Lifetime 10 Foot Sport Fisher Tandem Kayak Reviews

 How do you usually spend your weekends? Well, the usual thing you do is to find ways and plan a fun activity or trip with the people really close to you. It really feels amazing to have a break after your work or on whatever things that keeps you busy during working days. You will feel a different level of happiness when you know you have finished something and achieve something in your line of work right? Well, now that you have finished your work, it is time to plan for a new adventure.

There are lots of great fishing waters out there waiting to be explored by you and your buddies. You could also relax and explore the clear, exciting waters through kayaking. Kayaking is not just a simple paddling on the waters. In kayaking, you could plan to have many other adventures with you like fishing or even rough river streaming. How could you do it? It’s just simple. Look for a reliable and exciting kayak like Lifetime Sports Fisher Kayak. A superb kayak for your fishing and paddling expedition!


Brief Overview

The kayak that you should use must be stable enough so that you could easily balance it. It must be of the right size and of great quality so that you could paddle gracefully on the waters. Don’t worry. Sports Fisher sit-on-top kayak is here to answer your demands. You and your friends will have the fun and the craziest adventure on the waters with this cool boat

The Sports Fisher sit-on-top kayak is really a perfect fishing boat that you could share with two of your other friends with you. It has amazing features that are easy to bring into play, easy to transfer and easy to hoard because it is made up of a high-quality material which is really fitted for fun water activities especially fishing. Its features are designed amazingly for fishing. In bonding with your friends as you fish and feast, this kayak is the best for you.

Highlights of Lifetime Sport Fisher 

Purposely built for fishing, this kayak offers you all the necessary features for fishing. It is made of durable and lightweight polyethylene plastic so that it could be easily transported on any fishing waters you love. This sit-on-top kayak is on its maximum stability to boost your fishing know-how. You and your friends would love fishing in this boat for it is made in a remarkable way wherein all of you could walk and stand in it because of its tunnel hull. It has paddle clips and cradles to shelter your paddles when you decide to stop for a while. This kayak has three fishing pole holders, a cup holder and foot wells for support when you catch delicious fishes.

It has a great storage area where you could keep some of your stuff if you want to have fishing until the night with two of your friends. Yes, you read it right! This kayak could carry three persons and can carry enough things for fun and fishing! Cool! Now, can you imagine how enjoyable it is on this boat? The kind of feeling where you won’t be off balanced on too much laughing when one of your friends caught a boot on his hook or the feeling of having a fishing showdown where you could brag about the big fish that you caught is just wonderful!

It also gives you more than enough space to stretch and relax your feet as you wait for your rod to move and curve a bit. You could also lean your back on its padded seats as you drink coffee for a while. It could still maintain stability in your ride. Surely, no other kayaks could offer these incredible features that are great for fishing and relaxing.

Features of Sports Fisher Kayak

As what its name implies, Sports Fisher Kayak is engineered specially for fishing buddies out there. These features are perfect for fishing.

  • Blow molded from High-Density Polyethylene for superior strength and durability
  • Padded seats
  • Designed to seat up to 3 people; 500 lb. weight capacity
  • Hull design provides ultra-stability and great tracking
  • Multiple footrest positions for different size riders
  • 2 padded backrests
  • fishing pole holders,
  • 6″ storage hatch for added convenience
  • Cup holder
  • Scupper plugs
  • Paddle clips and cradles
  • Front cargo area with shock cord straps

The Sports Fisher Kayak is molded from high-density polyethylene for superior strength and durability for a lifetime use. You would never get tired of fishing with this boat. It is purposely made for three persons in order to more heighten the fun of fishing. Their back rests are padded for your comfort as you wait for a catch. As you go on fishing, this boat allows you to stand as you excitedly pull the fish on the hook for it has tunnel hull.

You will not worry about adjusting your feet for it has multiple foot rest positions for different size riders. This is how convenient and comfortable it is. You will not worry about dropping your fish pole for it has also fish pole holders for your poles security. You can stack your foods, water and your buddies’ things conveniently on its 6” storage hatch.

A cup holder is also made for a more relaxed ride as you take a sip of the tea or coffee. Having this feature will make you feel as if you are just at home while your eyes enjoy the view of the surroundings. To maintain the dryness of the boat, there are also scupper plugs to drain the water that might enter the boat. You can stop and place your paddle on the paddle clips and cradles as you go fishing. You will not worry about where you should place your paddles for it will be on safety.

Wow, what else could you ask for? This boat really rocks! It is a fun and a sporty way of fishing on the bays, rivers or lakes. All its features are useful for your fishing expedition with your friends or family.

Specifications / Sizes / Product Details

One of the most important things in choosing the best kayak for your fishing is to know the kayaks specifications. Why? The simple reason is that you will not regret the kayak that you’ve chosen. So, for you not to regret, you should choose the Sports Fisher Kayak. It is made especially for fishing and other fun activities on waters! Here are the details of Sports Fisher Kayak.


Included Components:                 rudder

Item Dimensions:                          19 x 36 x 120 inches

Item Display Weight:                    65 pounds

Material Type:                                Hard Shell

Seat Material Type:                        plastic

Shipping Weight:                           82 pounds

Seat Material Type:                        plastic

Shipping Weight:                           82 pounds

Size:                                                  10-Feet

Sports Type:                                      Kayaking

Weight Capacity Maximum:        500 pounds


With, Sports Fishing Kayak, you have nothing to be feared in your fishing. Everything you need is already in this cool boat. It has a dimension perfect for three persons together with the things that you and your friends would store in it.

It is made of a very durable, hard shell, plastic material fitted for water sports. It is really ready for flat water and rough water conditions as you go fishing on your favorite fishing place. You could stand and move around your boat because it is very stable. Its seat is also made of a durable plastic material and it is very comfortable to sit in it.

Don’t worry about overloading. This boat has a maximum weight capacity of 500 pounds which is very convenient for three people who want to join your fishing party.


If you want to have a fun fishing under the sun and above the waters, you don’t need to look anywhere else and try inconvenient boats for your weekend escapade. Sports Fishing Kayak is just the right boat for you. It is perfect for your fishing!

It is made of a very durable plastic material so that it could last for a long time. You will have your fun and exciting weekends on waters with your friends. You can bring a cup with coffee, tea or any other drinks for it has a cup holder for a relaxing moment as you feel the breeze kissing your skin. With its tunnel hull, you and your buddies could stand and search for the perfect water spot for your fishing.

Don’t worry about a painful back on fishing. It has padded seats for our comfort and easy movement. How great is it! No back pains. It is really age-friendly! Even those who are not so young could also have this. Also for your comfort, it has multiple footrest positions for different size riders. Adjusting your feet would really be this easy and fun!

For the Sports Fishing Kayak is specially made for fishing, its features offer fishing pole holders. So, if you and your friends decided to stop for a while and have coffee or chit-chat about other things, you will not worry about your fishing poles. This boat is really cool!

It has 6” storage hatch for your fishing gears and other things you need. Also, you will have space for that big fish you caught. On the other hand, it has also paddle clips and cradles if you already found an ideal fishing spot and start fishing with your fishing buddies. Water intrusion is not a problem. Scupper plugs could drain the unwanted water automatically.

What else do you need for fishing? This Sports Fisher Kayak is just a perfect fishing boat for you and your buddies! It is affordable and could last a lifetime. No need to spend lots of money for expensive weekend activities. Fishing with this kayak is the best activity for you. Now go and purchase this cool boat with your friends. Can you imagine the fun this boat could give you? How many fishes you think you could catch on the weekend with this boat?

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