Shimano Stradic Ci4 4000 FA Review

Looking for a spinning reel that’s smooth, light and yet durable? Well, the Shimano Stradic Ci4 4000 FA has it all for you. Take a look at Shimano’s supreme innovation beefed up on this reel.

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Extraordinary Build Ci4 material 

Old Shimano Stradic series had gained its reputation as a spinning reel that’s strong, smooth and durable. And for many years, it has made its way to the top alongside other high quality spinning reel brands. With the old Stradic’s feature included in this new version, you will not think twice buying it.

You’re planning to sail on your boat and you wanted to spool out a lot of large aquatic species like Queenfish and Kingfish. But you realized your reel’s busted. You found out it’s all rusted.

What you should be looking for in the best spinning reels is its housing, the reel body. Is it made out of graphite or aluminum? Most anglers would prefer spinning reels made of aluminum reel body. Not only because most freshwater spinning reels out there are from this material but because it is stronger than the graphite material and also exhibits less flex. Most reel company also prefer the use of aluminum in the spinning reel construct because it provides a good balance of overall lightness and proper rigidity required to hold gearing and resistance.

But what if there’s a material that can beat up the strength of an aluminum alloy and can make you fish all day without causing too much stress on your joints? Thanks to Shimano’s revolutionary creation of the Stradic Ci4 4000 FA, you can now have a stronger and lighter freshwater spinning reel suitable and dependable on long periods of fishing. Because it’s made of Ci4 material or the carbon interfusion with the four electrons resembling that of the atoms in a carbon, this makes an over and a half times stronger reel compared to a typical graphite or aluminum made a reel, which is 20% stronger!

The Ci4 material may also feel like somewhat similar to typical graphite but the Ci4 frame is undeniably more rigid and remarkably less stiff than aluminum. Also remarkable is this spinning reel weighs about nine ounces.

Like the old version of Shimano Stradic, this new version also includes the Propulsion Lip Design which helps reduced friction. This design eliminates possibly backlashes and wind knots that could occur on casting and on retrieving.

Powerful Strength of Stradic Ci4 – Drag Me in the Water!

The benefit of Ci4 material does not only end with its powerful strength but this also makes your spinning reel resistant to corrosion. Because this material is not metal unlike most reels are, you are confident that your reel is protected from rust that even some anglers have used this reel on saltwater.

Shimano Stradic Ci4 has also the front drag system on it. Front drag system increases the spinning reel’s durability and performance compared to reels that go on with the traditional rear drag system. In addition, front drag system performs well on fighting large, hard fighting fish species.  What is also a great advantage of the drag system of this reel is it is waterproof.

The innovation of sealed drag systems like what Shimano Stradic Ci4 have offers protection against exposure to elements that can compromise the integrity of the inner gears and the drag system itself causing to slippage and mechanical issues. The waterproof drag system feature is the ultimate defense and does the drag efficiently.

With the reel having a maximum drag of 20lbs, even an experienced fisherman who have tested this reel experienced no problem with its drag pressure when submerged in water.  In fact, with this reel, you can have the freedom and power as you can adjust this reel’s drag in.2lb increments easily.

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The Power of X-ship Feature 

Another feature of the Shimano Stradic Ci4 4000 which makes it a better freshwater spinning reel among its predecessors is the X-ship. With the X-ship, this reel has greater gear durability and increased power. You might be thinking how does X-ship work? By supporting the pinion gear with bearings on each end of the shaft, the pinion gear, and main gear are placed at a better alignment under load. It gives you more power for cranking in big fish and heavy lures. The add in the power of X-ship feature within these reels provide enormous gearing efficiency that creates an ultra-light handle rotation and unrivaled retrieve smoothness. Moreover, with the Ci4 material, skeptical anglers were surprised to know that the reel was able to catch numerous crappies and largemouth bass. Most reviews reveal that the experience with this reel felt like fishing with a magnesium reel rather than a carbon fiber one.

Reel Size of Stradic Ci4

In choosing the reel size, you must first determine the size of fishing line you want to use or the size of line that you often use. But why choose for a smaller size reel when you can have the Shimano Stradic Ci4 4000 which has greater capacity and potential catch among the Stradic series?

In addition, when searching for a spinning reel of this size, you should check its mono capacity and braid. If it’s right on about 8-12lb mono and 8-20lb braid, then it’s a good reel for a 4000 size. A Shimano Stradic Ci4 4000 has a rated use for mono, fluorocarbon, and power lines. It has a line retrieval of 37 in. per crank and has a line capacity (mono) of 8/240, 10/200, and 12/160 (number test/ yards) while the line capacity (power) is 15/265, 30/175 and 50/145.

