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Orvis Encounter Fly Rod Outfit Review: What You Need to Know

Being a noob can be intimidating. From picking the correct rigging to finding the best openings in your vicinity and taking in the correct fly examples to present, there’s a long way to go.

Fortunately, the Orvis Encounter fly pole outfit is a reasonable choice that performs well for beginners. Orvis has made a simple to-use and free (just click the link at the bottom of this page for the Orvis Fly Fishing Learning Center) asset with all the data you require, regardless of whether you’re a learner or more experienced angler.

The following are the outfits that will surely give you a try and have a head start.

Encounter 5-weight 8’6″ Fly Rod Outfit

The Orvis Encounter fly bar is worked for the hardcore angler, yet esteemed in perspective of thriftiness, the Encounter pole game plan joins front line bar design with a smooth, new execution—packaged with a considerable arbor Encounter reel, weight-forward floating line, sponsorship, and pioneer.

The 8’6″ 5-weight is the best all-around freshwater bar for trout and light bass, calculating it is believed to be the perfect first rod for any fly angler. Little streams, huge conduits, or lakes and lakes, this new 8’6″ 5-weight Encounter rod outfit is the perfect reaction to the request, “What’s the first rod I should buy?”

When you need to teach your child patience, take them fly angling. They’ll either luxuriate in the hours of stillness required to arrive that initial catch, or they’ll sulk for a considerable length of time watching you angle after instantly stopping in disappointment.

Despite how they take in the lesson, the Orvis Encounter is an ideal first pole for another fly fisher, with enough execution components to develop with them.

Encounter 5-weight 9′ Fly Rod Outfit

Enter the world of fly angling easily with the moderate Encounter fly rod outfits. The 9′ 5-weight Encounter pole outfit is effortlessly the best esteem evaluated outfit of its kind. This is the ideal reinforcement for an accomplished traveling fisher or for a new fisherman who intends to invest the majority of their energy in greater trout waters.

These fly rod outfits are offered in the most mainstream sizes and line weights, so that there is no hesitations on your part. This is an outrageously decent bundle for the novice.

Despite the fact that this is the low end of Orvis’ pole arrangement, it is superior to most rods that accompanied beginner’s gear. The reel is stacked with support, a weight forward line, and great pioneer. The case is extremely decent contrasted with other amateur bundles in that it additionally stores the reel.

This is a decent rod. Has a decent vibe, lightweight. It has incredible development with quite recently the perfect measure of adaptability. It accompanies a rod case and sack for reel. Simply beginning and this is an extraordinary set, even your fly angling teacher will think so.

Encounter 6-Weight 9’ Fly Rod Outfit

This 6 Wt. moderate fly bar is perfect for greater freshwater expeditions. The 9’6″ 6-weight Encounter bar outfit is an effective enormous water trout rod with that additional length that is ideal for connecting on long mends or high-stick nymphing. Phenomenal choice for Stillwater too!

Go with confidence and a wallet that’s still intact. The outfit wasn’t excessively costly and the quality appears, making it impossible to be quite high. It is just a reasonable price for high quality product.

You would purchase this fly rod just by reading the surveys and would ever go fly angling again. The case it accompanies is extremely well made, and everything feels predominant quality (contrasted with the others on a similar value extend). Definitely, you’ll get more than you’ve paid for. It highly suggested for any ability level.

It provides you with all that you have to get out on the water and catch some fishes.  Action is quicker than other rods . The pole feels considerably more common than less expensive versions accessible at different retailers and an awesome decision for amateurs! This fly angling combo is exceptionally lite weight, flexible for any experience level

This item is a decent item for what you pay. Has a pleasant case without defects in the rod and reel.  Although there would be times when the rod doesn’t feel great in the cast and can wind up striving to cast the line.

Encounter 6-weight 9’6″ Fly Rod Outfit

With a marking like Orvis you know you are getting a quality item and that is as it is with this rod. When you are contemplating getting it, but figured a rod that are a couple of pounds less expensive in another brand, and thought will simply do what this rod does, you are tricking yourself.

This pole is a class above bars twice its cost and there is not a bar below the value that can draw close to it for looks, feel or execution. You could have gotten trout and bass on this outfit and have dealt with everything that has been on the flip side.

