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Best Saltwater Spinning Reels Reviews for the Money

Best Saltwater Spinning Reels Reviews for the Money1


Choosing equipment that can withstand the most extreme condition is a must if you are planning to go saltwater fishing since the environment can be very different as compared to a fresh water or an inshore water condition. Expect to deal with large game fishing on saltwater condition.

Penn Spinfisher vs. Spinning Reel

Fishers know that choosing a spinning reel from Penn is always a good idea since this brand is very well known in the fishing industry. When it comes to choosing equipment for saltwater fishing, the Penn Spinfisher V Spinning Reel is a very popular choice since it can also be used in any water condition that you want to fish in.

This spinning reel has a water tight design with six seals, which means that you don’t have to worry about getting it wet since the saltwater won’t get into your gear’s drag box or gearbox ensuring the safety of the gear’s components. Its body is fully made of metal that will allow you to reel in heavy fishes without causing damage to the reel, it is also equipped with a side plate to keep your gear in precise alignment even it has a heavy load. The five shielded stainless steel bearings that are used in models ensure that it will work effectively in all sorts of conditions.

The mentioned bearing are supported with the use of HT-100 drag washers, those are greased to make sure that you have a smooth fishing experience and that you get to enjoy your reel for a long time. Apart from its sealed design, this spinning reel is also popular for the line of capacity rings that allows an endless adjustment possibility when you let your line out. The Penn Spinfisher V Spinning Reel is available in three models, you can get on in standard, live liner or bail-less.

Okuma Trio Spinning Reel

The Okuma Trio Spinning Reel is another popular choice and for all the right reasons. One of the reasons why this is very famous in the market is because it gives the buyers different options; you can get one that is 30-S, 40-S or the 55-S. All three models are very affordable and are guaranteed to provide you with a superior performance in any saltwater environment.

Trio spinning reels are also equipped with a unique and sturdy construction, its body is made of the combination aluminum and graphite and the reels’ side plates are made using lightweight graphite for you to have an excellent crossover of saving both strength and weight.

To ensure that you will have the utmost stability while you are reeling and, they incorporated a precise Dual Force Drag system in the drag chamber that is made with aluminum. The anti-reverse rolling bearing and the ten stainless steel ball bearings complement the feature mentioned before, the combination of the two will make sure that your spinning reel won’t catch when you are hauling in the fish that you caught.

All Different Types of Fishing Reels

All Different Types of Fishing Reels

Picking the best tool for the fishing and being versatile and committed to master the skills of how to use it. Haven’t figured out which type of reel to use? Get to know about the different reels and let these help you in choosing the reel that is best for you.

Spincast Reel

Spincast reel is popular and it is much preferred by inexperienced anglers. It is a type of spinning reel with an enclosed spool and uses a rotating cup that winds line onto the spool. In this type of reel, a pin in the winding cup is retracted when the push button is depressed holding the button in. Thus, keeping the line from falling out of the reel when swinging back to cast out.

Spincasting reels are often designed around the concept of free spool priority. Simply put, it makes casting easy to do. It also prevents snarling and backlash which is usual in bait casting because the spin cast reel is mounted above the rod with the reel spool enclosed with a nose cone cover that is why this type of fishing reel is excellent for beginners and teaching novice anglers the mechanics of casting

Best Casting Reel for the Money: Baitcasting Reels Buyer’s Guide

Best Casting Reel for the Money: Baitcasting Reels Buyer's Guide


A good kind of baitcasting reel is the one that will give you a high degree of control over your lure, a reel that would allow you to pinpoint the lure placements and one that has the power to pull the big fish that you lured out of the cover and the water.

The following are some of the best baitcasting reels that you can find that won’t have you stray far away from the budget and reels that would surely be worth the price because they are of high quality and are built to last.

Abu Garcia Revo MGX Baitcast Reel

If you are the type of person who favors a lightweight baitcasting reel since it makes fishing easier for you, then the Abu Garcia Revo MGX Baitcast Reel is one of the best choices in the market that you should absolutely go for. This one merely weighs 5.4 ounces, which is due to the X-Mag alloy frame that they used, a carbon C6 side plate and an aluminum gear to make this reel easy on the hands but also sturdy and tough at the same time.

You might have thought that because this reel is very light, it’s sturdiness and the strength might be compromised? But, that is not the case with this one since its one-piece frame is very strong.  Due to the creative combination of a durable and high-quality fishing system and a lightweight design, this is why this has been branded as a revolutionary bait cast reel.

But wait, the fun does not stop there, Revo MGX baitcasting reel has an Infinitely Variable Centrifugal system that can be fine-tuned and adjusted to what you prefer, this is to make sure that you are still comfortable even when you are already out in the water. Baitcast reel is composed of 9 stainless steel HPCR bearings with an additional roller bearing for an improved protection against corrosion. Other features include a bent carbon handle, a recessed reel foot, a Carbon Matrix Drag System and an Infini II spool design.

Shimano Tiagra A 50W 2-Speed Reel Review

Shimano Tiagra A 50W Review

Many anglers even the mid-experienced and novice dream of getting into the big game fishing. It’s a sport that even skilled fishermen and anglers have a hard climb. It’s the Everest of fishing because, on these seas, game fishes have that warrior like spirit and ability in fighting, tough to break and difficult to pursue.

Anglers who are also engaged in game fishing don’t just cast and fish. They follow and practice fishing and hunting regulations and rules. Set by the government and fishing institutions. Across every country, regulations vary from one place to another. These are practiced to ensure sustainability and safeguard the natural resources. If you don’t comply with the rules, it’s just one way to lose the game.

On to the Next Level

If you’re aiming for greater heights and would want to survive game fishing, it is wise to find a reel that does not only good for a first impression but does the job really well, that you won’t get over it easily.

Game fishing can either be freshwater or saltwater. So you would want that versatility on your reel that can do the spinning and spool both on these waters without any dramas.

Be on the A- Team with Shimano Tiagra