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How to Fly Fish like a Boss

How to Fly Fish like a Boss Like a Boss


Have you ever dreamed of flying and reaching out to the skies? Imagine what it feels like to be an eagle soaring high, spreading your wings and looking down on the beauty of the land. Do you ever wonder what it feels like to take on the wind and have a glimpse of freedom?


A lot of people engage themselves in fish because it’s fun, exciting, and relaxing. You love fishing not only for a sport but because you get that comfort and that pillow-like experience of smoothness and relief. In fishing, you can have the time alone that you can spend for meditation, soul searching, or to just simply clear your mind and unwind.

What if there’s a way that you can do both to fly and fish? That will be one of the most incredible and awesome experiences in the world. So, is it really possible? Well, yes, it is!

Indulge to Fly

Fly fishing is one of the outdoor sports that you can do aside from the usual and common outdoor activities such as jogging around the city park and biking. The latter activities are a bit stressful due to the noise of vehicles roaming around, and you can’t help but get tired, not just because of the sweat and the energy you lose as you exercise but by the atmosphere that you always see are the same view when you get your jog-routine. Also, the air that you breathe may not be as fresh as compared to when you are in the beautiful and dashing rivers of Montana or at the prestigious lakes and mountains in Alaska.

How to Fish for Walleye Like a Boss

How to Fish for Walleye Like a Boss


Are you getting tired and bored on daytime fishing already? It’s time for you to try walleye fishing! It will definitely excite you because it is best done at night. Walleye fishing is possible during night time because of walleye’s unique characteristic and feature being called as “night creatures”. Walleye fishing could be best done on some simple steps and techniques with proper equipment, location and time.

How to Fish Walleye from Shore

Walleyes are characterized also as a schooling fish. So during fishing, if you once do find one or catch one, better stay there for more because you will probably find more! They also like to stay on coverings especially with weeds for feeding and for shelter too. So you better be off with man-made cribs to them at the bottom of the waters and near the shore. You can go for live baits such as minnows during shore fishing.

Shore fishing is considered the most productive way or option you can go with. During early spring, walleyes are easy to fish on shores especially on areas with sand and rocks on it wherein they love to spawn on.

Male walleyes tend to go out on shallow parts during spawning time, while females do prefer deeper parts of the water within their spawning area during the day. But if you want for bigger walleyes, you should try to fish on deeper area where they spawn.

Some walleyes do feed themselves on daylight few hours after dark but spontaneously fed themselves at night.

How to Fish for Crappie Like a Boss

How to Fish for Crappie Like a Boss

Crappie fishing is extremely famous and most loved by fishermen! It is because of their abundance in all types of waters in every season and the hope of having great catch at the end of the day. Right knowledge about crappie will do you great help every time you fish for it. Crappies go on schools so that’s why it is not that hard you to fish. And usually go for school bait-fish too! Crappies like live baits or prey. They have this predator instinct that anglers are fascinated most and also help them out where could they can be fish productively.

How to Fish for Crappie with Minnows

Minnows are considered as the primary if not the best live baits for crappies. You can easily purchase minnows on bait shops. But you can catch live minnows for baits also on rivers, lakes or in places where you’re going to fish in every season of every year. You can easily catch them through cast nets or minnow traps too! Live baits are best use on a thin hook. However it’s your primary choice on what type of fishing technique you should be using with it especially on live ones.

You can try simple reel-bait technique. Since crappie love live minnows, they are lots of available minnow mimic lures in the market for crappie fishing. Even most fishermen effectively use live baits, some do use artificial minnow lures for a practical reason or if they don’t feel of going to bait shops to buy. On the other hand, sometimes you can use live baits together with jigs in fishing. With this, it will help you to catch more. Or even a dead minnow bait and a live one in order to lure crappies to bite.

It is also best use with regular bobbers or slip bobbers too so to let the minnow baits suspend just above the crappies to eat.

How to Fish for Catfish like a Boss

How to Fish for Catfish


Catfish fishing is a sport that is always in season. Why? It’s because of catfish abundance in most areas in the world. It’s the most loved by anglers, be it done on freshwater or salt waters. Catfish fishing is best done on lakes, rivers and on ponds even though sometimes they tend to move into oceans but then still manage to get back especially on shallow parts in order to feed.

Know the Fish

First and foremost, the most important factor to consider on how to fish for catfish is to have knowledge on its behavior and characteristics they show differently depending on their location, time and also depending on the season. Catfish lives in both fresh and salt glasses of water. They are best distinguished by their “catlike whiskers” that’s how they are being coined as catfish.