It is of incredible value, and the pole case can be conveyed in a day pack or backpack for hiking. No hook eye fitted yet the delicate end of the butt brings a hook without any issues. For the most part, this outfit is significantly more than a starter pack; it truly is a “genuine” piece of unit.

In reality, it is an amazing an incentive for cash, quality item at exceptionally sensible cost.  Regardless of whether you’re a beginner or somebody who needs a quality brand name without paying the earth for it, you are catered for with this bar. It is likewise profitable expansion for the more experienced fisher.

The reel and the drag framework work incredible and it were at that point pre-fixed with dacron backing, fly line, and leader. This unquestionably spares cash and time. The bar itself is extremely adaptable and light. The rod case is extremely well made and the reel arrived in a nice pocket. Shipment was a few days speedier than the assessed time span given.

Encounter 8-weight 9′ Fly Rod Outfit

Instantly dazzled with the balance and materials of this rod. It threw to a great degree well under different rigs. It has chucking-and-duck egg designs, to marginally more sensitive bugger presentations. The reel is certainly plastic, however appears to be well made and sufficiently strong to deal with most typical uses.

Gotten around 9 steel head on this rod, in shifting conditions. It played fish well in deep pools, and shallow/quick pocket water. When you are searching for a pleasant rod to fill your quiver, this is certainly suggested for this setup. It is an ideal determination for somebody who steel head angles a couple of times each year.

The rod stacks typically which is something worth being thankful for, can be anything but predictable. However even with my restricted throwing skills you will get sensible distances with the Encounter rod. This is all the more a direct activity rod. It encourages you to figure out how to wait for your back cast, rather than simply utilizing the rod to muscle the line around.

The profound twist and notwithstanding stacking of this rod makes the move casts achieve more distances. This separation might be enhanced by as much 8-12 feet. It dealt with streamers well and effortlessly threw a full arrangement of regular bass examples. This is an incredible pole for the starting warm water angler.

In a Nutshell…

As you can see Orvis Encounter is great for the beginner.  It will even serve as a good back up to your favorite rod and reel.  It has its issues, but it is just going to compromise.

Active Junky, an outdoor gear, outdoor lifestyle, adventure sports website dedicated to providing the widest selection of quality outdoor products at the lowest prices, put the Orvis Encounter outfit under scrutiny, from modest Utah streams to bigger waterways, lakes and stores. They cherished the smooth drag of the reel, the fresh flex of the bar and the strong conveying case.

The Encounter Outfit comes in four size/weight alternatives, and Active Junky suggests either the 8’6″ or 9′ 5-weight. They adored the 9′, yet littler people or those routinely angling littler streams might need to consider the shorter choice.

Generally, the Encounter furnish has altogether inspired Active Junky. We’d prescribe it for anybody getting into fly angling, or even experienced fishers searching for reinforcement.

Orvis offers the most astounding quality fly bars in the industry. By joining front line innovation, exactness and over 150 years of pole building knowledge, their line of fly poles is the best available.

Try for yourself the fly rods and find precisely what you are searching for before your next fly-angling enterprise.

The combination of fly rods has everything for saltwater, freshwater, spey throwing, little rivers and warm water applications. The fly rod choice offers poles for any application.

Their objective continues as before as it was first and foremost, giving an unrivaled determination of value fly rods at a sensible cost for the discerning fisherman. Orvis keeps on taking incredible pride in furnishing fly-angling fishers around the world, for over a century.

Click here to watch videos on learning fly fishing using Orvis Encounter.



Fishing may not be the first thing that comes to your mind when you want to spend most of your time in LA but don’t underestimate the pleasure  and fun brought by fishing in America’s second largest city! Los Angeles is not only a hot spot for anything flashy and fancy but also a home for water sports activities like angling.

With the existence of lakes, rivers and seas, it is no doubt that angling has become known and exciting recreational activities one can delve into. Angling is a delightful diversion to catch some yellowtail, white sea, tuna, salmon, rockfish and a lot more!

Below are listed the best places to enjoy fishing in Los Angeles whether you want to improve your skills, to have some time off from work or pressure  or plainly to fish just for fun. At the end of every place are the reviews of people from an online platform in finding local businesses, to know what other people think about it. Let’s get started!

