Jackson Kayak Big Tuna Review - One of the most trusted kayaks for fishing

Jackson Kayak Big Tuna Review - One of the most trusted kayaks for fishing

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Have you been planning for a summer getaway with family, friends, and loved ones? Are you tired of the usual beach outing and Sunday picnic at the park? Well, maybe it’s about time for you to shift to Kayak Fishing – a great way not just to enjoy the waves of water but also the best way to relax your mind and stay healthy under the scourging heat of the sun!

Due to the increasing kayak demand, various kayak types and styles are circulating. They are definitely in tough competition to offer the public its great deals. One of the most trusted kayaks for fishing is the Big Tuna Kayak – one of Jackson Kayak’s most reliable kayaks of all time!

Overview of Big Tuna Kayak

Big Tuna Kayak is considered one of the high-quality kayaks of Jackson Kayak. You can set up the said kayak for solo or tandem kayaking. It provides several seating positions, from the traditional tandem positions to various positions intended for going solo, perfect for all your fishing activities.

The kayak is more attractive due to its unique features that many kayaking and fishing enthusiasts enjoy. Big Tuna is sturdy enough to face any water. This is why people who fish a lot prefer to use this type of kayak than standard types.

The name shows that the kayak is relevant for all your fishing activities. Its stability and efficiency are probably two of the unbelievable qualities you will enjoy once you plan to use it.

Highlights of Big Tuna Kayak

Big Tuna Kayak is a “must-use” kayak of Jackson Kayaks with all its fun features!

Sometimes you feel like kayaking all alone and enjoying the open waters all by yourself. But there are also moments when you want to spend the whole kayaking activity with good food and company. That’s why Big Tuna Kayak was designed all good for you and your mates! One of the best parts of this kayak is its Facetime seating position. Front and rear paddlers can now face each other while paddling – a perfect date idea for lovers!

Big Tuna’s hull design is also the kayak’s edge from any other kayak. Its broad base is the reason why it can accommodate a more considerable amount of paddlers. It may sound surprising to others, but it is a fact! It is a very manipulative kayak due to its enough rocker that enables the paddler to turn quickly. User-friendly indeed!

The kayak also has a built-in bait livewell which is very significant to your fishing activities. You can now catch more fish in a more accessible and more convenient way!

Big Tuna Kayaks are also remarkable because of their speed. The kayak can track at unbelievable speed without compromising its paddlers’ safety and security.

This kayak has the guts and the glory and has proven its worth for quite a long time!

Jackson Kayak Big Tuna

Big Tuna Kayak Features

Aside from all those great things that the consumers can enjoy from the kayak, Big Tuna still has much more to offer for all kayaking enthusiasts. Some other features of the kayak are the following:

Rod Tip Protector

You can now prevent your rod tips from getting snagged and broken. The rod tip protector enables you to store your rods when not used or if you paddle in rough water situations. When your rod tips are protected, your kayak, in general, is protected as well.

Tackle Management and Plano Boxes

This feature makes your tackle boxes easily reachable and your decks free from clutter since there are fixed areas beside and under the seat. The kayak will be more efficient because of this feature.

32 oz. Nalgene / Central Beverage Holder

Big Tuna Kayaks are provided with USA-made 32-ounce wide-mouth Nalgene water bottles. This facility will give more pleasure to its paddlers, not just give the satisfaction of a kayak activity and the chance to enjoy the action without the threat of dehydration. The water bottle also comes with a Jackson Kayak logo.

Ram and Go Pro Inserts

These kayaks also have designed inserts for Go Pro and Ram mounts. Coming up with footage or a clip of your kayak adventure is now better and more accessible because of this specific feature. The kayak has provided its paddlers ample convenience by adding a GoPro mount, one Ram 2007 rod holder, and one Ram Tube Jr.

Elite Seat 2.0

You might fall in love with this feature of Big Tuna Kayak! Giving you a way more comfortable feeling, the all-new seat 2.0 is what will make your kayak adventure more thrilling and exciting! Patterned from its previous look, a new improvement of the kayak’s seat includes a 3D fabric mesh, adding a more modern vibe to your trip.

