Shimano Tiagra A 50W 2-Speed Reel Review

Many anglers even the mid-experienced and novice dream of getting into the big game fishing. It’s a sport that even skilled fishermen and anglers have a hard climb. It’s the Everest of fishing because, on these seas, game fishes have that warrior like spirit and ability in fighting, tough to break and difficult to pursue.

Anglers who are also engaged in game fishing don’t just cast and fish. They follow and practice fishing and hunting regulations and rules. Set by the government and fishing institutions. Across every country, regulations vary from one place to another. These are practiced to ensure sustainability and safeguard the natural resources. If you don’t comply with the rules, it’s just one way to lose the game.

On to the Next Level

If you’re aiming for greater heights and would want to survive game fishing, it is wise to find a reel that does not only good for a first impression but does the job really well, that you won’t get over it easily.

Game fishing can either be freshwater or saltwater. So you would want that versatility on your reel that can do the spinning and spool both on these waters without any dramas.

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Be on the A- Team with Shimano Tiagra

Shimano has been popular for breeding creative and efficient technologies that address the many concerns of anglers. Shimano’s dedication and passion fascinated a lot of anglers because of their leading advancement in creating good quality reels being new in the area of game fishing.

Shimano Tiagra A series set its footprints in the game fishing industry. It marked the start of big game fishers to enjoy a high grade spinning reel with solid strength, unrivaled smoothness, and durability you can rely on at the most valuable price. Tiagra A series feature a slightly darker, heavier gold anodizing plating and metal frames which keep the reel’s moving part in precise beautiful alignment with durable finishes. Moreover, the heavier anodizing increases resistance to ravages of salt water.

Shimano Tiagra A 50W is engineered to perfection with a Hagane body which has a foolproof rigidity that helps in eliminating body flexing. With the Hagane body its stiffness and impact resistance transforms the angler’s strength and action into cranking power.

The counterbalance handle also makes this spinning reel a lot easier to use because it falls easily to your hand when you strike a fish. And you will not have any problems in winding during a game fish fight. What is even better with this reel’s handle is your hands will not easily slip through the reel. Sweaty palms or wet hand will not be an excuse for you no to win the game.

Fish the Game

You want to catch a game fish? Whether it’s a saltwater species such as a Bonito, a Broadbill, an Eagle ray or even a Kingfish, you want a reel that will win you a big catch of these!

Shimano Tiagra A 50W LR is one reel of a beast in big game fishing. With its CF aluminum cold forge spool which provides increased strength and durability over the standard and conventional reels which are on aluminum or graphite spools. With CF aluminum cold forge spool, Shimano Tiagra A 50W withstand extreme, heavy drag loads even under extreme pressure.

This reel is the next real thing. The versatility of Shimano Tiagra 50W’s spool allows you to spool with an 80 pound line like what Tiagra 80W can give you. How Tiagra 50W does this is by taking advantage on its awesome drag pressure and a maximum drag of 33-99 pounds.

You might not be surprised that anglers who have used Tiagra 50W were able to spool an 80 pound line because the max drag range was pretty obvious based on the specifications given by Shimano or found on any tackle shops online. As anglers and buyers, even potential buyers of reels are often disappointed to found out that often times, these specifications are just marketing strategies of companies. But with Tiagra 50W, this reel is undeniably true to what it offers.

On the other hand, this reel can be both used for trolling and stand up situations. Moreover, the leverage created by an angler in a chair or in a stand-up situation with a tuna or shark on the end of the line creates a huge amount of pressure on the tackle. This is one of the major rules of game fishing. And for this reason, this reel’s one piece frame is machine-cut from an aluminum material to a thickness of 7mm which is the thickest on the market.


The A-RB concept of Shimano Tiagra 50W makes this reel impervious to corrosion. Your reel’s invincible from exposure to highly saline waters, extreme heat exposure, and other corrosive agents that will gun down your reel to sleep.

You are sure that this reel will last at least 10 times longer than standard stainless steel bail bearings because these stainless steel bail bearings are specially treated with anti-rust material that increases the bearing’s corrosion resistance.

A master angler knows that the number of bearing your reel has is one of the factors you should take into consideration in buying good quality reels, and at least the spinning reel should have four bearings.

Tiagra 50W has more number of bearings. It has six bearings. And the greater number of bearings means the smoother your reel will perform. Shimano knows you won’t be fishing with ordinary small sized fishes and that’s why Shimano gives you more.

