You Can't Get Enough Fishing in Duluth, MN

You Can't Get Enough Fishing in Duluth, MN

With a population of approximately 86,110, Duluth goes about as a major port city in Minnesota and the main town of Saint Louis County. Thus, this implies an abundance of water, so happy anglers.

Situated in the north and at the westernmost side of the Great Lakes, Duluth is the second biggest city located on the shores of Lake Superior.

As per Duluth’s Official Travel Guide, Duluth welcomes more than 3.5 million tourists each year. Fishing is not just a travel industry staple in Duluth yet is additionally a vital component of local livelihood. All year, many casting rods are shifted over Duluth’s streams rich in Salmon and Trout.

Fish Species to Catch in Duluth

Fishing in Duluth is likely the best experience with the entire state. Access to a wide array of waters, exceptional wildlife with over 80 fish species is incredibly a heaven for hardcore anglers!

Listed here below are the sought-after fish, so you can, without much of a stretch, sort out what fish to catch.


Duluth is nestled right on the shore of Lake Superior, the biggest freshwater lake on the planet. This implies something – bunches of Salmon! In the Minnesota waters of the lake, there are Coho, Chinook, and Pink Salmon. Head out to the more deep waters throughout the summer months when they look for colder temperatures and do some Salmon trolling.

In case you’re hoping to fish from shore, your smartest choice is to visit in the fall when Salmon head up to the streams to spawn. Anglers are relied upon to take around 40,000 salmon from Great Lakes. About 33% of these will be caught by anglers fishing from charter boats.


For a good reason, walleye is Minnesota’s state fish. They grow big, fight hard in the lakes, and sincerely taste good!

The St. Louis River Mouth is known for its bountiful Walleye population. They will hang around during spring and fall. This is the point at which you can throw a line anyplace in the stream and hope to reel into this aggressive species!

Throughout the summer, they head out into the waters of Lake Superior, so you can use this opportunity to do some trolling. Furthermore, if you’re up for a colder time of year experience, they’ll be sticking around the shallow Saint Louis Bay and Superior Bay. At whatever point you choose to go Walleye fishing, you’ll receive a decent battle in return and a surprisingly better meal.

Northern Pike

If bigger fish is your game, then this is your spot here. Northern Pike can reach some great sizes, with specimens more than 30 pounds getting increasingly more typical nearby.

You can search for them in the smaller lakes around Duluth, just as in Lake Superior. Lake weed beds and waterway shorelines are particularly bountiful, so visit some Lake Superior feeders for the best activity.


Similarly, as with Salmon, there’s an assortment of Trout species that dwell in the waters around Duluth. Lake Trout is perhaps the most notable species in the Great Lakes, and Lake Superior is famous for its Lake Trout fishing. These hunters will set up a significant fight, and you’ll have a great time. Different types of Trout that occupy Lake Superior are Brown, Brook, and Rainbow Trout.


As perhaps the most coveted freshwater fish in Duluth, looking for Bass in this Minnesota town is incredible. You can guide into both Largemouth and Smallmouth here. In case you’re okay with pursuing Smallies, head over to the Thomson Reservoir right outside of town. It’s a kayak-friendly waterway, so you can take a stab at snagging them differently.

In case you’re searching for extraordinary Largemouth bites, visit the inland lakes around Duluth. Fish Lake Reservoir, Grand Lake, and Caribou Lake all hold incredible quantities of this sought-after species.

While the above species may be a portion of the fish species anglers will target the most, there’s significantly more prowling in the waters of Duluth. Local people quite well know musky and Yellow Perch. Catfish, Crappie, Sturgeon, and Sauger, are additionally probable.

Fishing in Duluth

There are plenty of approaches to go fishing in Duluth. It rests on the largest freshwater lake on the planet, so exploring the lake and its feeders should be possible from various perspectives.

Charter Fishing

Charter fishing is particularly significant in Duluth, as Lake Superior is enormous to the point that there could be no more excellent means to explore it. Taking off on a boat has plenty of benefits, as you can make a ton of ground this way. You can explore the deeper parts of the lake distant off from shore, where big fish head throughout the summer months.

To add, if you opt to book a fishing charter, you will likewise be finding support from a local guide. This assistance is essential, particularly in case you are unfamiliar with the area. Your guide will help where to take you and how to follow what you need, and they will likewise ensure you are following the entirety of the guidelines. You will not need to stress over anything!

Shore Fishing

With the Lake Superior shoreline on one side and the St. Louis River, the fishing opportunities are constant. You can likewise visit one of the more modest inland lakes for some more activity.

