is meant for a higher impact situation. Yes, that’s right. The Shimano Thunnus 8000CI4 Spinning Reel is made of a carbon material that makes it light in weight and easy to handle and carry. Although light as this spinning reel can be yet this spinning reel can deliver such a performance when battling the toughest fish nature can offer the anglers and has the power capability in retrieving and casting your gears.

As you can see, Shimano Thunnus 8000CI4 Spinning Reel has a CI4 attached to its name. The CI4 is also known Carbon Interfusion that the spinning reel is made of and the 4 stands for the number of electrons that can be found in the atoms of the Carbon. This makes the CI4 a reinforced Carbon Fiber, a much better and the most durable element made for a spinning reel. This component is made to have the strength of more than one and a half of the company’s standard XT- 7 graphite element and is made to be more than 20% lighter than any other elements. And since carbon fiber doesn’t contain any metal, that only means that, it is impossible for rust to form thus making the spinning reel almost impossible to destroy and would last a number of years for the fisher to have fun and needing not to worry about the spinning reels durability and performance since the Shimano Thunnus 8000CI4 Spinning Reel is made with such precise tolerance.

With the help of the Baitrunner System that the Shimano Thunnus 8000CI4 Spinning Reel is equipped with, the system made this reel one of the most efficient spinnings reels ever made for live bait casting. Thus giving the spinning reel a good adjustability like no match that is meant for fishing with any bait at any condition it may be, the system gives the spinning reel a smooth power to stop the reel. These are a few features of what the Shimano Thunnus 8000CI4 Spinning Reel will be known for in this generation of the company’s spinning reels.

These are just the highlighted features that the Shimano Thunnus 8000CI4 Spinning Reel is made to equip by the company. Made to be lighter, this spinning reel didn’t sacrifice the power it had always provided either by casting or retrieving. Just come to think of it, a spinning reel that is very light, only weighs as light as 19 ounces yet it can give the same power as the regular spinning reel or even more compare!

Shimano Stradic Spin Reel FJ – ST8000FJ and ST6000FJ Reviews

Shimano Stradic Spin Reel FJ - ST8000FJ and ST6000FJ Reviews



But before you pick a spinning reel, you should have a clear idea of what kind of spinning reel will be better suit your fishing needs. For example, you might want to go fishing on Lake Champlain or on Smith Mountain Lake which is popular for largemouth fishing by the way. You will need a freshwater spinning reel because what may work quite well for fishing on a freshwater may not be the best to use for saltwater fishing off a boat or offshore.

And in order to do it right on your first time shopping for a spinning reel, you must have a clearer view of what you want. Ask yourself what fishing techniques are you going to use. Where do you want to fish? What kind of fish do you want to catch? Are you going after small-sized fish or bigger ones? And of course, what you must not forget, is your budget.

Imagine yourself sailing on your boat, feeling the salt, touching the warmness of the sun and breathing calmly the air of the ocean breeze. While you’re enjoying the sun light soothing through your skin and enjoying the view of the crystal clear waters, you got excited to go fishing some large size fish. Maybe you’re thinking of catching a Marlin or a Tuna but you are not sure whether you brought and have the right kind of spinning reel and if your reel can handle the fight.

Why Go for Shimano Stradic FJ Series?

Shimano is a prime in engineering superior strong spinning reels with the elegance of smoothness in performance. Many find Shimano spinning reels are quite expensive. The reason behind it is Shimano’s dedication in creating high quality spinning reel. With this vision, Shimano prioritizes more the reel’s engineering, construction and material to ensure superior performance and longevity.

Unlike disposable spinning reels that you can acquire in the market for about $20-$35, Shimano Stradic FJ series’ qualities are unbeatable and supreme and incomparable to any other reels. You can sure depend that these reels are durable, strong, and is worth the price. The Shimano Stradic feature will give you the advantage against a fighting fish such as a Mahi, Samson Fish, a Red Snapper, a savage Kingfish, or a Sword.

