Hydro Glow 10W/4AA LED- WM10 Handheld Gigging Light

Hydro Glow

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10W/4AA LED- WM10 Handheld Gigging Light

Flounder gigging in the evening time no longer requires a costly generator to give sufficient lighting to find those exceptional flounders. With the advancement of highly effective and high output LEDs, it is not difficult to watch the shallow coastal lagoons and seashores in absolute quietness and enough light to do the work.
Standard installations consist of mounting different lights around the boat's bow, typically 4 to 8. Many "giggers' ' assemble a platform across the bow of the boat, making it easy to move around and locate the flounder in the shallows. With this arrangement, the battery can be set under the platform far removed. You can undoubtedly run 4 FL30 floodlights on a single battery with a decent quality marine battery for 6-8 hours.


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  • Hydro Glow WM10 10W/4AA LED Handheld Gigging Light