Shimano Saragosa SRG6000SW Saltwater Spinning Fishing Reel Review

Shimano Saragosa SRG6000SW Saltwater Spinning Fishing Reel Review

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A Little Peek at the Shimano Saragosa SRG6000SW

For saltwater fishing, this significantly demands specific capabilities for a reel to survive the damaging environment of the saltwater, mainly because of s the drag burning and stubborn game fishing that most anglers do. To fix those problems that the anglers had been experiencing during the fishing trip, Shimano had created and provided spinning reels that have drags that are made to be as smooth as it possibly can and an extended line t capacity, not on that and a whole lot more of features that they can give! The spinning reels that the company created have an advanced inner job to handle conditions that any fishermen will encounter while in the open water the whole day, may it be from dusk ‘til dawn.

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And one of the latest inventions by Shimano that had been added to the Offshore Spinning Reel lineup is devoted to the Blue Water fishers. The Shimano Saragosa SRG6000SW Spinning Reel is featured with many fishing abilities that can leave great amazement to the angler, and one of the features is the Propulsion Line Management System.

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This newest spool lip design can provide a longer distance for casting your spinning reel than a standard spool lip design made with other spinning reels. Several casting tests and computer simulations were done to perfect this spinning reel propulsion line management system to prevent the backlashes and wind knots from forming. At the same time, the angler casts the spinning reel.

Another system that features the Shimano Saragosa SRG6000SW Spinning Reel is the Paladin Gearing that aids in the durability enhancement of the spinning reel. This system uses a cold-forged particular aluminum drive and a brass pinion that had been hardened to use for its gear, the most durable metal that any other stainless steel drive train. The Shimano Saragosa SRG6000SW spinning reel is equipped with such a system to guarantee that it retains the smoothness to function well and much longer than before.

Along with these features are the added Shielded A- RB Bearings made to equip the Shimano Saragosa SRG6000SW. Yes, sure. Other spinning reels are equipped with A- R Bearings. What makes this so unique? Well, the Shimano Saragosa SRG6000SW spinning reel is featured, not with standard AR Bearings unlike other spinning reels but with the Saragosa SRG6000SW, it has a shield made on both sides of the bearings, and the shields inhibit the possibility of the sand or salt formation the may affect the rotation of the bearings.

These are just a few of Shimano’s specific systems for the Saragosa SRG6000SW spinning reel to be equipped with and for the angler’s use. These systems make the spinning reel capable of tackling the meanest creatures found in the sea but can still provide the condition and power during the performance. This spinning reel can reel in up to 44 lbs of drag to catch even the most challenging fish that Mother Nature can give the fishermen and retrieve the catch smoothly and effortlessly.

A Much Broader Perspective

The Shimano Saragosa SRG6000SW spinning reel has a lot to offer for the anglers to take advantage of. Let’s go ahead and see what features are sought mainly by anglers in a spinning reel, which can be found in the Shimano Saragosa SRG6000SW spinning reel.

      • Retrieve Range: 38- 45 inches
      • Weight range: 16- 34.2 ounce
      • Line Capacity Mono (yds\ lb): 265\12 * 170\60 * 120\20
      • Line Capacity Braid (yds\ lb): 245\30 * 210\50 * 180\65
      • Gear Ratio: 5.7:1


      • Front Drag
      • 5 + 1 Bearings
      • Drag Power Range: 22- 44 pounds
      • X- Tough Drag
      • Waterproof Drag
      • Shielded A-RB Bearings
      • Paladin Gear Durability Enhancement
      • Dyna- Balance
      • Fluidrive II
      • High-Speed Retrieve
      • Hagane Body and Gear
      • Super Stopper II Anti- Reverse
      • X- Rigid Gear
      • Cold Forged Aluminum Spool which can be used for fluorocarbon, mono, and braided lines
      • Drilled Spool Skirt
      • Twin X- Drag System
      • Dartanium II Drag Washer


      • Graphite Rotor
      • Right and Left Retrieve
      • CF Aluminum Frame
      • X- Ship
      • X- Shield
      • Propulsion Line Management System
      • Power Roller III Line Roller
      • Repairable Clicker
      • Ergonomic Septon Handle Grips
      • Machined Aluminum Handle Shank

Just look at those features! That is what makes the Shimano Saragosa SRG6000SW spinning reel works smoothly and fine. These features provide a great middle ranged spinning reel that had been sealed from the water’s damaging environment, and this reel falls in a particular category and lineup of the best reels there is that is available in the market. The Shimano Saragosa SRG6000SW spinning reel is packed with these innovative technologies that are incomparable and known to be the best-selling and known spinning reel in the market today.

