Best 25 Kayak Fishing Locations in the US

Every corner and region in this technology-driven era have had been filled with a number of outrageous and adrenaline causing activities. This is for the sake of wiping out some strenuous conventional actions that we accomplish day by day. It includes the never ending paper works at the office, meeting, and more paper works then and again!

Considering all those established activities, including unique ones, we still continue to get involved with few more adventurous one. I am earnestly talking about kayak fishing! The closeness to the water, the tug of the line and the pride that comes with a great catch is hard to beat with this one-of-a-kind experience.

The most vital part of kayak fishing is doubtlessly the spectacular destination. The United States of America has undeniably captivated and breath-taking places to explore the extra-satisfying reality of kayak fishing.

Let’s now unravel the best 25 destinations in the US, from east to west coast, and reel in some impressive fish in these stellar spots!

Kona Coast—Hawaii

The Hawaii Island has bountiful things to offer — kayak fishing would absolutely be on its top list! Coined as “the Land of the Giants”, experiencing the intensity of kayak fishing on the Kona Coast will bring you to ecstasy. With blue water very close to the coast and with the Pacific off the west side of the island typically very calm, the area can be a kayak anglers’ dream.

Some enthusiast would prefer here because big fishes lurk here; you can fish some huge tuna and gray snapper. If you want to boost the level of excitement, you can opt to catch blue marlins too since they surface around the area as well. 

Best 25 Kayak Fishing Locations in the US

Deer Creek Conservation Area—Maryland

The state of Maryland is alive with numerous national parks too! One of the best serene and pristine spots would be the Deer Creek Conservation Area. Home to Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout, Largemouth Bass, Crappie, Perch and other panfish, this 25-hectare reservoir winds through the forested hillsides of Deer Creek River valley north of the County Rd 45 dam.

Its abundance in wildlife will bring you to an awe, you’ll not just be enjoying fishing, but indulge yourself to tranquil escapade. From the quiet back inlets, down to the innocent blue hue of the water. Who would have not wanted to savor this haven? One good thing: no motorized boats allowed! This is such an eco-friendly destination as it’s still into protecting the reservoir.

Best 25 Kayak Fishing Locations in the US

Indian River Lagoon—Florida

Considered to be the most biodiverse lagoon ecosystem in the Northern hemisphere, this preserve will definitely be remarkable! From its unique geographical location to its temperate and tropical ecosystem that is thriving here, kayakers will surely love the expedition here. It has an easy access to the prime fishing range and a great variety of fishing site. Eminent for giant snook, the lagoon is widely acclaimed to produce the world-record spotted sea trout weighing 17 pounds and 7 ounces.

Best 25 Kayak Fishing Locations in the US

Okmulgee Lake—Oklahoma

There could be a vast array of lakes in Oklahoma and satisfy yourself with flat water paddling. Okmulgee Lake’s focal point is the scenic dam area,  with its cascading waterfalls and rushing streams during high moisture times. It is a 668 acres lake and has 19 miles of shoreline. Okmulgee Lake is adjacent to Dripping Springs Lake. Two lakes in one visit! It’s picturesque will appease not just anglers but with tourists. Many people kayak on Dripping Springs as well.

It also has a smooth entry to anglers since of its topical good tot lining and jug fishing. You will surely reel in some crappie, channel catfish, largemouth bass, sunfish and white bass. You surely be filled with teeming activities here!

Best 25 Kayak Fishing Locations in the US

Ship Creek—Alaska

Ship Creek is recognized to be Alaska’s most prominent fishery. It is just comfortably situated in downtown Anchorage, making access easy. This advantageous spot is slamming with red-hot king salmon! The bustling industrial shore of Ship Creek will not lose sight of anglers carrying chinook salmon. This has been part of the locals’ daily experience; well absolutely with you if you’re planning to indulge your fishing expedition here!

Best 25 Kayak Fishing Locations in the US

Gross Reservoir—Colorado

This alluring haven is open to the public! The 440 acres reservoir nestled in the mountains of South Boulder Creek where anglers would definitely love to execute their expertise on kayak fishing. It is prominent by the snow-covered peaks of the Continental Divide,pine-covered slopes are emphasized by Granite outcroppings.

Paddling here can be quite challenging because thunderstorms form quickly most especially when strong winds occur off to the Divide. Nevertheless, it’s a perfect getaway!

