Ultimate Angler's Guide to Abu Garcia Fishing Reels

Ultimate Angler's Guide to Abu Garcia Fishing Reels

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Abu Garcia fishing reels are well-known among fishing hobbyists. They provide a vast selection of specialized tools for every aspiring or professional angler’s needs.

It has long been known that a fisherman is only as good as the tools he carries. It has also been a well-established fact that not all fish can be caught using the same equipment.

If you want to one-up that prize catch of the day and not tell the story of the one who got away, then best come prepared.

This guide will cover a broad range of Abu Garcia fishing reels and discuss in detail the 3 P’s when selecting and purchasing the fishing reel most suited for your needs.

The 3 P’s are Price, Performance, and Proficiency.

Abu Garcia Fishing Reels

What makes the Difference?

Abu Garcia is internationally known for the quality of its fishing equipment. This also holds to the exquisite engineering and craftsmanship of their reels. Over the years and with the acquisition of newer materials and technology, they have improved their lineup and offers.

Different types of reels are classified and grouped according to the various roles and the mechanisms that make them work. The common ones include bait casters, spin casters, spinning, and conventional reels.

Each one works best in different situations or preferred fishing styles. To a beginner, they may look the same, but to a pro, they work differently; in some cases, certain types are better than others. Abu Garcia knows this, which shows in the selection we have showcased.

Baitcast Reels

The bait casters, also known as baitcasting reels, are specialized Abu Garcia fishing reels sold across stores both online and locally. They are distinguished from the other reels by the handle. The handle itself is a unique design and functional element. The purpose is to control line tension which isn’t unlike the other types of reels.

The reel can be turned clockwise and counter-clockwise compared to just one general direction. The downside is that it requires attention and control to ensure the line is receiving enough tension to keep the fish while avoiding not putting too much, which can cause the line to break.

This puts bait casters in the category of medium to high proficiency reels. The bait caster is further grouped into low profile and round.

Low Profile Reels

Abu Garcia fishing reels include a large assortment of low-profile reels, which do their job right and look fresh and sleek. These reels are lightweight and assured to last and are made from quality aluminum and stainless steel components. The lightweight reel is also designed to lessen hand and arm fatigue. We list some of the best low-profile Abu Garcia fishing reels in the following.

Abu Garcia Revo® 4 STX- STX-HS Low Profile Baitcast Reel

silver-max-lpPrice: $219.95

Performance: Mid-Range High Proficiency All-around Reel

Proficiency: High

The latest Silver Max bait cast reel lineup incorporates updated styling and advanced ergonomics. Notable key features include a new Rocket clutch mechanism that allows anglers to engage and disengage the spool using one hand. The new feature eliminates the constant need to turn the handle for engagement and is perfect for pitching, using flipping or back-trolling techniques.


pro-max-low-profile Price: $169.95

Performance: New Generation High-Tech Reel

Proficiency: High

Innovative design is taken from the Orra® and Revo® lineups. This reel delivers a first-rate performance inside an exceptionally smooth package. It includes an externally adjustable casting brake to ensure efficient casting control while sporting a 7+1 stainless steel bearing system for great smooth retrieves. It is lightweight and compact, which can take a serious beating day in and day out.


abu-garcia-black-max-low-profilePrice: $50.95

Performance: Economically Priced Quality and Reliability

Proficiency: High

The Black Max low-profile baitcasting reel delivers its class-leading performance in a compact and lightweight design. One of the new generations of Max reels incorporates both style and the proven value and reliability expected of the series and Abu Garcia fishing reels.

Abu Garcia Revo® 4 STX- STX-HS Low Profile Baitcast Reel

Price: $219.95

Performance: Optimum Grade Inshore & Saltwater Reel

Proficiency: High

Pursued in the tradition of accurate design and strong performance, the Revo® STX is stacked with highlights that give the water benefits daily. 

Another Gull Wing™ side plate configuration considers fast and straightforward access to the practically boundless IVCB-6L™ (Infinitely Variable Centrifugal Brake) brake system. A more sturdy Duragear™ brass gear, including the D2 Gear Design™, makes one of the most grounded yet most efficient gear systems. This low-profile reel is excellent for light tackle casting and jigging on suspended fish.

Round Reels

Round reels are bulkier and heavier than the low-profile reel and are aptly named after their barrel shape. The round reels are mostly recommended for medium proficiency and practicing anglers as the weight offers more stability to the rod and is much easier to control the line tension. We’ve listed some of the best around Abu Garcia fishing reels below.



