Motorguide Xi3-55FW 36" Kayak Motor - 12V - w/ Pinpoint GPS


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Xi3-55FW 36" Kayak Motor - 12V - w/ Pinpoint GPS  

The MotorGuide Xi3 Wireless Trolling Motor includes wireless remote control, enabling you to maneuver the motor from anywhere on the boat.

Wireless control is a standard component of this motor and not a costly extra like other motors in the market. You can fish anywhere on the boat using its useful handheld remote. Also, this bow mount trolling motor is quiet, simple to use, and receptive to aid you with making your most remarkable fishing progress each time you're out on the water.

The Xi3 highlights a user-friendly LED dashboard to look at the condition with key functions in any light conditions. The SecureStep system likewise makes stowing and deploying the Xi3 secure and straightforward. It just makes one stride on the release lever from a convenient standing position to set the motor free from a locked position and raise it to stow-and-go.

  • Wireless remote control
  • Has innovative mount features easy-to-read LED Dashboard 
  • Efficient motor 
  • Best-in-class quiet operation
  • With SecureStep system


Fishing with Xi3 is made easy and convenient. First off, it has wireless control out of the box, so there's no need for a costly extra. Furthermore, the SecureStep system makes stowing and deploying Xi3 50% more straightforward than others in the market. With the accessible Pinpoint® GPS module, Xi3 allows you to zero in on fishing while at the same time using GPS features like an anchor, heading lock, route record, and more. Likewise, you'll get a top-tier calm activity up to 40% calmer than the leading market.

  • Wireless Control: control in the palm of your hand. Intuitive remote-control steering is ready for use right out of the box. Also compatible with optional wireless foot pedals.
  • Easy Stow and Deploying: a large SecureStep lever allows fishers to quickly and easily stow and deploy, saving you time and energy as you bounce from spot to spot.
  • The Most Accurate GPS: Control in the palm of your hand. Optional Pinpoint® GPS is the easiest, most accurate way to drop an anchor.
  • Pinpoint GPS: focus on fishing while Pinpoint® GPS technology wirelessly Jogs, Anchors, Replays Routes, and more.
  • 40% Quieter: Easy to operate, convenient to use, and the quietest motor in its class.
  • 50% Less Effort: Anglers can quickly and easily stow and deploy, saving time and energy bouncing from spot to spot.
  • LED Dashboard: easily monitor functions – even in bright conditions – with four LED notifications showing Power, Propeller Activity, Pinpoint® GPS status, and Battery Life.
  • Available built-in 83/200 kHz sonar
  • Chartplotter Integration compatible
  • 3-blade machete propeller

Mounting Details: 

The motor is fastened directly to the boat's bow using the included mounting hardware and needs drilling into the boat for installation. If possible, it's ideal to approach the underside of the mounting platform to secure and attach the bolting hardware. Nonetheless, if getting to the underside is unimaginable, you can use no access bolts to get the motor from the top.

Wiring Details:

Xi3 55 can be wired directly to the batteries and can likewise be used to plug and repository for a cleaner, more professional installation that is not difficult to remove. To keep your motor from harm, a circuit breaker is likewise suggested however isn't needed for installation.

Motor Run Time:

Important Note: As you probably won't be running your trolling motor unendingly, the accurate measurement of on-the-water time a motor should permit will be considerably longer than the times recorded. Actual motor run time can fluctuate depending upon conditions (winds, waves, and so forth) and the sort of battery used. Recorded below are run-time calculations assuming a 100 amp-hour rated battery. 

  • 20 Hours: At slow, trolling speeds that draw five amps or less
  • 4.8 Hours: Approx. run time with throttle 50% open
  • 2.4 Hours: Approx. run time with the motor at max speed

Recommended For: 

There are small to medium-sized freshwater v-hull, pontoon, Jon, and general fishing boats up to 21'. The 55 lbs thrust motor is appropriate for boats weighing 2,750 lbs.

    Compatible with the following kayak models and more:

    • Nucanoe - Frontier 12
    • Nucanoe - Pursuit
    • Nucanoe - F10
    • Hobie - Pro Angler 17T
    • Bonafide - SS127
    • Jackson - Big Rig
    • Bluesky Boatworks - 360 Angler
    • Bluesky Boatworks - 360 Pro


      • Boat Type: Kayak
      • Control Method: Hand
      • Max Thrust: 55 LB
      • Product Type: Bow Mount
      • Shaft Length: 36"
      • Steering: Electric Steer
      • Volts: 12
      • Water Type: Freshwater

      Brochure (pdf)