A spinning reel of this size will suit a six feet to seven feet action classes of rods like a Barra or a Snapper style rod. It can also be matched up with eight feet to ten feet light surf rod. But Shimano Stradic Ci4 4000 offers a whole lot more of other applications. With enough knowledge and skills in fishing, you sure can mix and match and further explore on what kind of rods to pair it up with.

Talking about spinning reels, it is mostly for light line applications and finesse techniques such as jigging for walleye and bass. But this reel can also be used in fishing the most common species like a Snapper, Tailor, Barramundi, Drummer, and a Mangrove Jack Cod. A Spinning reel of this size is suggested to be used in fishing on lakes, rivers, bays, harbors, light offshore boat fishing and a whole a lot more.

Shimano Stradic Ci4 4000FA

Defined Smoothness of S-concept

With the S-concept developed by Shimano, smoothness of this reel is up to perfection. In finding the right spinning reel, you must also consider the number of ball bearings. These ball bearings are important for ensuring reel smoothness performance, support, and stability.

That saying, the greater the number of ball bearings a reel contains, the smoother the reel will have. Good spinning reels have at least four ball bearings and based on its specifications, the Shimano Stradic Ci4 4000 has six.

And not only does it have the number of ball bearings but these ball bearings are S-ARB ball bearings! In addition, Shimano has also incorporated one additional SUS bearings. You might ask what makes the S-ARB ball bearings so special.

Unlike the old models of Shimano Stradic, in the new Shimano Stradic Ci4, you won’t have any problems with corrosion. Since old versions are not waterproof, they are very susceptible to rust during saltwater fishing, especially when doing Deep Ocean fishing, as water goes through the internal of the reel and stay in there.

Although it has been a practice to place grease and corrosion-x or other practices that will protect the spinning reel from corrosion, it has been a hassle for most anglers to do this every time they would want to sail out and do some fishing. With the S-ARB bearings incorporated in this reel, these bearings mean smoothness and you are on relief that your reel is protected and you do not have to do the tremendous effort to save your reel from corrosion. Shimano Stradic Ci4 will handle that for you.

It is all anti-rust! These bearings are stronger which will last at least ten times longer than conventional bearings in highly corrosive or harsh conditions. In addition to the reigning smoothness superiority of Shimano is its Aerowrap II Oscillation which enables anglers to experience smooth casts. Aerowrap II was designed to offer a perfect pitch that will increase optimal oscillation speeds and a better overall casting. And with the propulsion line management system, you can have a larger, long distance and more accurate casts.

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High-Speed Retrieve – Geared High!

A 6:1 gear ratio is considered a high-speed retrieve and this reel have a 5.8:1 ratio. You can consider this a medium to high-speed reel.   This reel can be used on square bill crank baits, medium depth crank baits, shallow spinner baits, and shallow castable umbrella rigs. That’s why this spinning reel is so popular to bass anglers because a reel with this gear ratio has a great use in a variety of fishing techniques. If you’re still at doubt or still at a 99% convinced in buying this flawless reel, here’s the other 1% that will give you the push making it a 100% in buying this reel.

High-Density EVA Large Handle Grip 

It has a maintenance port and the rotor weight on this reel is well distributed that when you use it you won’t feel any vibration in the rotor system during retrieval. Let’s talk more about the maintenance port. This feature allows you to directly oil the inside mechanism of the reel without having to take the entire reel apart. And this spinning reel is just so comfortable and convenient that it is close to silent when used. Yes, no more annoying quirking noises when doing that retrieve just pure smoothness!

Another incredibly awesome with this new Shimano Stradic is the high-density EVA large handle grip feature. It makes the reel comfortable to hold. Now, you are fully sure that you’ll buy this.

Amazingly, this spinning reel is an all-in-one package for you. Wouldn’t it be awesome to spend your money on a worthy and superior reel without having experience regrets?


Shimano Stradic Ci4 is What You need

You don’t want the annoying noise your old reel makes and you don’t want your reel to snap during the heat of a fish fight just because of corrosion. You don’t want to lose it. You want to drag your catch off the waters!

Do you want more drag power and a longer casting distance? Of course, you do! You want a reel that is not that big in size but can handle and deliver the goods well. You want it smooth. And most of all you want it to be waterproof and  a reel that will last longer.  

Shimano Stradic Ci4 4000 FA is the ultimate lightweight spinning reel, fully designed for the ultra-finesse angler. It is a great choice from drop shorting to shakey heads and small rigs. This reel got you all covered on whatever you need! Don’t wait for your reel to snap. Do not let any chances for your fish to escape your trap. Choose Shimano Stradic Ci4 4000 — It’s every bass fisherman’s dream and you can have it too!

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