The Ocean Kayak Torque Motorized Fishing Kayak Review

The Ocean Kayak Torque Motorized Fishing Kayak Review

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Kayaking has been a trend for most people nowadays. Usually, kayaks are used for recreational activities like fishing. When using a kayak, you must prepare your body to use a paddle for the kayak to move, so people consider kayaking a form of exercise. Now, what about for those who are not that young anymore, and paddling for hours is not that easy even if it exercises the body? Well, the Ocean kayak torque motorized fishing kayak is the answer.

The Ocean Kayak Torque Motorized Fishing Kayak is built especially for an easy way of fishing. Of course, paddling is fun, but also, you have to expect that it will be tiring for the body. Now, with Ocean kayak torque, you can rest your body as you search for an excellent fishing spot, for it is a motorized fishing kayak. So, if you decide to stop paddling, you will not be staying in the place, and you can sit back and have fun for the ride.

With its Minn Kota motor design and Maximizer technology, you can control the kayak using your fingers as you sit and feel the gentle wind on your cheeks. Don’t worry if you want to switch to paddling again. You can easily remove the motor and pick up your paddle. How exciting it is to have the torque with you!

Its features are the stuff you need in your fishing voyage! Its fishing pod has seven portals, two flush-mount holders, a large bow hatch, a large tank well, and paddle keepers who are great for your fishing journey either on a bay, river, or lake. With its paddle and motor features, this kayak can compete with any fishing boat on your favorite fishing area, making fishing fun and easy.

How is it possible to have a motorized kayak? Is this kayak efficient for fishing? Of course, it is! It has an extra-large rudder engineered for easy steering when the motor is in use, and don’t worry about the weeds, for it has weedless wedge support to have weed-free cruising and fishing on waters.


The Ocean Kayak Torque Motorized Fishing Kayak is the best for it has irresistible features that you want to have. It can compete with any other fishing boats, for it is designed based on the Trident 13 model, which has a plug-and-play Minn Kota trolling motor, which indicates different speeds that it can bring into your kayak. You can conveniently maneuver the kayak and control its speed with just your fingers moving. How incredible this fishing kayak is!

Aside from its great technology, it has a comfortable sit-on-top seat which is best fitted for your fishing activity. As you must know, sit-on-tops are great and recommended for fishing kayaks because it is easy for the paddler to paddle. Sit on top give you the ability to move your body without any problem. If you think that having a motorized kayak would be inconvenient when you decide to paddle again, don’t worry, for you can quickly shift from paddling to motor control and vice versa without so much effort.

How could this fishing kayak be best compared to other fishing boats? The Torque has fishing features that you could have on a big fishing boat. The fishing pod has two flush-mount holders, a large bow hatch, a large tank well, and paddle keepers. All you have to prepare for your fishing journey is maybe fish foods and all the stuff you need in your fishing adventure!

You have whatever you need in a fishing boat here on the Torque fishing kayak. Be prepared for a fun fishing voyage while you can both exercise and relax in your kayak! You can even go to some areas where other fishing boats have difficulty entering. All you need to do is to control, and then you are good.


Each kayak has its unique features, which are different from others. Also, each has similarities. So, what makes the Ocean Kayak Torque Motorized Fishing Kayak different and best among all the other fishing kayaks?

Check out its features for you to find out.

      • Extra-large rudder designed to optimize steering when the motor is in use and weedless wedge prop for weed-free cruising
      • Durable Minn Kota saltwater trolling motor with 100% sealed connections and infinitely variable speed control.
      • Comfort Hybrid seat, ModPod Center Console,
      • Two flush-mounted rod holders, paddle keepers
      • Bow hatch
      • Features the Support Track foot brace system
      • Battery not included-Use sealed lead acid or absorbed glass mat battery Group 24 size or smaller
      • Sit on Top

The Ocean Kayak Torque Motorized Kayak is different compared to any other kayak out there. The best thing about it is that you will have time to enjoy the scenery as you look for an excellent fishing spot because of its plug-and-play Minn Kota trolling motor based on the Trident 13 model. So, if you are tired of paddling, you can switch into control and let the engine take you away while you sit back and enjoy.

If you wonder how this is possible, the Ocean Torque has an extra-large rudder to optimize steering when the motor is in motion. With your fingertips, you can accelerate the speed and maneuver the kayak wherever you want to fish. On the other hand, if you decide to exercise, you can remove the motor and break through the waters with your paddles. This kayak is convenient for fishing adventures.