1. Echo Park Lake

Echo Park Lake is an overwhelming place to be which is just a short drive from the downtown center of LA. It has been there since 1860 and presently it has been developed with a floating lotus-garden and people can people can enjoy pedal-boating, canoeing with canoes, fishing and fishing. People fish here trout, catfish, bluegills and even large mouth bass.

Reviews of people who have been to Santa Monica from

Darien C.: The park is nice to walk around and relax… I really commend LA for taking the time and money spent on improving this park. I always love just hanging around and enjoying the day when at Echo Park! It’s always a good time!

 Nadine C.: This is a beautiful and unique treasure in Los Angeles!

Grace Y.:Echo Park is a quick and refreshing place to take a brisk walk, meditate, walk your dog/pet,  etc for anyone who wants to take a step away from the city.

2. Venice Fishing Pier

Fishing here is free! All you have to equip yourself is your apparatus and bait then off your set to go. You don’t have to bother a watercraft in order for you to appreciate fishing in the sea because the pier itself serves as the best fishing spot.

Halibut, barracuda, queenfish, and white ocean bass are one of the many kinds of fishes that can be caught here. Make sure to prepare your angling rigs outfit with your bait  when head back there again!

The Pier is claimed by the City of Venice. No permit is required when fishing specifically from the Pier. The City of Venice holds the permitting vital, so general society is allowed to fish every minute of every day from the Municipal Pier.

Reviews of people who have been to Santa Monica from

Ryan M.: Overall the Venice Pier is very quiet and has a nice view area at the end of the pier.
Aubrey G.:  If you are at Venice Beach, DEFINITELY take a walk out onto the end of the pier; it is part of the Venice Beach ambiance!

Sydney P.: Good for sitting, fishing or watching surfers. Limited people given the amount of people on the beach.

3. Santa Monica Pier

Fishing is only one of many motivations to walk the dock. Whether you’re a regular or want to try your hand at this relaxing past-time for the day, you will definitely enjoy your bait and tackle.  Halibut is the trophy fish you can catch here along with yellowtail, seabass, mackerel and other more regular species.

Towards the end of the wharf, fishers can attempt their fortunes with sharks and beams. However, you needn’t bother with a fishing permit to drop a line off the Pier.

If ever you want to encounter rich marine life, you can also head off to their Heal the Bay’s Santa Monica Pier Aquarium just nearby the amusement park.

Reviews of people who have been to Santa Monica from

Avery L. : Santa Monica Pier was awesome!! This was my second time going there, and I had a lot more fun this time, considering I was so young the first time.

Sabrina M. : Personally I have found this to be a GREAT date location…You can watch the ocean while chatting on a bench, have a nice meal, and cuddle up on the Ferris Wheel, sounds like the perfect date to me!

Dinah M.: Anyhow, great time overall!!

4. Dockweiler State Park

If you love surfing or fly fishing, Dockweiler State Park will become one of your best spot. The 3-mile shoreline is just calm where sunbathers and kids delight their way there. Also, its space attracts a lot of tourists to enjoy beach, there’s a lot of space for all. Fishers can catch croakers and cobina there. They also hold angling competitions yearly.

The recreation center additionally offers a snack bar and excursion ranges which makes it a decent spot to bring your whole family. Lastly, it is close the LA International Airport so it could be the perfect first destination when you want to dip in the waters then go fishing.

Reviews of people who have been to Dockweiler State Parkfrom

Don B.: this smooth, long, winding and not-too-crowded path is a great way to connect from north to south and find some out of the way spots on the beach.

Tommy M.: … he view is so amazing along with some twist and turns and a few slightly inclined area, …

A.: There’s nothing like the wind blowing through your hair as you cycle along the ocean in Southern California!

5. Legg Lake

Legg Lake is a lake found only 1.5 miles from South El Monte, in Los Angeles County, It is a known for crappie fishes! One will discover various kinds of fish including largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, rainbow trout, catfish, panfish, bream, bluegill and crappie here. It is stupefying to think that panfishes can get huge here.

This is an incredible lake for shore throwing with numerous nice  grassland and fishing docks

Reviews of people who have been to Legg Lake Park from

Leo Z.:The park has a lot of space for walking, fishing, boat paddle rides, and lots of happiness.