If you want to cast from shore, you should think about visiting in spring or fall. Throughout the summer, most species head out to the deeper waters looking for the ideal temperature. Furthermore, if you’re up for a great challenge, fly fishing is a top choice for local people. Do it along the shores of the St. Louis River for the best outcomes.

Kayak Fishing

Another standard method of fishing in Duluth is from a kayak. You get very close with the environment while additionally challenging yourself to some intense angling. Keeping your balance, paddling, and using your rod all simultaneously takes some training. However, once you nail it down, it’s an impact!

Anglers typically take their fishing kayaks to the inland lakes nearby, similar to Grand and Pike Lake. In any case, some use them to explore the shallower waters of Lake Superior. Kayak fishing can be gratifying at river mouths, similar to where the St. Louis River discharges into Lake Superior, just as down the stream.

Ice Fishing

This is a unique one for any individual who adores the Christmas season. Duluth is known for its ice fishing scene, and you’ll have more than one spot to check here. If you’re searching for a metropolitan angling spot, St. Louis Bay is within walking distance of downtown Duluth. When it freezes, it offers some exciting fishing and loads of fun come winter.

Fishing Spots in Duluth

Regardless of where you live in Duluth, Minnesota, fishing opportunities are just around every corner. The state is known for its lakes, and Duluth’s area does not disappoint in that matter.

You can’t resist the excitement reeling in your line while enjoying captivating sceneries with these fishing spots.

Lake Superior

Lake Superior is the largest lake by surface in the United States at 31,700 square miles (82,103 square kilometers). You can take off on a boat in summer and do some trolling for Salmon or follow Musky, Pike, and Walleye. In spring or fall, cast a line from shore, and you will undoubtedly pull in some pleasant Salmon and Bass.

St. Louis Bay

This is perhaps the most bountiful waterways in Duluth. You can discover a great deal of Walleye and Salmon here throughout the spring and fall months before they head out to the deep waters of Lake Superior for the summer. It’s additionally incredible for ice fishing when it freezes!

St. Louis River

If you’re searching for a peaceful day of fishing, head on down to the banks of the St. Louis River, then you will savor the energizing Salmon fishing. They go to these waters in spring to spawn, and fly fishing is particularly famous with local anglers.

Canal Park

If you don’t want to travel too far, Canal Park is the palace for you! Stroll down to this beautiful region sitting above Lake Superior and appreciate fishing like local people. Trout and Salmon are the common targets among anglers casting in Canal Park.

Grand Lake

If you are after some prize Largemouth Bass, this is the spot to be! It’s particularly famous for kayak fishing lovers so that you can have an activity-stuffed experience right outside the city. Walleye and Yellow Perch are additionally lurking here.

Fish Lake

And in case you are searching for Northern Pike, you will catch them here. The waters of Fish Lake are brimming with this desired species, and you can target them in many ways. Whether it is from shore, a boat, or a kayak, it’s sure to have a catch.

Which Season to Fish in Duluth

Minnesota is an all-year fishery, so fishing in Duluth any time is a happy time! That being said, where the fish are can vary depending upon the season. Spring and fall are best for fishing the streams and shallower waters, summer is the point at which you should visit the deeper waters of the lake, and wintertime is saved for ice fishing!

Fishing License and Regulation


A fishing license is needed wherever in Minnesota. Fishing guides and rental gear shops do not give fishing licenses and require licensing confirmation to increase assistance. Guests under age 65 likewise are needed to get a trout and fishing stamp to fish in Lake Superior. License information, including license types, prerequisites, and applications, might be acquired through the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR). Four Holiday Store (a nearby chain) branches, two Kmart stores, an Ico store, a Lakeside Food N Fuel, a St. Louis County Auditor License Center, a Marshall Hardware, and a Piedmont Food N Fuel are among the Duluth areas where licenses might be acquired. The Minnesota DNR can give a complete and closest list of Duluth areas with DNR licensing agents.


Minnesota authorizes numerous regulations to secure wildlife and environmental safety and preservation. Making the most of Duluth’s fisheries is not just about keeping the rod and fishing supply bag and leave. The activity requires sharp comprehension of state fishing laws and the guidelines of every stream, just as the capacity to identify the different fish species. The Minnesota DNR distributes a yearly update on statewide fishing guidelines (accessible in pdf design on the site), including location-specific policies. Every stream has exceptional standards, particularly relating to catch-and-release species. Guidelines relate to bait, hooking, and different parts of fishing technique, catch-and-release species, and ownership.

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