It is a fishing kayak, and it also offers fishing features like the fishing pod, two flush-mount holders, a large bow hatch, a large tank well, and paddle keepers. The fishing pod amazingly has seven portals for your rod holders. So, are you still going to go out fishing on your heavy boat or switch to this excellent motorized fishing kayak?

In your sit-on-top seat, you can easily steer your kayak using paddles or a motor. It is undoubtedly easy to paddle on sit on top rather than sit inside, for it gives you room to move your arms better. Also, you can control it with your hands alone about the motor. With its incredible support track foot brace system, you can also adjust your foot for comfort.

With the motor at hand, you can easily direct your kayak to your private fishing destination or compete with other fishing boats in the area where fishes commonly swim. And so, if it is comfort and convenience you want while you fish and relax, you can have it with the Ocean Torque kayak. This is the best fishing kayak if you’re going to fish and have some time with yourself!

The Ocean Kayak Torque Motorized Fishing Kayak

Specifications / Sizes / Product Details:

Aside from the Ocean Torque’s features, it also has excellent specifications suitable for your fishing expedition. This fishing kayak allows you to have time for yourself and takes you away from the stressful environment or work.

Have a look at its specifications:

Length: 13 ft 10 in / 4.22 m
Width: 29 in / 73.66 cm
Ocean Kayak Scupper Plug Size: 2 Small / 2 Medium
Weight: 86 lb / 39.01 kg
Capacity: 400 lb / 181.44 kg
Leg Room To Peg: 45
Leg Room Total: 47
Number of Paddlers: 1 – Single/Solo
Type of Kayak: Sit on Top
Hatches Incl: 2
Rod Holders Included: 2
Material: Polyethylene

Its width, which is 29 inches, is very proportional and also suitable for its length. You would surely be high above the water, and you could easily search for fishing areas as you paddle quickly or control the motor without so much of a fuss. This is a convenient width to paddle or steers the kayak in different directions and destinations. The Ocean Torque has a length of 13 feet and 10 inches or 4.22 meters, which are suitable for fishing, especially when the kayak has a motor. It could easily be steered on waters both with a paddle or a motor in this kind of length. One person could easily maneuver this kayak and direct it into fishing spots.

Its weight, which is 86 pounds, is also perfect for its length and width. A single paddler could easily maneuver the torque with this weight. The motor in the kayak can be easily managed in this kind of kayak. This is an excellent boat for a single person who wants to go fishing on waters.

It also has a maximum capacity of 400 pounds which is enough to carry a single kayaker and some of his or her stuff and fishing gears into the boat. Its capacity is proportional to its weight, so as long as you follow it, you can easily steer the boat wherever and whenever you want.

If you worry about the stability and durability of this kayak, then don’t bother. The Ocean Torque is made of polyethylene plastic tested and proven to be durable and stable, especially on waters. So, if you meet swells in the water, you have nothing to worry about. This kayak is perfect for your fishing journey.


To sum it all up, the Ocean Kayak Torque Motorized Fishing Kayak is the best! As its name implies, it has a plug and plays Minn Kota trolling motor based on the Trident 13 model. So, if you decide to sit for a while, you can control the motor with your fingertips. However, if you want to paddle, you can remove the motor and do some exercise! Its cool extra large rudder made it possible for the motor to operate efficiently.

Its features could compete with other fishing boats. The Ocean Torque has a fishing pod, two flush-mount holders, a large bow hatch, a large tank well, and paddle keepers, which make your boat like a fishing machine. The difference with it among other fishing boats is that it could be easily transported and easily access some narrow fishing areas where ordinary fishing boats cannot.

What else does this kayak have? It is a sit-on-top kayak recommended by experts to be great on fishing expeditions and paddling journeys. It gives the paddler ample space to move their arms and body as they paddle or relax on the kayak. Aside from it, you would surely be comfortable with its comfortable seat.

Usually, fishermen complain about handling motorboats because of the weeds that join the motor below. Well, don’t fret about Ocean Torque’s motor, for it has weedless wedge prop for a weedless fishing journey as you thrive into different fishing areas where there are common weeds. This also gives you convenient and relaxing fishing.

This kayak is wonderful! It has everything you need in it for fishing! All you have to do is bring some of your stuff in it, and you are ready to go and search for perfect fishing spots in your area. Also, Ocean Torque can be easily transferred compared to other fishing boats if you want to have wide coverage. With its amazing features, you will have fun fishing and relaxing on your favorite waters.

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