Gus Z. : Amazing park for the whole family. Parking, restrooms, duck feeding, fishing, playgrounds, boat/tandem bike rentals, picnic tables, etc. Clean and quiet,

Eleni M.:  it makes for a fun place for many people with several interests including fishing!

6. Redondo Beach Sport Fishing

Without a doubt, its shoreline is great for its sun-tanning, surfing, and swimming! But fishing, is also one greater way you can enjoy here especially if you are a halibut fanatic. Fishing Pier supplies a portion of the best halibut angling in the country, not to mention Los Angeles.

This horseshoe-molded dock does not bulge out the extent those different wharfs in LA. So if you want to get sharks and rays is a little more challenging.

Evening is the time that you can get these trophies or you might be after for those other sorts of species. You can likewise hope to stumble upon other kinds of fish on your sailing-  from rockfish, sea whitefish and California sheepheads to sand bass, red snapper and sculpin.

Reviews of people who have been to Redondo Beach Sport Fishing from

Yaima L. : We went whale watching and the experience was amazing… I would definitely recommend this to anyone!

Nova H. : The peace of fishing on the pier …We also noticed a great deal of positive community vibes shared between all those fishing along the pier.

Steve S. :I’d come back just to chill on a half day for the itch. It’s LA style of fishing, not like else where, can’t help crowds it’s LA not Ventura or SD.

7. Marina del Rey Sportfishing

It offers fishing trips for both for beginners and pros. They open on a daily basis so you can really come and go anytime there for fishing. Other than that, they also offer whale-watching, seasonally and private fishing charters.

Their boats have personalized service, friendly and professional crews, rental on bait, rods and tackle. Their boat have earned a reputation that whenever they fish, they always and often catch because of their “never give up” attitude.

Reviews of people who have been to Marina del Rey Sportfishing from

Colleen L.: We all looked up after his short “safe fish” lecture & saw a pair of dolphins leaping up, arching over the water. A spectacular sunny Sunday afternoon.

Richard L.: great views from Malibu to Palos Verdes . If you want a good burger go to Hinano’s which is on Washington Blvd.

Sarah R.: Beautiful views from the Venice Pier. So much to do around there, like the Boardwalk, and all the restaurants surrounding it.

 8. Lincoln Park Lake

Another loaded lake, Lincoln Park Lake is an extraordinary place to take the children for fishing! Only a short drive upper east from downtown in the area of Lincoln Heights, Lincoln Lake is another carp hotspot, however catfish flourish here too.

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife stated the presence of rainbow trout from winter through early Spring and catfish amid the Summer months. There are likewise bluegill, largemouth bass, crappie, and carp in here. Make certain to visit the CDFW site for finish directions before taking off.

Reviews of people who have been to Lincoln Park Lake from

Mary B.: This would be a great place to see the sunrise on the east side. A great place to fly a kite with the small fries. To cloud gaze. To escape. To celebrate.

Marwin L.: This park is definitely not the prettiest or best maintained. But for all its flaws, Lincoln Park is an oasis set in the middle of an urban desert.

Christine H.: I love walking here on my work breaks, or stopping by to enjoy the peace here when it’s not busy. .. Only drawback is that it’s extremely difficult to find parking , even when the park itself looks empty!

 9. LA Waterfront Sportfishing & Cruises

During the middle of the year months, fishing in LA Waterfront is a a hotspot for yellowtail, white seabass, barracuda, bonito, calico bass and sand bass fishes.

They also offer awesome fishing and whale-watching! They additionally have their fishing armada with experienced group and chiefs to guide you all the way.

Reviews of people who have been to LA Waterfront Sportfishing & Cruises from

Susana P.: Was an amazing quick experience! This 45-minute boat trip around the harbor is great for kids and anyone who has never been on a boat.

Nikki C. This trip was awesome! … The ocean is beautiful, and we saw a few whales! I would definitely go again!

Nia K.: The angels gates and were able to see a female whale and its child. It was beautiful. Something different over all.

