Shimano Stradic Spin Reel FJ – ST8000FJ and ST6000FJ Reviews



But before you pick a spinning reel, you should have a clear idea of what kind of spinning reel will be better suit your fishing needs. For example, you might want to go fishing on Lake Champlain or on Smith Mountain Lake which is popular for largemouth fishing by the way. You will need a freshwater spinning reel because what may work quite well for fishing on a freshwater may not be the best to use for saltwater fishing off a boat or offshore.

And in order to do it right on your first time shopping for a spinning reel, you must have a clearer view of what you want. Ask yourself what fishing techniques are you going to use. Where do you want to fish? What kind of fish do you want to catch? Are you going after small-sized fish or bigger ones? And of course, what you must not forget, is your budget.

Imagine yourself sailing on your boat, feeling the salt, touching the warmness of the sun and breathing calmly the air of the ocean breeze. While you’re enjoying the sun light soothing through your skin and enjoying the view of the crystal clear waters, you got excited to go fishing some large size fish. Maybe you’re thinking of catching a Marlin or a Tuna but you are not sure whether you brought and have the right kind of spinning reel and if your reel can handle the fight.

Why Go for Shimano Stradic FJ Series?

Shimano is a prime in engineering superior strong spinning reels with the elegance of smoothness in performance. Many find Shimano spinning reels are quite expensive. The reason behind it is Shimano’s dedication in creating high quality spinning reel. With this vision, Shimano prioritizes more the reel’s engineering, construction and material to ensure superior performance and longevity.

Unlike disposable spinning reels that you can acquire in the market for about $20-$35, Shimano Stradic FJ series’ qualities are unbeatable and supreme and incomparable to any other reels. You can sure depend that these reels are durable, strong, and is worth the price. The Shimano Stradic feature will give you the advantage against a fighting fish such as a Mahi, Samson Fish, a Red Snapper, a savage Kingfish, or a Sword.

These features include: Propulsion Spool Lip Design, Aerowrap II Casting Technology, Dynabalance, Customizable Anti-reverse Handle, S-concept, X-ship, Ultra powerful Front Drag System and a Maintenance Port. There is no question that Shimano Stradic FJ series was included in the top ten spinning reels Shimano has produced and launched.

Big Boys Spin Real

Most of people and those who are much into fishing just want to be in a great game of fishing and enjoy the comfort fishing have to offer. But most of all, anglers may it be a novice or experienced want to be in a big game.

People like to have anything and everything big. Who would not want a big, gigantic catch or a monstrous fish that you can brag to your friends and other anglers? And have that final say like “hey, caught the big one, how about you?” Isn’t that the nicest feeling ever? So, gear up and embrace the thrill as the big boys of the Shimano Stradic FJ series round up its way: the ST6000FJ and ST8000FJ.

Break Time!

There is a reason why you should go for a bigger reel like these big boys. Both of these reels come with a large reel capacity that can withstand the battle of an offshore monster. Based on both specifications, as you can see the two Stradic are quite almost the same.

ST6000FJ specifications:

  • Gear ratio: 4.8:1
  • Bearings:5+1
  • Drag power (kg): 12
  • Monocapacity(g/m) 5/242
  • Bradi capacity (lbs./Yds): 30/245
  • Weight (g):590

ST8000FJ specifications:

  • Gear ratio: 4.8:1
  • Bearings:5+1
  • Drag power (kg): 12
  • Monocapacity(g/m) 5/315
  • Braid capacity (lbs./Yds): 40/270
  • Weight (g):580

Are you somehow confused by these specifications? Well, most searchers and first time anglers are. And you may also share the same sentiments. Get your hands on together and get ready to do the breaking.

For a large spinning reel with a size 6000 such as the Stradic ST6000FJ, the suggested mono and braid capacity must be  6-8 kg(12-16lb) and 12-30lb, respectively. This size of spinning reel is popular for fish types like the Snapper, Tailor, Cod, Mulloway, Kingfish, Morwong and Samson fish.

So, when you pair it with a rod, it is best match on a 5 to 8ft boat fishing rods, a 8 ft to 9ft general purpose spinning rods or when you’re doing rock or surf fishing better use a 10ft fishing rod with a line rating of anywhere between six to fifteen kilograms. The Stradic ST6000FJ suits your need when you want to go for boat fishing, or when you’re on the beach and you also want to go rock fishing.

On the other hand, a spinning reel with a size of 8000 is comparably larger than a 6000. These reels are designed to accommodate larger fish species on surf, rock or ocean boat fishing that you have in mind. When picking the right large spinning reel with this size such as Stradic ST8000FJ, you should check on its monocapacity to have 8-10kg (16-20lb) while its braid should be 20-50lb. So you are ensured that you’ll get what you really want to catch.

This spinning reel is best match with a rod that is around 12 ft. or more in length if you are going for surf fishing. On the other hand, about 10kg or more is suggested when boat fishing is what’s on your mind.

Now, let’s take you further with these reels. Both Stradic reels have the same gear ratio which is 4.8:1. These reels are considered to have a low gear ratio. You might think this is a downside. But it’s not. Because having a low gear ratio means having a less speed but it will also have more torque.

