Fishing in Beaufort, SC - Wonderland that every family delights

Fishing in Beaufort, SC - Wonderland that every family delights

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Planning your next adventure while securing your tackle box first hand and going to South Carolina is something! It would help if you were well-informed about how rich the waters are in this state. And that deep sea fishing action is a serious matter here. Along with the shorelines of subtropical beaches and low-lying sea islands, this is every angler’s satisfying preference.

With over 3,000 miles of tidal shoreline, there are a couple of fishing spots to go deep-sea fishing in the state. But most anglers would pick one of the fundamental waterfront territories that screams spectacular fishing!

Nestled towards the southern end of South Carolina’s Atlantic coastline and surrounded by bodies of water, Beaufort is a certified perfect spot for fishing. Not just for die-hard anglers but for anyone who can maneuver their rod and line. Regardless of whether you’re searching for a peaceful day fishing off a local pier, casting for Redfish in the flat marshes, or going offshore to reel in the huge one, there’s no lack of spots to place your line in the water. To add a cherry on top, Beaufort is at the Top 20 Fishing Towns in America by the Field and Stream magazine.

To cut all your curiosities in this reputable town, read on! You will not only indulge with satisfactory reasons why it can be at your A-list spot of fishing, but it is a wonderland that every family indeed delights.

Fish to Catch in Beaufort

Fishing in Beaufort is popular year-round. You will discover many types of fish in the local waters. These fishy catches are waiting to bite your bait. Please get to know them more here.


Beaufort means Redfish, well, to anglers. Redfish (otherwise called spot tail bass, red drum, and different names) caught inshore around Beaufort all year. Redfish specifically is one of the local’s top choices. Getting these local inshore fish is a massive load of fun, and you needn’t bother with an enormous load of stuff to get them. All you need is a touch of time, a casting rod, bait, and some great shoes.

Look for movement in the water and “tailing,” as Redfish eat on tiny fiddler crabs for lunch. Cast a line with a fiddler, and it might simply turn out to be your lunch!


Seatrout also called speckled seatrout, winter trout, and more is also one of the tops in inshore game fish.

It is equipped with a set of fangs, a strong appetite, and an unstable strike. Regularly attacking prey their size, the strike of the seatrout is challenging to beat.

This sleek and silvery color is covered with spots that feed throughout summer on the ample prey. However, they are challenging to locate since they don’t like hot weather and stow away in deeper water during the day. Thus, winter is their fave; after high tide, it is prime time to catch speckled trout in November, a peak month for trout fishing.

Black Drum

They are considered as angler’s bonus fish in Beaufort. The drummer can be found inshore most of the year. But in late winter, older fish head offshore to spawn.

Drum more than 100 pounds have been snagged. Specimens weighing 30 to 50 pounds are not uncommon in numerous areas. Striped juveniles often weigh 1-15 pounds. The world record is 113 pounds.


Same as the drum, Sheepshead is caught inshore all year round. It may be a challenging fish to catch, but it is worth fighting along the concrete walls of Parris Island.

For the best location to spot this spiny fish, the Port Royal boat landed and hit indented trees along the banks. The White Hall boat landing gives simple access to various solid barriers and walls made of enormous boulders. These are prime spots for barnacles to connect themselves to, keeping Sheepshead intrigued.

And Many More Species!

Likewise, there is a treasure of basically migratory species that typically appear in the hotter months (a general classification in South Carolina) and leave when temperatures cool down. These incorporate croaker, pompano, spot, whiting, flounder, tripletail bluefish, weakfish, tarpon, cobia, spadefish, sharks, Spanish mackerel, king mackerel, etc.

Bottom species, like black sea bass, triggerfish, porgies, and different types of snapper and grouper, can generally be found off the coast at different depths. At the same time, dolphins, tuna, and even marlin are seasonal offshore species.

Wahoo can, for the most part, caught all year in the Gulf Stream off South Carolina. Note that species can occasionally come to South Carolina through north or south migration along the Atlantic coast or sometimes draw nearer to the beach and further away using east or west migration, just as a mix of the two. Besides the spawning behavior and water temperature preference, a portion of these migrations are driven in any event to some extent by lure accessibility, including shrimp, mullet, menhaden, and more.

Where to Fish in Beaufort

Beaufort is not one of the top fishing destinations in the country for nothing. The reputation it carries on its belt won’t disappoint. With over 234,000 acres of open water, sounds, marshes, and estuaries, you can’t get enough of getting a fishing spot from point to point.

But you wouldn’t end up scratching your head because of too many options. Narrowed down here below the best spot for your best catch. Your tackle box for this South Carolina trip must be all drawn up!

Hunting Island State Park

Hunting Island State Park is a paradise for both anglers and outdoor enthusiasts. Also, it’s likewise South Carolina’s most famous state park and a barrier island.

Regardless of whether you choose to cast your line from the seashore or in Johnson Creek, you’ll make sure to explore an incredible fishing spot that accommodates your needs and wants. With miles of stunning public beach, nature center, and a clean well maintained cap ground is as well given.

Broad River Fishing Pier

This angling haven is the only fishing pier in Beaufort. Thus, it is a must to add to your excursions.

The Broad River Fishing Pier has been reconstructed to give several amenities for anglers, including public restrooms, lighting after dark, parking, and more.

The pier was constructed when the new Broad River Bridge was completed. They remained part of the old bridge untouched for folks to enjoy casting their line into the Broad River.

Henry C. Chambers Waterfront Park

There could be no more best spot to loosen up with a casting rod and appreciate a South Carolina dawn than Henry C. Chambers Waterfront Park. This recreational area is found right on the marina. It highlights perfectly manicured gardens, a theater, a playground, waterfront dining places, and a walking path with a view of the breathtaking waters.

This is a highly frequented spot for trout fishing in Beaufort, SC, and gives a lot of approaches to everybody in the family to get out and appreciate nature.

Other Local Fishing Spots

Lady’s Island

Lady’s Island is just across the Beaufort bridge. Numerous locals reside on Lady’s Island, given its closeness to downtown Beaufort without living in the city.

Dataw Island

Dataw Island is a private local area that Alcoa created in the ’80s and ’90s. The Island has two massive gold courses. The Island’s local area is remote, peaceful, and somewhat farther from the city.

Harbor Island

Harbor Island is a private local area that lies close to Hunting Island. Like Hunting Island, it also is a barrier island. Harbor is a mainstream vacation destination throughout the summer and spring.

Fripp Island

Fripp Island is the last barrier on the other side of Hunting Island. It is a private local area that is a summer and spring vacation destination.

Paris Island MCRD

The Paris Island is at Port Royal Landing Marina. Paris Island, “PI” is a hiring depot and training facility for the United States Marine Corps.

Best Season to Fish in Beaufort

Fishing is year-round in Beaufort. The estuary is loaded with mullet and shrimp and the fish are feeding up to the cold climate. Redfish, trout, and flounder are some of the targets, with the most significant number of days coming in October, November, and early December.

License and Regulations

If it’s not too much trouble, remember that a permit is needed for all fishing types in South Carolina!

Although, it is straightforward to buy your South Carolina fishing permit online! Licenses are given each month and expire one year or three years from the date of purchase.

Additionally, make sure to familiarize yourself with the state’s fishing rules and guidelines before casting the line in the pristine waters.

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