7 Best Bass Fishing Tips – How to Fish for Bass

Welcome to our segment on bass angling tips. Here you’ll get the hang of all that you have to think about bass and bass angling. One reason bass are North America’s most mainstream game fish is they’re fairly less demanding to get than different species, they can just be found all across the America, fundamentally in light of the fact that they are so plenteous, it gets pretty exciting because bass are aggressive fishes.

Here we don’t simply share tips, we teach you on bass so you realize what they do as well as why they do it. We likewise included advises from tip top bass master that will without a doubt give you a confirmation and guarantee that they work. It’s something other than hurling out a draw and trusting there’s an eager bass close by ready to nibble.

It doesn’t make a difference in case you’re a beginner angler or a specialist, you’ll take advantage from the tips on looking for bass on this page. You can review  a portion of the best bass angling tips.

The following are basic methods you should ace to augment your execution and accomplishment as a bass fisher.

Re-boosting Your Bait

Take a stab at Using Buzzbait – If you take after any of the real bass competitions then you’ll realize that numerous stars utilize buzzbait baits. The key to its success is that it makes a boisterous humming commotion that draws in bass from faraway separations.

  • It is not about the Size – The span of your bait doesn’t direct the extent of the bass you’ll get. Keep in mind, a large-mouth bass will strike prey that is 25% to half of its length. So even vast draws can get little bass. In case you’re not having achievement at that point attempt a littler draw, for example, the Strike King Spinnerbait.
  • Strive a few live Bait – However many other anglers don’t prefer the live bait, it can still be an amazing way to earn a very good bass when the lures are not producing. Shiners have the great luck, especially while you hook them through both lips or simply in the back of the pinnacle dorsal fin. Worms, crayfish and even frogs are extraordinary artificial bait options.

Save Shredded Worms

In using plastic worms, according to Anthony Gagliardi, 2006 FLW Tour Land O’Lakes Angler of the Year, bass like to surprise attach their beaten up prey especially in shallow water that’s why your already-torn-up plastic worms may be a best lure you can still use.

Red Fools the Fish

For George Cochran, 2005 Wal-Mart FLW Tour Championship winner, he likes to use spinner bait in shallow cover with wood, stumps and clumps of grass especially with reddish or pinkish head, and a red hooked crank bait. Again as what Anthony Gagliardi said, it makes the bass think the prey is already wounded so they’ll ambush it.

Know the Habits of Bass

The sort of climate directs where bass might possibly be. At the point when the sun is out and shinning splendid bass will search for shield. At the point when it’s shady out and there is practically zero sun, bass leave their defensive safe house. This implies when it’s sunny out you’ll need to angle close ranges where bass may go for shield, so keep your draw or live goad near conceivable territories that bass may use for protect.

Skip Your Bait

In casting the bait, suspend it midway just like in baseball’s check swing so that the bait is sure to hit the surface of the water few feet before the target and skitters over. This is Mike Iaconelli’s, the 2004 CITGO Bassmaster Classic champion, good way to get any other structures like dock.

Here’s how to ace in skipping your bait under docks for big bass.

Keep Your Hooks Sharp

I use a file to sharpen my hooks every time I catch a fish and before every trip. It takes 30 seconds. Mark Zona, the host of ESPN Outdoors, uses sharpened hooks every time he catches fish and just before going. 30 seconds is all it takes for him. According to him “bass have boney jaws, so a sharp hook is more apt to penetrate the fish.”

Examine a Caught Bass for Local Trips

Whenever you get a bass take a look within its mouth. At the point when a bass is battling you it will some of the time hurl whatever substance are in it’s stomach. This is an awesome approach to perceive what bass are nourishing on in the neighborhood attempt to copy the look with a bait that can imitate it. At times on the off chance that you get a kick out of the chance to utilize live draw you can attempt and catch what they’re really nourishing on and utilize that as snare.

When and Where to Bait

Fish for Bass During the Pre-Spawn – When both male and female bass move to the shallow zones, they begin forcefully sustaining and searching for the best place to settle.

The pre-produce begins in spring around the time when the water temperature gets the chance to be between 55 to 65 degrees. Angler amid this period can really find bass appropriate from shore that, is the manner by which close they get. This is the best time to get a trophy bass, yet make sure to catch and discharge female bass so they can finish them, bring forth and proceed with the bass life cycle.