They have slimy bodies and make use of their barbells to taste their food too because of its unique sensitive sense of smell embodied on their barbells. They are also called wolfish sometimes.  They only usually suck or gulp their prey when eating because they don’t have teeth. They have keen of smelling on their barbells that’s why in fishing, distinctively stinky and oily cut baits are used; shrimps are best and most used, chicken livers too are considerably the best picked in fishing.

How to Fish for Carp like a Boss

How to Fish for Carp like a Boss

Are you tired enough with your normal routine of fishing and still looking for some exciting one? Carp fishing is the right choice for you! It is because of carp’s playful din fishing that makes it more challenging to do. Knowing the fish itself, its characteristics and techniques or tactics best done for them are the only keys in making carps fishing successful. So here’s how:

How to Fish Carp with Corn

Carp fishing is sensitive and enjoyable in some ways because of carp’s characteristic of teasing up your baits before gulping or biting. So it really needs enough patience and serenity while fishing. Even so, simple fishing technique may be good enough to succeed. Just add a bit of spice on it like keen sense of observance and intelligence, it will do more actions in fishing.  

Tips You Should Know about How to Surf Fishing

Tips You Should Know about How to Surf Fishing

Stressed at work or maybe at home? If only you could eat all your stress out but you can’t. So, why not take a break and go for a weekend breakaway?

Take a Break

Hear the bell ringing? Go and hit the beach! The pursuit to having an enjoying and happy fishing experience with the benefit of dumping all your stress from work and at home shouldn’t cost you a lot of bucks and another headache.

There are a lot of different activities that you can do while at the beach but if you’re looking for something new to try on then why not go for surf fishing?


They say surf fishing is a noob’s game. Unlike most beginners and some anglers believe in, experienced fanatics of surf fishing argue that surf fishing is just for starters or those who are new to fishing. And that you’re mistaken if you think it is that simple and easy.

Surf fishing is one method of fishing that requires you to wade in the surf or stand along the shorelines. It might look and sound simple as that but surf fishing is seriously extremely dangerous especially for those who are less experienced and new to fishing in a saltwater environment.

Now, picture yourself driving your way to the beach. You walk along the shores and feel the warmth of a lovely sunny day. Your foot dumped into the sparkly sands and waves are crashing on the shores. You find yourself liking the splashes of water as the waves hit against you. And you go just further and the waves just keep coming at you, pushing you back to the coast.

Now, hold your ground and keep still standing while waiting for the next waves to strike. Is it difficult right? You couldn’t hold on to where you are and your tendency is either you’ll move your feet backward or you’ll get caught up in the waves and slipped on to your butt. Now you’re laughing. Isn’t that just funny and fun at the same time?

Fishing for Beginners: The Absolute Beginner’s Guide for Fishing

Fishing for Beginners: The Absolute Beginner's Guide for Fishing

Since the beginning of time, fishing had been known to be one of the first means of providing food for the pack who lives near the river banks or water system. Well, when back in those historical times it was a way to provide food for the family nowadays, fishing had been known to become one of the best recreational activities not only for solo fishers but as well as for the whole family. For those who had been on a fishing trip for a while, they’re already quite aware of the equipment and tools that are needed for the trip, thus they know what to do and have the knowledge about fishing.

This article, however, focuses for the beginners who wanted to know more about fishing and what are the necessary tools for the fishing trip. Furthermore, this article also discusses on what the best fishing gears are and needed for any types of fishing for to tell you frankly, there are a lot of fishing gears to choose from and that’s available in the stores and the internet nowadays, this is to make sure you get the best equipment and most especially to let the beginners be aware of the best choices they can get for their fishing trips and to get the best experience in the trip.

Most Famous Fishing Quotes of All Time: What Fishermen are Saying Best

Most Famous Fishing Quotes of All Time What Fishermen are Saying Best

Fishing is not only for catching fish; It would be nice to think and say that it’s not more than catching fishes alone but rather for self-motivation and realization with the spice of relaxation, contentment, enjoyment or as simple as the happiness of doing it. Size and time don’t matter at all, whether it may be a big catch or not. In fishing, it’s somehow an unexplainable feeling of wanting what is right and what is free.

To fish means in somehow reminiscing and preserving the thoughts of how simple and happy our forefathers before and to the point that it has been handed down from one generation to another and is still practiced now.

Doing what you like is freedom, liking what you do is happiness. Fishermen tend to spend their time on waiting patiently for a catch because they are happy to do so. The act of fishing gives them the feeling of being free and being fulfilled but sometimes leads them in their own world of serenity that makes unique in their own little way yet still welcome others to share their chosen path.

How to Fish for Trouts

How to Fish for Trouts

Learning how to fish for trout is somehow more complex yet entertaining. Trout fishing is usually done on rivers, lakes, and ponds because they are freshwater fish. They are easy to fish since they always go to schools on depth portion of fresh waters. So if you have much knowledge enough about them you’ll surely end your day with a good catch. So let’s start learning.