Best 25 Kayak Fishing Locations in the US

Mobile Bay—Alabama

Another considerably good-to-know-fishing-venue is Mobile Bay. It is an inlet of the Gulf of Mexico where its mouth is formed by the Fort Morgan Peninsula on the eastern side and Dauphin island, western side.

Why is Mobile one good fishing getaway? It just simply filled with an elegant view and not just that, various species of fishes would land in your hooks. Reel in some redfish, speckle trout, flounder; rivers and lakes for bass and crappie.

Best 25 Kayak Fishing Locations in the US

Marsh Creek Lake—Pennsylvania

Only a half-hour drive to Philadelphia, Marsh Creek Lake is renowned for the best largemouth fishing in Pennsylvania! In fact, the state authorities tagged them as “Big Bass Lake”. Anglers will feel no dull moments in here since it is also the home for the thriving populations of warm-water species like trophy tiger muskie, catfish, walleye, and a variety of panfish.

Best 25 Kayak Fishing Locations in the US

Onondaga Lake—New York

Onondaga Lake has been significant to human habitation of Central New York– this is 4.6 miles long and 1 mile wide. The lake may not be designated for contact recreation like swimming but definitely not with fishing and boating! Anglers would surely have this as their one-of-the-good-venue since it has a surprising number of fish species. You’ll not regret and definitely not be bored. Fishing during summer can produce way greater catches of largemouth and smallmouth bass. Make sure to prepare good baits such as corn, dough balls, and worms for numerous carps, panfish and more!

Best 25 Kayak Fishing Locations in the US

Timucuan National Preserve—Florida

You might not have heard about  Timucuan National Preserve before, yet this could be one of the perfect spots to unravel to! This is considerably a historic preserve with a size of 46,000 acres which was created to protect the salt marshes and estuaries located north of Jacksonville. There are a couple of places for a kayak. You will not be left out with redfish, trout, and flounder.

Best 25 Kayak Fishing Locations in the US

Chattahoochee River—Atlanta

The term Chattahoochee comes from the Creek Indian word, “river of painted rocks.” This resource rises high in Blue Ridge Mountains of Georgia and one good trivia is that it supplies 70 percent of metro Atlanta’s drinking water; imagine, that is 300 gallons a day! This is favorably the best trout fisheries in the state of Georgia. You can opt to fish through the deep channels or deep pockets. I’m pretty sure you want to hook some trophy trout just like a champion, lures can effectively attract them simply by imitating them as stealthy as possible!

Best 25 Kayak Fishing Locations in the US

Pompano Beach—Florida

This another destination to look forward to is well-acclaimed to be the home of Extreme Kayak Fishing Tournament! Pompano Beach is very close to an inlet, that provided easy access to the reefs and wrecks located just a mile off shore.

You can opt to use jigging as a tactic to lure the frequent fish species like kingfish, Blackfin tuna, Mahi-mahi, Wahoo and Cobia & Sailfish. Prime season to enjoy with would be  from May to September in the south of Florida.

Best 25 Kayak Fishing Locations in the US

Verde River—Arizona

The sixth largest state by area is Arizona; it has the hottest summer and popular from its large deep canyons. One of the big parts of this state is the Native American Reservations that will incredibly allure your sense of sight!

  The Verde River is a unique and significant resource in Arizona. It has a diverse recreational activity and fishing wouldn’t be the least. The river’s remarkably outstanding fish and vegetation is teeming with scenic landscapes. One important thing’s that the wild river supports the endangered and special status fish species. A number of non-native fishes frequent on it as well as the native fishes. This includes the razorback sucker, Colorado pikeminnow, round tail chub, Sonora sucker, desert sucker and longfin dace. What more can you ask for the Verde River?

Best 25 Kayak Fishing Locations in the US

Gauley River—Virginia

One best word to describe this another fascinating fishing-point: rugged. The Gauley River is a 105 miles long resource and considerably nestled in a remote area so better expect to hike, scramble and wade on your way here.

The river has a one of a kind ecosystem thus a number of fish species can definitely be enjoyed reeling in. It is outstanding in trout fishing and you must be equipped with good baits for some large walleyes, muskies, and small mouth bass. If you are a certified angler with a water rafting skills, then better be thrilled with quite a challenging expedition because you can float downriver by boat where more variety of fishes thrive.