Drag Chain Chute

This one goes to all who are struggling and putting so much effort into catching a fish while kayaking. All your worries are about to end, for Big Tuna Kayak has this Drag Chain Chute feature. This allows your drag chain to run down to your kayak, slowing your movement and still fish in moving water.

Hull Storage

This kayak also has ample space to safely store all your kayaking needs. It is a great tool when packing many necessary things for an enticing paddling experience.

Heavy Duty Seat Attachment Buckle

You will feel a lot more connected to your kayak because of this particular feature. Seats are attached durably and way sturdier than before, ensuring your safety while enjoying the thrilling adventure.

Rudder Ready

Installation of the rudder is a lot easier and faster due to its pre-rigged feature.

Paddle Holders/Stagers

This specific feature allows you and your kayak to connect well while on board. Stowing your paddle is more accessible and better if you are about to try a perfect cast.

Day Hatch

Isn’t it more fun to go kayaking with some good food? This feature will help you enjoy the activity without worrying about where to store the snacks or foods you brought. A day hatch is an excellent tool for keeping and storing all your kayaking essentials. Aside from your food, it can also hold your extra clothes, wallet, and phone. Great deal for those who want to enjoy modern and updated kayaking!

Stand-assist Trap

Big Tuna is also provided with a handy strap that allows easier stand & sits movement while in the kayak.

Other notable features of Big Tuna Kayak are the optional closable side pockets that provide more storage options. The removable skid plate protects the wear area of the kayak. The adjustable footpegs allow paddlers of all sizes to manipulate the kayak. The ergonomic handles have grip-textured inserts that provide users a more effortless handling experience even when wet. The fish grips are excellent for landing and handling a fish in the kayak. The line cutters are the perfect tool for faster and better cutting of mono-filament and braided fishing lines—lastly, the water-resistant seatback pouch.

These and more are certainly why Big Tuna Kayak is one of the best-performing kayaks of Jackson Kayaks. People from all walks of life and sizes can’t hide the excitement and satisfaction they feel every time they paddle the kayak!


Product Details and Specifications

Big Tuna Kayak is one of the front runners for providing its customers the best kayak experience they could ever wish for. But aside from its unique and amazing features, this kayak stands out among the rest because of its concise yet relevant details and specifications. The kayak has brief but informative information and specifications that make it more exciting and trigger its target market’s enthusiasm.

As mentioned earlier, one of the fantastic features of the kayak is its ability to carry more than one paddler simultaneously. Its total weight is 92 lbs. with a full capacity of 500, allowing the kayak to accommodate a paddler’s maximum weight of 50 to 325 lbs.

The kayak is 14 feet & 2 inches long, 35 inches wide, and 16 inches high, making it one of the most efficient kayaks of Jackson. It is also provided with two seats that allow the Facetime seating position to occur.

The said kayak is also made up of some of the most reliable materials perfect for making one. The primary material used in the manufacture of the kayak is linear poly. Its hull is a 2012-model that also provides an up-to-date kayak facility.

It has an oval rear hatch with a 16.25” X 11.375” dimension. The kayak is also oozing with a modern vibe in it with the help of its Elite Seat 2.0 and a rudder, a Smart Track-type.

With all these specs and details pointed out and described, there is no doubt that Big Tuna Kayak can deliver its customers something great and excellent. You can avail this great equipment at the right amount of money for an overloaded amount of experience!

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Kayaking is one of the significant activities you can enjoy anytime this summer. Once you are equipped and skilled enough with the different styles and ways, you will have much fun with this experience. But of course, you will forfeit the chance of having more fun once you invest in a low-key kayak. So you better have with you Jackson Kayak’s Big Tuna Kayak.

Aside from its top-rated features and highlights, the kayak is considered the best-performing kayak in town. It is a once-in-a-lifetime type of kayak that provides an A+ kayak experience.

The kayak is not only good for your memorable kayak adventure to take this summer, but it is ideal for all your fishing activities. The name provides an idea of what mainly the kayak is made for.

So why will you choose any other type of kayak when Big Tuna kayak is here to give you the best? You seldom see something like this kayak that offers you great deals due to its features and provides you with a fantastic yet safe kayak experience.

Grab a Big Tuna Kayak now! Who knows? This summer might be the best, with a bit of kayak activity using Big Tuna!

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