How to Fish Trout in a Lake

With lake trout fishing, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a good angler or not. Lake trouts feed on crawlers or even small fishes on their locality. They are usually seen during all season and on deep cold parts of lakes. In lake trout fishing, it is best to learn the rules and techniques even if it’s quite easy to fish on lakes because it’s so frustrating ending up a day with nothing for keeps or less than what you hope for in fishing. Lake trouts are popular among anglers. They look different from river trouts because of their colors. Lake trouts are yellowish or with white spots on their dark green or grayish body. They prefer lakes because of its depth and cold water. And they usually out on fall season. So here’s how to fish trout on lakes.

Let’s Go Bass Fishing! How to Fish and Catch for Bass in a Pond

Lets Go Bass Fishing How to Fish for Bass



It’s nice to know how to do bass fishing whether be it as sports or just as a hobby. It’s the art of angling. Bass are sometimes difficult to fish depending on seasons. Usually, summer and spring are the most ideal for bass fishing. There are many different types or styles or techniques on how to fish them. Bass fishing is usually done in open spaces such as lakes or ponds. But the most insight that one must understand most is that practice is the most important key to the success of having a great catch in bass fishing.

Jig fishing

The easiest, versatile and productive way in bass fishing because the bass is usually fascinated with colors at the same time when lures are in motion. They sometimes hide in shadows and debris or even those falling trees, especially on lakes or ponds. But jigs tend to still catch their attention. It’s a unique technique in the fishing bass. It’s jerky movement that seems dancing in water that was created by the jigs captures the eyes of bass that they are attracted to. They made them irritated at the same time if they are not that hungry enough to feed them.

In some ways, jigs need to be a complex of baits because these are best customized depending on a situation or season that one must have in the fishing bass in order to have a good catch. And if you’re planning to learn more about bass fishing using jigs, it’s still wise to learn more first about it and explore yourself more on doing it to become fruitful or to catch more fish. But jig fishing has its great advantage in bass fishing.

Everybody knows that jigs are also the very first artificial lure type that comes with a variety of colors and styles, with its different shapes and as well as weights that soothe best with bass fishing. So for bass, jig fishing is usually most commonly used.

There are several jig styles or techniques used in bass fishing. They are the swim jig, football jig, flipping jigs, punch jigs, finesse and casting jigs. You can use any of these styles because they are best used in bass fishing. But still depending on your location and time.

Fast and furious jig” best implies to this swim jig technique. You can try it for bass fishing. Since bass are attracted with moving jigs, swim jig style could be perfectly used. With this, you can control the movement of the jig that made bass react in somehow because it moves quickly when it’s in the water. They attract bass so it means more fish or bass to catch. In here, you can also fight with them in a bass boat. It is most effective when its used for catching big bass. And actually, there are already many tournaments that this swim jig style won. But still, it’s up to you what would be your personal pick to use.

You could also try football jigs in fishing, this style is commonly used in summer and in winter. It is best with bigger bass and in deeper waters. It is called football jig because of its football shaped head that makes it more effective when used in bass fishing especially in deep waters with a big bass on it.

If you’re still not contented with swim or football jig style, try these flipping jigs. It is used with “snap and pop technique” these are widely used for largemouth bass. It is usually used in inactive bass because of its jig-and-pig combination.

Another style of jig fishing is by using this punch jigs. Punching in somehow bass finds so annoying. This technique usually is used in lakes with grass. The bass hides on the mats so it is the best to punch. It uses force that can make bass reveal themselves and be caught.

Bass fishing also best done with finesse jigging or by using finesse jigs. These are best used with picky bass during winter. Because size doesn’t matter when using finesse jigs.

Lastly, the casting. This is also called the old fashion way of jig fishing. It’s a lot of fun using this technique. It is also best described as cast and reel style. It is the most commonly used style in jig fishing.

After taking into consideration all the style on how to catch bass, now it’s time to take into consideration on how to go fishing in different locations. It is well known that bass fishing is usually done on lakes and ponds when it comes to open spaces for bass fishing.

Breathtaking lake bass fishing. In lakes, you could actually catch smallmouth and largemouth bass. Usually, it is best and nice to fish bass on lakes no matter what type or technique you’re using. It is also best for beginners because it is the best to place to start because of its abundant plant foods and as well as coverings such as falling trees where they could possibly hide.

Even though there are lots of tricks and techniques in bass fishing on lakes. Here are the simplest steps on how to do it with a bang! But if you’re looking for largemouth bass specifically, go for lake fishing instead. There are tips or techniques for beginners and especially with pro anglers be reminded for. However, it is much wise to start learning from the very basic on how to do it on lakes.