Best 25 Kayak Fishing Locations in the US

Arkansas River—Colorado

The Arkansas River is renowned for being the sixth-longest river in the United States. This wandering waterway generally flows first in Colorado, next to Kansas, Oklahoma and finishes in Arkansas. Unravel your own version of your adventure and get involved in fishing couple of brown trouts! Yes, heard it right; this is the home for brown trouts since they don’t thrive on high-velocity current unlike the Arkansas.

Best 25 Kayak Fishing Locations in the US

Tyger River—South Carolina

This river is not a staple of wild animals but gotten such name because of its “tiger-like” current. You can certainly execute your angling skills and savor the panoramic ambiance of the resource. Start your kayak fishing in the midst of the wildlife-loaded waterway!
Best 25 Kayak Fishing Locations in the US

Prince William Sound—Alaska

From the South central Alaska, Prince William Sound besets 10,000 square miles of protected waterways as well as 10, 000 glaciers. This is a vast and diverse wildlife that you would not want to miss. It hosts some of the most compelling salmon runs in the state of Alaska. The region features five salmon species namely: King Salmon, Silver Salmon, Red Salmon, Pink Salmon, Chum Salmon. It also features healthy marine fishery. Another fish species to enjoy here are  Rainbow Trout, Dolly Varden, Arctic Grayling, Halibut, Various Bottomfish, Shrimp. It seems like a fish party in here!

Best 25 Kayak Fishing Locations in the US

Eleven Point National Scenic RiverMissouri

The Eleven Point River is a 44-mile stretch of the  spring-fed Eleven Point River in the Ozarks of southern Missouri. This pristine spot is calm to relish during summer and definitely is accorded with thrill and fun! There are a variety of access points that you can either go with a motorized or non-motorized boats. You’ll surely be entertained with the abundance of Bass, Panfish, Trout and opt to snap it through fly fishing.

Best 25 Kayak Fishing Locations in the US

South Fork Cottonwood CreekCalifornia

This major stream in North California is well-suited to fishing from a float tube, canoe or kayak. Cottonwood Creek if the home for fly-fisherman, it has a gentler bank and beaver ponds. It surely has residents fish, in fact, the resource has a healthy population of  California Golden trout.

Best 25 Kayak Fishing Locations in the US

Ptarmigan LakeColorado

You will surely fall in love with the spectacular high mountain lake surrounded by towering peaks in Ptarmigan Lake. Boost your senses and unweave with an extraordinary view that you wish could be just next to your home. Whichever way you want to fish, chances of getting a bite here are superb! So go grab your fly fishing rod and reel, and be captivated with commonly cutthroat trout.

Best 25 Kayak Fishing Locations in the US

Clearwater RiverMontana

The Clearwater River is close to Seeley Lake, Montana, which considerably has one great attribute of having series of lakes  that connects from Summit Lake to Harper’s lake, at the junction of Highway 93 and Highway 83. It is undeniably comprising of fishing opportunities where easy bites for brown trout, largemouth bass, mountain whitefish, northern pike, yellow perch, and  kokanee are addictive.

Best 25 Kayak Fishing Locations in the US

Lake ChelanWashington

There are tons of reasons why you should visit Lake Chelan– this is 50.5 miles of a reservoir surrounded by mountains and ingenious vineyard. It offers a bunch of activities and fishing is favorably what you’ll relish. Known for its world-class fishing, for the record, it releases 10, 000 Cutthroat and 500, 000 Kokanee bustling into the Lake Chelan.

Best 25 Kayak Fishing Locations in the US


Chattooga Wild and Scenic RiverNorth Carolina

The Chattooga Wild has been coined as the “untamed river” because of it’s high-velocity currents. The aesthetic beauty of this resource will still be on its brim and offers a various scenic view. This is the best venue for trout fishing so prepare those bobbers!

Best 25 Kayak Fishing Locations in the US

Caney Fork WatershedTennessee

This another dazzling resource is sincerely one of the best musky fisheries in the United States! Caney Fork is bustling with rivers and streams, surely is something stimulating to explore with. With approximately 143 miles of clear water between Nashville and Knoxville, this is a hot spot for canoe and kayakers. You’d surely love to have a good catch trouts too!

Best 25 Kayak Fishing Locations in the US

Potomac RiverMaryland

Rich in diverse and mesmerizing wildlife, the Potomac River is considerably the paddling destination. Savor the peaceful habitat which has a couple of access point in the river. There are two rapids; the Yellow Falls and Carderock , you can run at low water as well.You can catch some good smallmouth bass using some lures to have a number of them.

Best 25 Kayak Fishing Locations in the US

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