The cold-forged aluminum spool and the machined aluminum handle shank that the Shimano Saragosa SRG6000SW spinning reel are made provide the anglers an increased strength and even more durable spinning reel over any other die-cast aluminum or spools made of graphite. The X- Ship that this spinning reel is made with is the ultimate technology that the company had created for its spinning reels.

With this technology, anglers can feel the increased efficiency and power with the gears that provide an ultra-light handle rotation. This gives the spinning reel an effortless retrieve as smooth as it possibly can. This is one of the most common problems in most spinning reels when battling a fish, especially a big catch. The pinion gear twists and the rotor flexes, thus creating problems in retrieving the fish. With the Shimano Saragosa SRG6000SW spinning reel, you can never experience such a thing since it has been simultaneously tested to perfect and give its best performance in fighting your catch.

The Super Stopper II anti-reverse eliminates a back play and only uses a one-way bearing that gives the anglers an immediate hook setting power. The propulsion line management system, which is excellent when casting, is made better since it can provide a longer distance.

And for an even more powerful retrieve, Shimano added the Fluidrive II, a much better version of Fluidrive, with the Shimano Saragosa SRG6000SW spinning reel. This provides much more efficiency in retrieving the cast and gives a maximum tooth contact that Fluidrive polished in the gear’s surface, and this gives anglers a much lesser effort in retrieving the cast. The Dyna- Balance is a feature that helps in eliminating wobbles while retrieving your cast and thus counterbalances the rotor for a better and enhanced smoothness and sensitivity, a feature that only Shimano mastered to distribute in the weight of the rotors. Isn’t that awesome?

When casting and retrieving your cast, it is all about leverage. All anglers know that. This only means that with the help of the X- Drag, there’s better leverage from the spinning reel since the reel had been repositioned near the body to give the anglers increased cranking power, so you don’t have to tilt so much from side to side so that you can fight a giant marlin or won’t give as much effort by throwing a huge crankbait deep down the water. And with the help of the X- Ship, it provides a longer and lasting performance. The X- Ship is a cold-forged main gear combined with a brass drive gear; the best part is that they don’t overlap with each other, thus giving you the smoothest and powerful retrieve.

The Dartanium II Drag is added from a cross carbon drag washer for higher max drags and better durability. Along with that is the Clicker, made to be repairable, which helps increase the tension in a free spool that also helps alert you when a fish bites by activating the clicking alarm it’s made.

And the best features that the Shimano Saragosa SRG6000SW spinning reel is to brag about and most needed by all anglers is the waterproof drag and the Septon handle grips that it’s made with. These features ensure that no water can get through the drag system, and it is sealed tightly from the corrosive environment that water is made with. And the handles grips will remain in your hands even when wet and will not give you any trouble either by casting or by retrieving your catch. A must-have in all spinning reels to be used by anglers.

 Shimano Saragosa SRG6000SW Saltwater Spinning Reel Review

To Conclude

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All the features can help all the anglers fish for the water's biggest bait. One of the best features that are most liked by the anglers is the Septon handle grips made of rubber gasket to guarantee that the reel won’t slip out of your hands when casting or retrieving the catch; this gives a continuous fishing experience. Along with that is the sealed system that the Saragosa SRG6000SW spinning reel is equipped with, this only means that you’re spinning reel is safe from the corrosive environment that the saltwater is made of.

And along with best the designs that the Saragosa SRG6000SW spinning reel brags about is the propulsion line management system that can ensure that the backlashes and the wind knots will be prevented while you’re casting the reel, that is just a bummer when you’re on the verge of your fishing trip and is having fun already, and that happens. Don’t you want to throw it away?

It just gives you stress and removes the fun away. Simple as the Saragosa SRG6000SW spinning reel is, it can deliver what you want on a fishing trip. This spinning reel can fight any fish, from the smallest achieves to the biggest tunas and marlins.

The Saragosa SRG6000SW spinning reel is the ultimate reel that can provide all the power and smoothness you’re looking for in a reel. With all the reel's features, you can never find another. Also, not to mention, isn’t it remarkable that the reel is equipped with a clicker that lets you know or alerts you when a fish already bit the bait? Well, that is something else.

Well, to keep it short. The Shimano Saragosa SRG6000SW Spinning Reel is the most innovative spinning reel there is. This spinning reel is made with many technologies combined that can help all anglers on the fishing trip. This spinning reel can never disappoint you when you are on the verge of the fishing game. You have the upper hand in battling any fish there is that the water can give you because of the power and durability that the Saragosa SRG6000SW spinning reel is innovatively made with. You can do all things when it comes to fishing. And when it comes to dragging along a huge catch, you can rely on this spinning reel. Made waterproof and slide proof, you can have all the fun you want in fishing anytime, any day, from morning until night.

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