Most Famous Fishing Quotes of All Time: What Fishermen are Saying Best

Most Famous Fishing Quotes of All Time: What Fishermen are Saying Best

Fishing is not only for catching fish; It would be nice to think and say that it’s not more than catching fish alone but rather for self-motivation and realization with the spice of relaxation, contentment, enjoyment, or as simple as the happiness of doing it. Size and time don’t matter at all, whether it may be a big catch or not. In fishing, it’s somehow an unexplainable feeling of wanting what is right and free.

To fish means somehow reminiscing and preserving the thoughts of how simple and happy our forefathers were before and to the point that it has been handed down from one generation to another and is still practiced now.

Doing what you like is freedom; liking what you do is happiness. Fishers tend to spend their time waiting patiently for a catch because they are happy to do so. The act of fishing gives them the feeling of being free and fulfilled but sometimes leads them in their own world of serenity that makes them unique in their own little way yet still welcomes others to share their chosen path.

“Old fishermen never die; they just lost their bobbers.” As the line goes, how could someone easily age? Without drowning themselves with problems? Always smile, make the most of what you have in life, and be content with it. Yes, fishers enjoy what they are doing. Fishing satisfies them even sometimes makes them escape from reality somehow. Its tranquility makes them want it much, even to the extent of doing it redundantly, detached but free.

“Fishing’s not sports but a way of life.” Yes, it is; fishers not only think of it as sports or food on their plate. More than that, it is finding out of themselves and remembering what should be prioritized first and what’s not? In short, it can be more précised to be called passion.

“Problems seem to fade away when fishing.” Even how hard life pours out, it’s ok for them to understand for as long as it is also a way of letting go. Sometimes it makes them get out of their shell too, as a relaxation of course, and yet sometimes it is used as a scapegoat for a while not to forget problems but more of finding or thinking a way to solve them up.

But how could they manage to cover it up? Because while fishing, they are most likely busy angling, concentrating, and hoping for a good catch. They don’t want to waste even single bait on their reel. How could they possibly think of solving their problems or anything at all?

Indeed patience is a virtue. This phrase best describes fishing as an art. Fishermen patiently waiting for a good catch, even going home empty-handed anyway. Because as the saying goes, “fishing is patience and faith awaiting a nibble.”

“When nothing is going, right? Just go fishing” is also one of those famous fishing quotes fishermen love. It’s always good to know that it could make you feel fine and relaxed even during bad times. They tend not to run away. But at least sometimes, it makes sense to see it out for a while and enjoy something that could make you smile and happy.

Fishers spent more time on waters enjoying the calmness of the sea or after strenuous days of work. It’s good to let go of yourself and relax and go fishing. Right? But also not to forget to think of possible answers to questions or problems in life.

A positive attitude and being open-minded are true characteristics of a good fisherman. And to think of it, a positive outlook that goes with patience would mean a good catch too. It can also be mind over matter idea on fishing. Just come to think of it, having a great catch of fish. Mind you, fishers, enthusiasm, as they say, seems a reality at one point also. Right?

“Fishing is like dating; it’s all catch and release until you find a keeper.” It is also a way of art for love because it needs more time to struggle to catch and be love for keeps.

One quote says, “Fishing was good; It was the catching that was bad.” It’s also best said that it’s not every day Christmas, right? However, if it is accompanied by great timing, it means much fish to catch then.

However, it’s not fishing that counts but the feeling of contentment and relief at the end of the day.

“A good fisherman knows good angles.” Sometimes in life, it’s not the reason to live is important, but it is more awesome to live your life to the fullest with grace. Yet it is in you, the power to drive or to angle. Be good in all you do. It’s much better to rely on yourself than let fate command you.

“Many men always fish all their lives; without knowing it’s not fish, they are after.” Sort of relaxation of course, not sports or even food on their plate, Hence, self-fulfillment is the most important achievement of all.

“Calling fishing a hobby is like calling brain surgery a job” sometimes in life, it’s not advisable to take it seriously, taking into consideration the hardships, of course. Better take it slowly in pace could sometimes make it to the top. It could mean money too. Just a piece of advice, it’s an easy way of earning money when it’s done with a smile and ease. As they say, enjoy it while it lasts. Being too serious also means frustrations because how could you be successful and satisfied if you almost forget how to wear a smile. A bit of sweet spice could be great for you to be satisfied.

“The charm of fishing is that it is the pursuit of what is elusive but attainable, a perpetual series of occasions for hope” Fishermen believe it so since fishing is simply hoping and praying for a dream come true to have one great catch. It is called self-realization, though.

