Perception Sport Pescador Pro 12.0 Angler Kayak Review

The most crucial part of going on a fishing trip is not having a reliable fishing kayak to bring around. This is important because no one wants to be in the water when the original plan was just to go fishing.

Fishing kayaks are actually really good pieces, as they tend to be more versatile when in water. Aside from using it as a fishing boat, anyone can use it as a paddling boat and some others can be used for motor boating. The fact that fishing boats have been in the public’s view makes it a top choice to use even for plain paddling in the water.

The dominance of fishing kayaks has been present ever since and it has a way of providing comfort and durability unlike any boat out there. Recent upgrades have been applied to these pieces, and ever since, they have been constantly upgrading with more functions that are not just useful but are also less overwhelming.

When it comes to fishing kayaks, there are plenty to choose from. However, there is one particular model that experts had to point out because of its might and style. The Perception Sport Pescador Pro 12.0 Kayak was released back in 2012, and it still has the impressive edge in performance. Let us talk about it in detail.

Features and Highlights

The Perception Sport Pescador Pro 12 Kayak is designed to be friendlier to any angler skill level. It has a center console for fishing gears, surrounded in a polyethylene plastic hull that offers abrasion, UV ray and impact resistance for maximum stability. The entire boat is coated in a special plastic technology that made the boat durable unlike any other.

A stadium-style seat is installed, removable and adjustable to conform to the rider’s preference and comfort. The boat is also provided with multiple storage options for tackle boxes, rods and paddles and fishing gears that anyone would like to bring on the trip.

The piece is made in the United States, meaning, an assurance of quality and durability is possessed by this mighty boat. The entire boat is built with varying thickness that adds strength when needed without additional weight to carry.

The stern has a 5-inch deck plate that provides additional protection to the boat’s surface, hyping up the already assured protection. A hollow inside structure completes the product’s durability.

Ease of access is guaranteed, as molded-in holders for fishing rods are installed. This makes sure that one can achieve hands-free fishing while enjoying a sip of chardonnay. A bow tank well can be found in the boat’s surface, completed with a mesh cover for additional storage of refreshments. Bungee cords can be found in the rear tank well to properly secure the boat in a moor or a pier.

For convenient storage of gears and other equipment, a recessed tackle-box area and an accessory track system is also installed. Carry handles are also installed in a molded-in structure, strategically placed in the sides of the boat, for easy launching, docking and carrying of the boat.

Molded-in cup holders are also present, to keep cans and cups in a secure, tight space while hauling in your catch!

Comfort is not a question on this model. Aside from the adjustable seat, it also has a keeper’s foot brace system that promotes good circulation to the toes to promote comfort while in prolonged seating at the bay. In addition to, it has paddle parks installed within the walls of the boat, to keep and de-clutter your paddles.

The product is also economically friendly, as it is made of easy repairable, easy recyclable and produced with less waste. It does not only perform, but it also did not compromise the planet by giving off too much chemicals while being made. 

Specifications, Size, and Other Product Details

The product stands at a height of 12 feet. The single-passenger boat will not give stress to the user, as it weighs only 64 pounds of plastic. The weight is not a problem, considering that the dimensions of this boat are 14.5 inches in height from the ground, and 32.5 inches wide. Given the molded-in handles, easy loading and unloading will happen from car to water and vice versa.

The manufacturer offers a 3-Year Limited Warranty if repair for general parts are needed. For specific parts, the warranty is closed to 1 year. The boat is definitely considered durable, as it can carry a maximum load of up to 375 pounds. You can carry almost any gear and gadget while on a fishing trip!

The kayak comes in 4 color variations – Sunset, Moss Camo, Sea Spray and Red Tiger Camo. The color palette that was chosen for the piece is relatively fitting to the boat’s outstanding performance. One can go from cool blue to a fierce red, depending on his taste.

Pescador Pro 12

Product Reviews from Satisfied Customers

Normally, a lot of reviews are put into this section, but one has submitted a with all the mighty parts and accessories of the Pescador Pro 12 Kayak changed the game in fishing for him.

“This is a rebadged 2008 Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120 at half price!”

“This kayak is by far the best deal on a high end kayak out there today…it’s one of the few kayaks out there that is at a price point that let’s starter’s and people on a budget get into the sport but at the same time is such a high quality and nice yak that you don’t really ever need to upgrade from it In the kayak market it’s almost always an all or nothing type of deal… either pay a grand or close to it (sometimes much more) to get a nice kayak that gives a person high quality and lots of versatility or you can go the cheaper route that gets you on the water in a hurry but usually with the cheaper kayaks the build quality suffers and they usually under performance which in turn makes you want to upgrade making you wish you spent the extra bit the first time around.

With the Pescador it’s unique in that it puts you in the high end side in the kayak world without the price.

The best thing about this kayak is that it is actually a re-named 2008 Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120 with a different label and actually built by the same company as the Tarpon 120. I fell in Love with the Tarpon 120 back in 2008 when I first paddled one but was bummed out because I the price tag on those boats were between $900 and $1000 and I could not afford one. I was so happy to find out the Pescador is an exact copy of my favorite boat and I bought two; one for me and one for my wife and ended up selling the two kayaks we already had (Big Kahuna Ocean Kayak and a Heritage Redfish 12′)

Some of you by now are probably wondering “how could this be a renamed tarpon 120” and I will tell you this is because Wilderness systems/Perception are owned by the same company which is confluence watersports…in 2009 Wilderness systems made a few small changes to the Tarpon 120 (some of the changes were good and some were not) and instead of throwing away the mold for the old Tarpon 120 they re used it with the Perception brand calling it the “Pescador” and are selling it for almost half the price as the Tarpon 120.

I hope you all can have the opportunity to purchase this great yak as word has it that it will be taken off the market to satisfy kayak specialty stores who have been upset for loosing sales of there much more expensive Tarpon 120’s they are trying to sell because of the Pescador. Tight lines everyone!”


That being said, with all the mighty parts and accessories of the Pescador Pro 12 Kayak, a manufacturer warranty and the reviews like above submitted, who will say that this piece is not the boat to pick up next?

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