These features include: Propulsion Spool Lip Design, Aerowrap II Casting Technology, Dynabalance, Customizable Anti-reverse Handle, S-concept, X-ship, Ultra powerful Front Drag System and a Maintenance Port. There is no question that Shimano Stradic FJ series was included in the top ten spinning reels Shimano has produced and launched.

Big Boys Spin Real

Most of people and those who are much into fishing just want to be in a great game of fishing and enjoy the comfort fishing have to offer. But most of all, anglers may it be a novice or experienced want to be in a big game.

People like to have anything and everything big. Who would not want a big, gigantic catch or a monstrous fish that you can brag to your friends and other anglers? And have that final say like “hey, caught the big one, how about you?” Isn’t that the nicest feeling ever? So, gear up and embrace the thrill as the big boys of the Shimano Stradic FJ series round up its way: the ST6000FJ and ST8000FJ.

Break Time!

There is a reason why you should go for a bigger reel like these big boys. Both of these reels come with a large reel capacity that can withstand the battle of an offshore monster. Based on both specifications, as you can see the two Stradic are quite almost the same.

Shimano Stradic Ci4 4000 FA Review

Shimano Stradic Ci4 4000 FA Review

Looking for a spinning reel that’s smooth, light and yet durable? Well, the Shimano Stradic Ci4 4000 FA has it all for you. Take a look at Shimano’s supreme innovation beefed up on this reel.

Check Out The Latest Price of Stradic Ci4 on

Extraordinary Build Ci4 material 

Old Shimano Stradic series had gained its reputation as a spinning reel that’s strong, smooth and durable. And for many years, it has made its way to the top alongside other high quality spinning reel brands. With the old Stradic’s feature included in this new version, you will not think twice buying it.

You’re planning to sail on your boat and you wanted to spool out a lot of large aquatic species like Queenfish and Kingfish. But you realized your reel’s busted. You found out it’s all rusted.

Daiwa Saltist Saltwater Spinning Reels Review: Get Ready for the Big One

Daiwa Saltist Saltwater Spinning Reels Review Get Ready for the Big One

Daiwa Saltist spinning reels were designed for serious offshore saltwater anglers. This reel is mainly intended for heavy action on the high seas and deep waters.  If you’re up for  the challenge and ready to move into serious saltwater fishing, then you are looking into the right direction, and that’s Daiwa Saltist. Daiwa Saltist as its name implies features superior strength and durability, suitable for targeting large marine species. And this reel comes with five different sizes: 4000H, 4500H, 5000H, 6000H, and 6500H.

Here is a quick preview of the Daiwa Saltist 4500H and 6500H specs:


  • Gear Ratio: 6.2 : 1,  
  • Weight:44.5
  • Line capacity: 14/300, 17/220
  • Braid: 40/440,55/330


  • Gear Ratio: 6.2 : 1,
  • Weight: 53.1
  • Line capacity: 25/300,30/250
  • Braid: 70/550,80/440)

More experienced anglers and pros pick some brands to be the best quality spinning reels, yet an often mistake is not seeing other reels that have the same standard quality like those expensive and branded reels. Moreover, others may not have enough money and budget for one expensive reel. This presents a challenge for Daiwa.

And because Daiwa is most intently passionate in technological advancement and creating a reel that is at its finest yet at an affordable price, the Saltist rooted to life. The Saltists are made of high-grade aluminum alloy body as most quality offshore spinning reels are in the market. It also has a side plate. Aluminum is an ideal material for great strength because not only is it a stronger material than graphite but it is also corrosive resistant.

Ruggedly Dangerous

These spinning reels are pretty good looking   and rugged that fighting fish will find it difficult to bust out against its drag. Though both the STT4500H and STT6500H have the same 6.2:1 high-speed ratio, you would love to pick the 6500H because it works perfectly with jogging, popping or surface lures that require fast retrieve. And in fact, both these reels are optimized to perform like deep sea jigging reel. Anglers who fish a lot offshore especially those who know a lot of the Rooster Fish and are fanatics, the high-speed ratio of the Saltist is an advantage. Rooster Fish tends to see it as fake if you retrieve your lure to slow. This fish will just follow and turn away.