“Nothing makes a fish bigger than almost being caught.” A good and simple quote that tells how fishers could not live in lies. Why? Because it is sometimes easy to be said than done. The mere fact is that it is also away from covering up a bad day of fishing or of not having any fish. Isn’t it?

“Be patient and calm, for no one can catch fish in anger.” As they say, patience is a virtue because it’s not a plain movie scene to watch. Being patient means being able to think of an idea of good angling in fishing as well as good timing. So if you run out of it, fishing is definitely not for you.

“The great charm or a secret recipe in fishing is that always be willing to learn.” The same thing in life is continuous learning. Every step of the way, people seek to find answers to questions of life. Just like in fishing too. Fishers tend to search for definite and magical angling most of the time to catch fish.

The continuous process of learning, too, can make people get what they aim for. It is a normal process to make life worthwhile despite hardships and worries.

“Fishing is not an escape from life, but often a deeper emersion into it.” They say fishers are born liars. They try to escape from responsibilities sometimes. No, it isn’t because it is a form of serenity and peace. It gives you time to think for good and more understanding of life and what goes on it.

“There are always new places to go fishing. For them, there’s always a new place, always a new horizon to catch.” It is more exciting to taste new adventures from time to time, new places that also mean new chances to take, new hopes to build, and new expectations to enjoy with. Hoping for the best to indulge positively for the fish catch. And also, exploring a new world could also mean more money to gain. Right?

It provides time to think for a reason not to lie. Make it a moment of thinking for truth and excel from it. It is wiser to have it as a hobby and great earning art.

But sadly, to some, why is it they tend to run away from troubles or the challenge that fishing or life gives them? It is easy to accept the challenge and gain a lesson to be better next time than to run. Right? Also, think of doing or giving every trial a bang! That’s more quite a relief.

There are actually a lot of famous quotes that fishermen use and misuse sometimes. Some are meaningful, and some are even funny too. Those funny fishing quotes could work it right for a catch, even if it’s not taken that seriously. It could be of help to them just by reading between the lines.

Funny fishing quotes that could lighten up fishermen’s minds. The way things could be just fine. They always say, “give a man a fish, and he has food for a day.” one funny quote says differently, then teach them how to fish, and you can see him for a week. This is called the odds of fishing. Moreover, there are plenty of fish in the ocean, but how good can it be if you’re looking at a bad fisher? Funny jokes could cheer up anyone and help out in a way or two to get out of one messy life of a fisherman somehow.

They say, “ Man always go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after.” The self-satisfaction could add pride to someone, especially introverted people who discovered fishing as a hobby. Gradually it could cheer them up of being proud of achieving something out of their lives, after discovering it as worthwhile towards a better person within at the end of struggling each day.

Fishers have more fun than most people do. It is because they find self-realization out of it and serenity in life that made them outburst from a cocoon. They enjoy it seriously with a smile and definitely win it to the top!

Patience, perseverance, and perspiration make good fishing or success an unbeatable combination. It always took time to be patient. But patience alone is nothing or not good enough. Have it a taste of perspiration, and you could see “hope” because every formula needs perfection too. So better combine it all to gain or to catch good fish.

As one love quote reads, “Love has 4 letters but so does beer, deer, guns, and does fish. It simply shows that to fish is to love”. Fishermen love a good catch. So love itself could also be one great formula of fishing. Because if love is to fish, and having a passion for it makes someone a better man, who could be out fishing without having a catch at all times?

“Most of the world is covered with water; a fisherman’s job is simple; pick out the best part.” We all knew that they move from one place to another for a better catch, so, for a fishermen’s instinct, they always are the ones who always find a good place to fish.

Somehow, there are different types of fishing; It may be simple fly fishing to a most complex one. Each can give you the power to drive you to pursue something without losing faith to gain profit out of it. So why not fish?

“Anyone can be a fisherman,” so simple quote with simple thoughts. Just live life as it is. Being one is all about reel and bait with good angling, meaning it’s your own free will to drive and succeed.

Moreover, fishermen know no boundaries. Their happiness makes them unique, although alone but contented considering reels as their best friend, despite being alone sitting under the sun waiting for a catch, and even angling is so hard to master. They learn to study and be good at it most of the time than succeed.

Lastly, loving it is much far beyond just doing it. A task like fishing could not literally fish alone but to be nicer to be a bridge to discover oneself. Also, dig it out down to the very basic of it all, serenity and hope that could make a person’s life easy and fruitful in a way. Therefore, just conclude that fishing could best mean “being you” So smile for God loves you and told you to go fish in his name.

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