Fishing for Beginners: The Absolute Beginner’s Guide for Fishing

Since the beginning of time, fishing had been known to be one of the first means of providing food for the pack who lives near the river banks or water system. Well, when back in those historical times it was a way to provide food for the family nowadays, fishing had been known to become one of the best recreational activities not only for solo fishers but as well as for the whole family. For those who had been on a fishing trip for a while, they’re already quite aware of the equipment and tools that are needed for the trip, thus they know what to do and have the knowledge about fishing.

This article, however, focuses for the beginners who wanted to know more about fishing and what are the necessary tools for the fishing trip. Furthermore, this article also discusses on what the best fishing gears are and needed for any types of fishing for to tell you frankly, there are a lot of fishing gears to choose from and that’s available in the stores and the internet nowadays, this is to make sure you get the best equipment and most especially to let the beginners be aware of the best choices they can get for their fishing trips and to get the best experience in the trip.

Fishing Isn’t Only One Thing

Fishing isn’t only about casting your bait, and it isn’t only about acquiring food and most especially not just to let the time pass by. To tell you about it, there are different types of fish and there are different ways to catch a fish. Although our main focus here is to teach you, the beginners on how to fish properly, yet there is no proper way to catch a fish as long as you catch a fish, but then this article is to help you how to create the best experience for your fishing trip and also to let you know the other things, the equipment you needed to get that best experience without the worries and disasters.

First of all, before you go on a fishing trip, you have to know where you’ll be fishing at, what kind of water’s would that be, and the weather (you definitely have to make sure that it will be a nice weather when you go out because if not, you’ll be soaked in the rain on your fishing boat or something else that will only ruin your trip and have the worst experience ever!). You also have to consider the equipment you’ll be bringing with you on your fishing trip, to consider since you have to make sure on where you’ll be fishing at and you don’t want to bring those unnecessary tools along the trip, it’s just a hassle and adds up to your load. So to move on, here are the different types of fishing:

Ice Fishing

If you like to spend your time in the northern or the southern parts of the world or even during the winter months, where there are a lot of ice, ice fishing is for you. You can definitely still enjoy fishing even when there is a lot of ice. All you need is a reliable and the correct tool for this kind of fishing trips.

And the best part of ice fishing is that you can get to any spots you cannot go to before and fish just right there without even using a boat. With this type of fishing, you will need a tool to drill a hole (a large hole where a fish can fit through when you caught it) in order for you to enjoy your leisure, the only disadvantage of ice fishing is that if you want to move to a different spot to fish, you have to drill a hole again, but then hey, you need a little bit of an exercise, especially during those cold months.

Fly Fishing

This type of fishing involves an artificial fly for the bait and also requires specialized gears, and that includes a weighted line, fly rod and reel. With this kind of fishing where you use and artificial fly, the idea to catch a fish is that they’ll be attracted to eat an artificial bug and the best part is that fly fishing can be done in any kinds of water, may it be in the salt water of fresh water.

The artificial bug bait is usually made of wire, thread, feathers, beads, hair and yarns that looked exactly like an imitation of the fly or any insects that can be also created to be in the different stages of their lifespan, and by using it so the artificial bait attracts different types of fish like salmon, trout, panfish, carp and other marine species like bonefish, striped bass, and tarpon.

Saltwater Fishing

Saltwater fishing is one of most complex fishing, for beginners you can practice in catching certain marine species like a spotted redfish or sea trout from shore, when it comes to deep saltwater fishing you can learn that when you’ve mastered or even have more idea about saltwater fishing, for now, let’s just leave it to the big game fishers. In this type of fishing, the kind of fishing gears and tackles used considers a lot and that is based on the marine species and the specific technique used in fishing. Quite difficult to understand for now, but you’ll get used to in the long run and practice.

The best thing about saltwater fishing is that most experienced anglers are having fun not only in fishing, but as well as the chase and the rush it can give you in stalking and battling the catch, but for the beginners, you can practice in the shoreline if you wanted to know more about this type of fishing, there’s no need to rush perfection just keep on practicing.

