Hydro Glow 42W - 12V - 3.5A - 24" LED Fishing Light- HG500G Green

Hydro Glow

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42W - 12V - 3.5A - 24" LED Fishing Light- HG500G Green 

Hydro Glow Underwater LED Fishing Lights to give a very energy-effective light source for a 360-degree light pattern in the water. Each light rod is made of essentially rugged construction to address each issue. Take pleasure in the 80,000 LED average life rating as you bring down the green or blue poles into the water off your boat or under the ice to draw in fish. Hydro Glow Underwater LED Fishing Lights power string is built with a waterproof connector that effectively connects with an extra plug (not included) or to the included alligator clips that hook onto your current 12V battery power supply.
The 10-watt, 1-foot long light is great for ice fishing or shallow water fishing off kayaks and small boats—best for targeting speckled trout, reds, crappie, and shrimping. If you are searching for something more adaptable, the 20-watt, 2-foot long light targets both freshwater and saltwater fish. Use the 4-foot long light to target striped bass, walleye, and swordfish for deep-sea or deep lake fishing.


  • High-Quality Underwater Fishing Lights
  • Effectively Brings Bait Fish to Your Boat
  • Compact Design Fits Boat Compartments
  • Up to 4,000 Lumens, 80,000 LED Average Life Rating


Hydro Glow Fishing Light Rods can be used for ice, boat, kayak, shallow water or deep water fishing in freshwater or saltwater.