Shimano Saragosa SRG6000SW Saltwater Spinning Reel Review

-Shimano Saragosa SRG6000SW Saltwater Spinning Reel Review

A Little Peek at the Shimano Saragosa SRG6000SW

For saltwater fishing, this greatly demands certain capabilities for a reel to survive the damaging environment of the saltwater, especially because of s the drag burning and stubborn game fishing that most anglers do. So as to fix those problems that the anglers had been experiencing during the fishing trip, Shimano had created and provided spinning reels that have drags that are made to be as smooth as it possibly can and a longer line t capacity, not on that and a whole lot more of features that they can give! The spinning reels that the company created to have an advanced inner job to handle conditions that any fishermen will encounter while in the open water the whole day, may it be from dusk ‘til dawn.

And one of the latest inventions by Shimano that had been added to the Offshore Spinning Reel lineup is devoted to the Blue Water fishers. The Shimano Saragosa SRG6000SW Spinning Reel is featured with a lot of fishing abilities that can leave a great amazement to the angler, and one of the features is the Propulsion Line Management System.

This newest spool lip design can provide a longer distance for casting your spinning reel compared to a standard spool lip design that is made with other spinning reels. A number of casting tests and computer simulations had been done to perfect this spinning reels propulsion line management system to make sure that the backlashes and wind knots will be prevented from forming while the angler is casting the spinning reel.

Another system that featured the Shimano Saragosa SRG6000SW Spinning Reel is the Paladin Gearing that aids in the durability enhancement of the spinning reel. This system is using a cold forged special aluminum drive and a brass pinion that had been hardened to use for its gear, the most durable metal that any other stainless steel drive train. The Shimano Saragosa SRG6000SW spinning reel is equipped with such system to guarantee that the reel with retain the smoothness to function well and much longer than it was before.

Along with these features is the added Shielded A- RB Bearings that is made to equip the Shimano Saragosa SRG6000SW. Yes, sure. Other spinning reels are equipped with A- R Bearings, what makes this so special? Well, the Shimano Saragosa SRG6000SW spinning reel is featured, not with standard AR Bearings unlike other spinning reels but with the Saragosa SRG6000SW it has a shield made on both sides of the bearings, and the shields inhibit the possibility of the sand or salt formation the may affect the rotation of the bearings.

These are just a few of the specific systems that Shimano created for the Saragosa SRG6000SW spinning reel to be equipped with and for the anglers use. These systems make the spinning reel capable of tackling the meanest creatures found in the sea but can still provide the condition and power during the performance. This spinning reel can reel in up to 44 lbs of drag to catch even the toughest fish that Mother Nature can give the fishermen and can retrieve the catch smoothly and effortlessly.

Shimano Core 50MG7 Low Profile BaitCasting Reel Review

Shimano Core 50MG7 Low Profile BaitCasting Reel Review


The Shimano Core 50MG7 is made to be the smallest and the lightest bait casting fishing reel for all time. Since it was recently launched by the company Shimano and originated in Japan, the Core 50MG7 had been the apple of the eye by most anglers. The Shimano Core 50MG7  is known to be made of Magnesium frame, the element gives the Shimano Core 50MG7 a lighter weight just like aluminum reels, however, magnesium has a greater resistance to corrosion compared to aluminum. With proper maintenance, the Shimano Core 50MG7 is meant to give anglers a number of years of ultimate fishing experience.

The Shimano Core 50MG7 is also created with a Magnesium side plate that is made to have a faster variable brake system access,  and it is also created with a Magnumlite spool construction that aids in the lowest startup inertia for a better line control and casting performance that greatly helps with the fishing reels’ functions.  The Shimano Core 50MG7 is also made with a tapered titanium level wind insert for a better and even durable insert. The level wind insert helps by increasing the reels resistance to abrasion and it also decreases the friction in the fishing line for a better casting and an excellent performance as well as it reduces the fishing lines’ wear out.