Jay Yelas, 2003 Bassmaster Angler of the Year, recommended the springtime to be a good time to bolster catch of bass since they spawn and lay eggs at that time especialy in shallow areas where coves and pockets protect them from the rush of the wind. He added, “They’ll bite as much out of irritation with the lure as they will out of hunger.”

More Advanced Tips

Examine a Caught Bass for Local Tips . Whenever you get a bass take a look within its mouth. At the point when a bass is battling you it will some of the time hurl whatever substance are in it’s stomach. This is an awesome approach to perceive what bass are nourishing on in the neighborhood attempt to copy the look with a bait that can imitate it. At times on the off chance that you get a kick out of the chance to utilize live draw you can attempt and catch what they’re really nourishing on and utilize that as snare.

Face the Wind. The winner of the 2006 Battle on the Border, Ish Monroe, indicated that bass always swim along the current so they’ll find your bait faster than your boat. So he advised to give up some distances with your cast and face the in as you fish. What’s much better, according to him, is when the flush of water hits your hull then carries it away from the spot where you’re fishing.

Fishing Hacks

Constantly Keep an Eye on the Line. Every time, it’s a shrewd idea to break down the line perfect over the bait you’re using. It’s normal for it to get frayed lightly when coming into contact with rocks, shake, branches, stumps, etc. Nothing is more repulsive than losing a trophy bass just because of your line breaking!

Look at Your Livewell Water. According to Matt Herren, ranked as 2nd in  2006 Wal-Mart FLW Tour, that bass vomit something they eaten up once placed in a live well. This is a good opportunity to tell and prepare for the next lure you can use there the whole fishing.

Bug Those Bass. Ray Scott said, a bass fishing legend and founder of BASS, that by tapping the bass, it upsets the bass and consequently biting the hook more. Bass like the baits to be oriented at various angles so as they position itself in cover. He added, “ I’ve tossed lures a hundred times onto the same location until finally getting a bite”

Other Fishing Skill Techniques


This is intended for pinpoint lure presentation to visible, thick cover between 10 and 20 feet away. Use a heavy-action 6 1/2 to 7 1/2 foot rod. Let out about 15 feet of line. With your free hand, grasp the line between the reel and the first rod guide and straighten your arm to the side.

There should now be about 8 feet of line past the front tip. Raise the rod to make the lure swing back close to the body. Lower the rod top to make the lure swing forward. Use only your wrist; roll the butt of the rod to the inside of your arm.


Most appropriate for clearer water circumstances. It can accomplish a similar calm exact section with significantly more separation and is better for sparser cover. This is best for targets between 10 and 30 feet away and provides a very quiet lure entry. Use a single-hook lure such as a worm, jig or spinnerbait   and 6 ½ feet rod   or longer.

Face the target then let out line until the lure is even with the reel. Hold the bait in your free hand at waist level. Lower the rod tip toward the water and put strain on hold. In one smooth, speedy movement, swing the rod tip forward toward the target then upward, relinquishing the bait with your free hand. Use just your wrist, arm movement is won’t be a problem.

Here’s how to flip and pitch for bass.


The best to get route back under items (docks and laydowns). Likewise even in untamed water, this cast displays the lure in a characteristic skipping/escaping movement.

Here’s how to pitch and skip boat docks.

The Bowing Technique

The utilization of the “bowing” system helps toss the underlying measure of slack required for the semi-slack fall. In shallow water you don’t have to do anything else. Simply bow to the lure after the cast. In profound water, say water further than 5 feet, you should continue taking off disconnected at a rate to accomplish the semi-slack bow. This resembles tapping your head and rubbing your stomach in the meantime. You will get used to it before long.

Here’s the bow fishing tips for beginners:


This skillful type of angling requires somewhat more push to fix up than the others, yet it’s a critical system regardless and ought to be a piece of any genuine bass fisherman’s collection. On the off chance that you’ve angled with a plastic worm, at that point you can adjust rapidly to drop-shotting.

The real contrast is the weight which is beneath the worm. As you reel up the worm and work its enchantment, the sinker ricochets along base, leaving the worm a few creeps off the base in the water segment, free for the taking.

Here’s a video on shoreline bass fishing with a drop shot!