Sun Dolphin Journey 10-Foot Sit-on-top Fishing Kayak Reviews

Have you ever been to a Kayak Fishing?  Kayak Fishing is one of the recreational things some anglers do today to relax from a very stressful working environment they have. Kayak Fishing is not just about paddling nor fishing in water. It is about appreciating the beauty of nature while doing a great physical exercise. It is about just relaxing and just let the freshness of nature take you away from where you are now.

In order for you to try Kayak Fishing, you must have a kayak with you, Of course. In choosing a kayak, you need to learn first what kind of kayak fits your style of fishing the best.  First, you have to look into the size of your kayak. You should choose a kayak that you can easily maneuver. Don’t choose too short kayak or too narrow kayak. Your kayak must have a length that is long enough for you to lead it easily. Your kayak must not be too narrow where you can’t move comfortably nor must it be too wide that it is difficult to maneuver.

Second, you must check the maximum capacity of your kayak. You have to check its specification in order for you to know its capacity. What is this capacity? Capacity involves the paddler’s body weight and also some things such as food, water and fishing gears that you want to bring with you. You need to know this to balance the kayak while you’re on the water. Overloading your kayak is a big no.

Lastly, you have to know that kayaks have a number of hull types. If you want an exceptional maneuver, you need streamlined hulls. These are also called “shallow V”. There are also balanced hulls called pontoon and multichannel hulls which suggest balance and stability.

Well, if you already know these things, then great! You just need to buy the best kayak for your budget . One of the best kayaks for fishing on a budget is Sun Dolphin Journey Fishing Kayak.

Brief Overview

Now that you know the factors or things that you must consider in buying a kayak you must also consider three things. These are durability, stability and capacity. Your kayak must be durable enough so that it could withstand rough water movements that you may encounter along the river or lake. It must be stable also when it moves so that you will not lose your balance while fishing and lastly, it must have the capacity to carry the things you want to bring with in your river, lake or sea journey.

Sun Dolphin Journey 10-Foot Sit-on-top Fishing Kayak is perfect if you want to have a fun ride out on the waters without spending too much money. This kayak has a price lesser than some other kayaks out there but it has plenty features to offer you. You can store many things in it even though it’s not that costly. It has also scupper holes which maintain its dryness that will prevent you from having a wet or cold feet that could end up in a fever.

This kayak is really unique for its light size that you could easily carry it wherever you want to go. It equals the same excitement and adventure with those large kayaks on the market. Also, this one-person kayak has an incorporated portable accessory carrier that you can use if you want to have extra storage for your things. Its foot braces could be easily adjusted for a pleasant and comfortable trip.

Highlights of Sun Dolphin Journey 10-Foot Sit-on-top Fishing Kayak

What is best about this kayak is that it is light weight which is easy to carry with an open cockpit for trouble-free entry and exit. Even though it has a small size, it has extra storage compartment or portable accessory carrier for things you can bring with you while you relax and enjoy for hours and even over the night. Yes, this one could stay for an entire night if you decided to feel the wildness of nature both by day and by night. It has also adjustable foot braces and a large seating area will keep you at ease on your entire trip.

With this kayak, you could already enjoy picture perfect scenery of the trees around you while you are fishing on a river and lake. Yes, this kayak is very much fitting into small bodies of water like lakes and rivers where you could breathe the fresh cool air. Its small size will actually bring more thrills on the waters. Just like the other kayaks out there, this one could also withstand rough waters and flat water condition. This kayak is not expensive but could offer equal fun and excitement like the expensive one. It is stable enough to carry you and your fishing gears.

With its light size, it could be maneuvered easily into the waves and flat waters. For beginners, this kayak is just really what you need. It is less complicated and cool to use. You could balance it easily for just a few tries. It is designed both for beginners and experts who doesn’t have much money on their pockets. It has a comfortable sit-on-top seat for you to enjoy fishing, and not to complain about a muscle pain while paddling.

Features of Sun Dolphin Kayaks

This cool kayak has marvelous features that you will be amazed. Take a look at its features below. You will surely realize that it is worth purchasing.


  • 1-person sit-on-top kayak
  • Great for lakes and rivers
  • Lightweight, easy to carry design
  • Open cockpit allows the easiest of entry
  • Paddle leash
  • Shock cord deck rigging
  • Adjustable foot braces
  • Large, comfortable seating area with protective thigh pads
  • Storage compartment
  • A.C. (Portable Accessory Carrier) can be used as a tow behind or extra storage compartment
  • Tracks and paddles with ease while offering maximum stability

Sun Dolphin Kayak is really ready for your fishing adventure. With it’s easy to carry design, what more could you ask for? It has an open cockpit which will make it easier for you to enter and exit in it. it has extra storage compartment for your food , water and overnight gear if you want to. You see, this boat gives importance to your comfort for it has adjustable foot braces and a large seating area to keep you comfortable on the whole trip.

Its features are great for freshwater environment like lakes and rivers. It is lightweight, very easy to carry with you while you search for a best spot to paddle. It is also both expert and beginner-friendly. It has shock cord deck rigging and paddle leash for security and easy maneuver. It has portable accessory carrier that can be used as a tow behind or extra storage compartment. This lightweight recreational vehicle can be easily maneuvered while it offers maximum steadiness on the waters.

Specifications / Sizes / Product Details


  • Length: 10′
  • Width: 30″
  • Kayak weight: 44 lbs.
  • Maximum capacity: 250 lbs.
  • Materials: Rugged UV-stabilized Fortiflex® high density polyethylene

The Sun Dolphin Kayak has a length of 10’ which is really perfect for one angler and also for enough gear storage. You could easily move with its 30” width. You would surely love to maneuver its 44 –pound weight which you can handle easily wherever you go. What is great about Sun Dolphin Kayak is that it is made of density high polyethylene which is really durable.  


This kayak will give you no burden for this boat is lightweight and cheap that you could immediately purchase it without turning everything on your pockets out. With its polyethylene material, you will be confident that it is stable and durable. You can easily enter and exit into its cockpit with no hassle. You can easily direct it to the direction you want where you could find excitement and freedom.

This kayak will take you to wonderful rivers and lakes you wish to go for fishing. This could also offer you a physical exercise which you have been forgetting for a time you can’t even remember. Sun Dolphin Journey Kayak is not just an ordinary boat, it’s made for fishing. With its lightweight design, it will give you time to refresh your mind and also make you feel lightweight.

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