With the Variable Brake System that the Shimano Core 50MG7 is made of, instead of using magnets unlike other baitcasting reels, the VBS uses centrifugal force that helps in controlling the cast that gives a much more consistent result for the spool speed during the casting performance. The spool continues to spin even at a slower rate that gives pressure in the fishing line and that makes it easier to manage and also take advantage of the distance in casting the fishing reel. The Septon grips aids for a better hold in retrieving your catch and the good part is it is not slippery when it gets wet thus giving you a complete momentum in retrieving a bigger catch.

These are just a few of the features that the Shimano Core 50MG7 is made with. All of these features that this bait casting reel is equipped to have given the anglers a much better casting and great performance with the help of the Shimano Core 50MG7. You can now enjoy and have all the fun while doing your leisure activity and the Shimano Core 50MG7 can aid with that.

PENN Spinfisher V Spinning Reel SSV10500 Review

PENN Spinfisher V Spinning Reel SSV10500 Review

As a fishing enthusiast, you wanted to make sure that you only get the best tools to receive that best fishing experience there is. An unforgettable experience wherein you can enjoy the whole fishing trip a thing that you should be doing rather than to worry about what might happen when you are about to cast your fishing rod. Doing so is having the best equipment beforehand and it does prevent this kind of stress while on a fishing trip, and having a reliable fishing reel can definitely put you in the best game of fishing. For honestly speaking, having the best fishing reel can be a way to a life changing experience in the fishing field, and definitely, a lot of anglers agree.

What Makes the PENN Spinfisher V Spinning Reel SSV10500

The PENN Spinfisher V Spinning Reel SSV10500 is believed to be the most refined and well- known saltwater spinning reel of all time. Most anglers had anticipated the released of this spinning reel for quite a long time and those had been an insanely long wait time. Adding to the anticipation of the anglers are the awaited specifications, features, action clips and debates about the discussion of the awaited spinning reel of all time. And tell you what; the PENN Spinfisher V Spinning Reel SSV10500 is worth the wait for its magnificence and recognition by anglers.

The company, PENN had been making spinning reels for a number of years now. And unlike all the other companies that had been producing and selling spinning reels for the public, the products made by other companies are not that much and sometimes a new product released doesn’t differ as much as the previous products that were released. Unlike PENN, the company had been creating different versions of their products, most especially their spinning reels. They have been upgrading the products they have and turning it into a better one for the angler’s happiness and enjoyment.

To further know the details about the Spinfisher V Spinning Reel SSV10500, let’s go into it and know why most anglers are anticipating such a spinning reel. Well, to give you a short description of what the PENN Spinfisher V Spinning Reel SSV10500 is made of, here it is:

  • Full metal body and Sideplate
  • Techno-Balanced Rotor
  • Anodized Aluminum and machined Superline spool made with line capacity rings
  • Immediate and infinite anti- reverse
  • Sealed HT- 100 Slammer Drag System
  • Made with 5 shielded stainless steel ball bearing system
  • Thicker heavy duty aluminum ball wire for added strength and durability
  • Friction trip ramp that aids in preventing premature bail trip when casting the rod
  • Stainless steel main shaft and alloy main gear that had been made to acquire triple supports
  • Enhanced gear ratios on smaller sizes

These are just a number of the features that the PENN Spinfisher V Spinning Reel SSV10500 is made with. These are only subjective features that the spinning reel is proud to be equipped with. The final version of all the model of the PENN spinning reel is the Spinfisher V Spinning Reel SSV10500 and each of the models of the company has its own story to tell. As for the Spinfisher V Spinning Reel SSV10500, this reel is made to be a real game changer for the big casting reels as it helps to catch deep sea fishes and bigger catches like the marlins and tunas.

Since all of these features are what makes the Spinfisher V Spinning Reel SSV10500 amongst other spinning reels, yet it is the best to use while fishing in saltwater. Because of the unique water tight designs, this spinning reel is made of, it was guaranteed that no water of any kind can entire and destroy the drag system that the Spinfisher V Spinning Reel SSV10500 is uniquely composed of.