Fishing for Beginners The Absolute Beginners Guide for Fishing1

Freshwater Fishing

This type of fishing generally means fishing in waters that have a low or no salt content and is considered to be the most versatile kind of fishing. Since freshwater has various species to fish for, there are also different ways to fish for those species. With this kind of fishing, it is quite easy to do since there are a number of freshwater lakes, reservoirs, ponds, streams and river that you can practice to fish until you’ve to gain the knowledge and the expertise to proceed to a tougher big game angling.

The Most Important Fishing Tips for Beginners

Fishing is one of the best activities that can be done at any age, you can definitely do it even when you go on a fishing trip alone or with family and friends. Yes, sometimes fishing is complex and it will take some time or you to be an expert on that, but don’t worry, you will be good at that in no time just be patient enough and just have fun, just enjoy the experience. And to make your lives easier, here are the most important tips that you have to consider when it comes to fishing. Remembering this will make your life easier and make you good at fishing.

Always do the rigging correctly. There are various and important reasons as to why you have to rig your rod perfectly and one of which is for the knot. A fishing knot that had been tied well and strong prevents the break when you set up your hook, and secondly with the help of a correct rigging will make your lures swim in a way that a natural lure can do. Make sure that you also the correct fishing knot, for example, in fly fishing, use a Turtle Knot for a much better and fixed knot, it will make your dry fly to properly drift on the water. Knowing various ways to rig your fishing lures only means that you’ll catch fish properly and also leads to a more exciting fishing.

Make sure to properly swim your lures. Just think of this, the natural way your bait moves in the water the more the fish will be enticed to think it’s a real insect, thus the more fish you get to catch. Try to learn how to move your bait in the water naturally, mimicking it right will make you lure in a number of fish to give you a more exciting rip.

Try the different depths of water. Yes, indeed, it’s fun to fish in tap water, but if you’ll just stay right there you won’t enjoy that much anymore, so you move along for a much bigger game. Try to move down into deeper depths as you go fishing; remember the deeper you go the more fun it will be. There at the deeper parts of the water you’ll get a much bigger catch and a much better game in angling.

Move along and on to other places. If you’ve already changed lures from time to time and gone deeper and deeper in one spot, you must move to a different spot to be able to find fishes and try going and going deeper down to the seabed, then by that time you might be able to catch a bigger fish and if still not, move to another location until you’ve caught a number of fish.

Find the Perfect Rod that Will Give You a Great Experience

This is the ultimate guide to choosing a fishing rod for beginners. In choosing a fishing rod, first and foremost is you have to know what you’re fishing for, in that way you will be ready for whatever kinds of fish you will get and assure that your fishing rod is strong. So to begin, let’s go ahead and know the basic parts. When you’re choosing a fishing while in a store, it is an advantage to know the different parts of a fishing rod and its other characteristics that create the important parts of a fishing rod.

First of all, in choosing a fishing rod you have to choose the perfect handle grip, choose something you’re comfortable with, something that you can fully grip the rod and will not slip when you’re casting and retrieving your catch. And you have to know that each and every fishing rod has its own strength and flexibility. Stringer fishing rods can make heavier and stronger casts and sometimes may not flex with a lightweight line. Fishing rods come in different lengths. Longer rods can cast longer and farther while shorter rods give more power for battling a fish and is mostly used by big game anglers and fishing.

And before choosing the perfect fishing rod, you have to have some idea on what you’re fishing for and you’re going to battle and troll around. For lighter baits, the spinning rods are best to use with that and to fight for the fish, while casting rods are great to work with tossing baits that are artificially made, jigs, and plugs that are heavier.

You also have to realize that fishing rods can be made with different elements like graphite and fiberglass. Fiberglass fishing rods are made to be tougher and more flexible compared to a graphite fishing rod that is lighter, easily damaged, more sensitive and stiffer.

One of the best and perfect fishing rods are the one’s you’re comfortable to use. And once the perfect material and style had been made with your fishing rods, you’ll be pretty sure to have the best experience on your fishing trip. Once you’ve chosen the material for your fishing rods and the perfect length to fish and battle your catch of the day, you can be sure that you, your family and friends can definitely enjoy. And since fishing is a good activity for any age and gender, the children will definitely love the fishing trip as well, once they have their own fishing rods to have fun and round with.

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