Shimano Tiagra A 50W

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Drag In

Tiagra 50W offers you a drag system you wouldn’t be able to resist. Drag systems allow you to have resistance and power over the fish. The drag system works by allowing the fish to pull the line from the reel, and the line tightens when this happens, drag system exhausts the fish’s energy and will make them therefore, easier to be put on your plate.

Big game fishing reels may either be in a star drag or a lever drag system but mostly all reel companies incorporate star drag systems on their reels. But Shimano prefers the lever drag system given its advantages.

Unlike the star drag, the lever drag system has an easy accessibility which is very favorable for big game anglers. Factors such as ambient temperature, heat generated during a hard run and others affects the drag performance of a reel. You might underestimate the power of these factors but during a tournament a combo on all of these will knock out your game.

That is why Shimano chose a lever drag system because this kind of system creates less heat which preserves the system for a much longer time. Although over years of hard use and these nuisance factors will still make you lose your reel’s drag, wise practices can be further done to help your reel on this such as washing the drag off to cool it down every after use.

The Shimano Tiagra A 50W also has a drag adjustment which allows you to select a drag range. If you want to preset the drag in a range from a pretty tight mode or a freespool to a loosed drag setting, you can definitely do this on this reel. You can also set the proper drag setting to almost any species you want to fish using Tiagra 50W. Tiagra 50W gives you the freedom and the power right under your fingertips.

The best thing about this reel does not only end there. Shimano Tiagra 50W has a dual drag disk and floating drag plate which doubles the drag surface of this reel. The two speed drag of this reel can be very well of an advantage for a big game fishing competition especially during a fight with strong monstrous fish like Marlin, Samson fish, a Mahi, or a Swordfish.

This feature also has an edge in dealing with a game fish that goes in every direction (straight up and down) like most shark species are. The dual drag disk and floating drag plate and two speed drag combo makes this spinning reel superior in smoothness and king of speed. The fusion of these two revolutionary innovations provides a variety of drag settings that promote longevity and increase durability.

Game Over

What you don’t want on your reel is for its drag to be quiet and rough that it would not be able to hold the settings well. Simply put, you wouldn’t want for your reel to be frustratingly sloppy.

No other reel can keep up with a Shimano Tiagra A 50W. This reel weighs 83.4oz and has a mono capacity of 50lb/600yds. Most enthusiasts found Tiagra 50W having a maximum drag of 28 pounds on strike while a 37 pounds on full. The line retrieval per crank of this reel is37/15 in. Some anglers found based on experience that this reel’s line retrieval rate is about 37 inches per revolution on high speed and on low speed, about 15 inches per revolution.

In addition, the gear ratio of this reel is 3.1:1, 1.3:1. Unlike any other Shimano series and reels, Shimano Tiagra A 50W has the drag of a Shimano Tiagra A 80W which allows you to pack it with heavier line.

Don’t Miss the Game

You want your big game reel to be solid, have a great drag with loud clicker, a powerful strength, defined smoothness and durability that will make you feel right and seem like you have found the better reel that is meant and made especially for you.

You will not regret buying Shimano Tiagra A 50W, even those who do repairs and services reels gave hands up and recommendations on this spinning reel.

Shimano enthusiasts and first time users can attest that this reel could last for eleven years with no issues and major problems. For an average angler, buying Shimano Tiagra A 50W will save you your time by not having to buy twice.

The minor issue about Shimano Tiagra A 50W of some anglers is its heavy but after knowing a lot about this reel and based on these angler’s experience on fishing with the Shimano Tiagra A 50W, this reel has proven its valuable strength across any game fish encountered and is truly a viable killing machine.

End Game

Game fishing is a sport that only those who have a brave heart and unbounded confidence and courage can surpass the ravage waters of the deep seas and the savage fight of the game fish.

Shimano Tiagra A 50W can guarantee you that it’s a no ordinary reel .Most recreational anglers even those who just want to experience the comfort of fishing large deep sea game fish prefer Shimano Tiagra A 50W not only because of its durability but the basis is on a lot of different good qualities only a Shimano Tiagra A 50W can offer.

And these features are two speed drag, LRS style, its smooth lever drag system, monogrip handle, ratcheting lever drag, and location clicker switch.

If you plan to join any marlin tournament or any big game fish competition, try to look on to big game anglers spinning reels and you’ll see that these spinning reels are Shimano Tiagra A 50W. Not only that this spinning reel is best on your big game fishing but it is also best in trolling and also good for a stand up situation.

Do you want to be the one ending the game? Win it with Shimano Tiagra A 50W! It would not matter whether you are after an enormous dolphin fish or a record marlin, a tuna or a great shark, the Shimano Tiagra A 50W reel delivers.

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