There are a variety of applications for spinning reels with a low gear ratio like deep cranking. In deep cranking, a low gear ratio has greater torque and thus can reduce the strain on your wrist, especially for long periods of fishing.  And because lower gear allows you to crank the handle faster, and thus you will have a faster retrieve. And not only have that, since deep-diving crank baits tend to had greater resistance, the 4.8:1 gear ratio is ideal because it eliminates the hard pull and reduces the resistance.

A low gear ratio can also be used on swim baits, deep spinner baits and chatter baits that requires a slow, steady retrieve. The increased torque also keeps you in control and helps you in dragging the fish out of the water without straining too hard.

Shimano Stradic Spin Reel FJ - ST8000FJ and ST6000FJ

Monster Capacity

The Stradic ST6000FJ has no match with the ST8000FJ! There’s a big difference between the mono and braid capacity of both reels. You can clearly put longer lines on the ST8000FJ. And this is vital because in saltwater and offshore reef fishing, you will need more line capacity to handle the water’s depth and the type of fish that may caught up with your line.

With the Propulsion Lip Design allows Shimano Stradic ST6000FJ and ST8000FJ to perform with reduced friction.  The edge with the Propulsion Lip Design is that it handles the elimination of backlashes and wind knots. Comparing the spools of these two, the Shimano Stradic ST8000FJ must have a larger spool since it has longer casting distance which makes it better than the ST6000FJ.

Aerowrap II Oscillation system gives the Stradic FJ series the edge in casting that helps you achieve longer effortless casting distance. Most people are unaware of the advantage that this system gives on the Stradic ST6000FJ and ST8000FJ. Shimano uniquely designed this system with a perfect pitch that will provide optimal oscillation speeds and a better overall casting.  So, on this round, the Stradic ST8000FJ won over the Stradic ST6000FJ.

Drag Like a Man

These big boys are on its way to manhood when it comes to deep water  and offshore fishing. The maximum drag of these reels is 29lbs, perfectly huge enough for offshore reef fishing.

Drag is a necessary evil for a monstrous catch to be out of the deep sea. Shimano designed the Stradic ST6000FJ and ST8000FJ with a front drag system. Front drag system offers an increase in durability and performance compared to reels that incorporate a rear drag system. Moreover, the rear drag system although easier to access, this kind of system does not perform well on large, hard fighting fish species.

No Wobbles!

Shimano’s Dynabalance redistributes the rotor weight and eliminates vibrations during retrieve. You do not want a reel doing a wobble. Using this technology, you are guaranteed to experience smooth retrieve and rotation.

The Dynabalance works really well for both of these reels. Yet on the many reviews, the Stradic ST8000FJ stand out as most anglers who have used this spinning reel experienced its smoothness say that this reel is so incredibly smooth that any angler who would use it won’t even notice that they are retrieving their lure.

Also, Shimano’s X-ship feature within these reels provides increased gearing efficiency and power that creates an ultra-light handle rotation and a smooth effortless retrieve.

Got the Balls for the Game?

Over and over again, reviews and experiences from anglers and hobbyists put it to emphasis the importance of ball bearings. Like the Stradic ST6000FJ, the ST8000FJ has five A-RB Ball bearings. Bearings make everything smoother and they also reduce wearing out of your reel.

The only downside of the Stradic FJ series is that these reels are not waterproof. Stradic FJ is not suitable for fishing on big waves, as there is a great possibility that water may get through the insides of the reel and will then cause inefficiency in performance. Yet on some reviews and experiences of anglers doing surf fishing, these reels can still do their work well on splashes of saltwater.

A lot of experienced anglers recommend putting grease on the internals of the reel before using it. It is also highly suggested to apply Corrosion-X on the roller bearing as this is often a trouble spot for any spinning reel that frequently had a hard run on salt waters.

The Stradic ST6000FJ and ST8000FJ may not be waterproof like the other high-grade Shimano reels which are by the way, way more expensive. And Stradic ST6000FJ and ST8000FJ may be susceptible to corrosion over a period and years of use without the proper handling knowledge and by way of how hard you punish this reel to strike its lure.

But one thing’s for sure that these reels will impress you bigtime! And it will give you the same satisfaction and the comfort that waterproof Shimano reels offer,  yet at a price that is right on your budget.

Man Enough!

It’s not easy to decide which of these ‘Big boys’ overpowered the other. These spinning reels are just as fantastic as what their features and specs are. But at the end of every game, there should only be one ‘Big Winner’ and that goes to Shimano Stradic ST8000FJ!

Here’s a breakdown of why the Stradic ST8000FJ is the ‘Man’. One, it’s bigger in size which also means it has a larger spool. Bigger reels are stronger in every way, and that just seals the deal! Stradic ST8000FJ, because of its bigger spool diameter promotes less line twist and coiling. And you also got the edge for longer casting distance with the large spool that ST8000FJ has. Another is, you can use more line for this reel. Lastly, it weighs incredibly lighter than the ST6000FJ though the ST6000FJ is smaller in size.
Nothing to Lose

The line finally ends and you’re about to choose the reel that bests suit you. And whether you decide to get a Shimano Stradic ST6000FJ or an ST8000FJ, choosing a Shimano Stradic FJ will already make you a winner. You can never lose choosing Shimano Stradic.

If you want to make a smart choice and won’t ever regret it, grab one now! Want to catch the “Big One”? Love to have more drag and longer casting distance? Do it with Shimano Stradic ST6000FJ and ST8000FJ: Win Big and Win the Game!

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