Price: $219.95

Performance: Best Seller, Best Quality, Best Round Reel

Proficiency: Medium

Abu Garcia touts the Ambassadeur® CS Pro Rocket round baitcasting reel as their “international bestseller.” It is known for its casting ability which also features a synchronized level wind system for laying even lines. The reel also includes a Carbon Matrix Drag system known for its durability and strength as a drag system. The CS Pro Rocket also has an extended bend handle with a power knob that increases torque and efficient power stability. Made from durable components, you are assured of extended gear life with a corrosion-resistant instant anti-reverse bearing that ensures dependability for years to come.

Abu Garcia® AMBASSADEUR® S ROUND REELabu-garcia-black-max-low-profile

ambs6500Price: $68.95

Performance: Ambidextrous Power Mid-Range Reel

Proficiency: Medium

One of the few reels to have both left-hand and right-hand models available. It is known for being valuable for power and performance. The Ambassadeur S round bait cast reel is equipped with two stainless steel ball bearings for smoother operation, able to withstand about 12.5 pounds of drag pressure, and a four-pin centrifugal brake makes it perfect for a variety of situations. In addition, it is ergonomically designed for all-day comfort.


stx-round-reelPrice: $129.95

Performance: Ambidextrous Versatile Mid-range Reel

Proficiency: Medium

The Ambassadeur STX round reel is engineered using a 4 + 1 stainless steel bearing system, equipped with a powerful multi-disk drag, and comes with a compact bent handle and star. It is by far the middle child of the round bait casters offering both affordability and quality components. The Ambassadeur STX is perfect for taking on various fish species and utilizing different kinds of techniques. It is also available in left and right-hand models.


special-catfish-roundspecial-catfish-roundPrice: $199.95

Performance: Excellent Catfish Catcher

Proficiency: High

One of the few specialty Abu Garcia fishing reels optimally designed to tackle the ever-tricky catfish. It was initially born from the C3 round reel platform series. The Ambassadeur Catfish Special is packaged with proven components designed specifically for catfish fishing. It performs very well against the elusive prey with three stainless steel ball bearings + 1 roller bearing system and offers a smooth and consistent drag system. It uses a six-pin centrifugal brake system to deliver a controlled cast, and an extended bent handle equipped with a power knob to give additional torque and power for hard-pulling fish. Its synchronized level wind system also ensures an even line lay and a smooth retrieve.

Spinning Reels

Spinner reels, also called spin casters or spinners, are reels designed using a spinning spool system. A U-shaped piece of metal easily distinguishes it found just outside the line roller or barrel called bail.

It is a well-known alternative to baitcasting reels for anglers who have not yet mastered the intricacies of baitcasting techniques or simply those who seek a challenge. This puts spinning reels within medium proficiency, as they are not appropriately handled, specific problems tend to be expected in spinning reels.

In the following list, we reviewed some of the best spinning reels Abu Garcia has to offer.


abu-garcia-fishing-reels-revo-premier-spinning-reelPrice: $249.95

Performance: Light-weight, High-Range, Versatile Spin Reel

Proficiency: Medium

The Revo® Premier is one of the specially engineered Abu Garcia fishing reels, which gives an ultra-smooth experience and performance. To reduce weight, the spinning reel uses high-end components included in its body design, stem, rotor, handle, and knob. It also features a Carbon Matrix drag system which ensures smooth and efficient drag pressure and added extreme durability. The Rocket Line management system maximizes casting efficiency, which improves casting distance while reducing wind knots.

Abu Garcia Elite Max 30 Spinning Reel

orra-sPrice: $63.95

Performance: Modern Mid-Range Stability Reel

Proficiency: Medium

Up your game with the Abu Garcia® Elite Max Spinning Reel, representing sleek design and performance. It gives you a reasonable way of encountering professional-level performance. These reels are widely adored for their smart, groundbreaking innovation, sturdiness, and incredible handling, and the smooth, valued-price Elite Max is no exemption.

This reel is packed with solid features, beginning with its light, rigid IM-C6™ insert-molded carbon body; it will handle tough duty every day of the week. Moreover: lightweight rotor with sturdy Everlast™ bail system; braid-ready machined aluminum spool with Rocket Spool Lip Design™; Rocket Line Management System™ for predictable performance with all line types; Slow Oscillation plan for even line lay; computer-enhanced gearing for smooth, efficient action consistently; stainless steel main shaft and componentry; extraordinary 7-bearing system with 6 HPCR™ (superior performance corrosion safe) stainless steel ball bearings in addition to roller bearing; and a silky-solid Carbon Matrix™ hybrid drag system. Unmistakably, the Elite Max is a reel you can stretch to the edge – a fantastic deal!

Abu Garcia Max STX 10 Spinning Reel

Abu Garcia Fishing Reels Cardinal SXPrice: $39.99

Performance: Efficient Low-cost Freshwater Starter

Proficiency: Medium

Other than its price, performance is first-class on the Abu Garcia® Max STX Spinning Reel. This next generation of the Max series gives superb performance along with advanced engineering. The latest technological gadgets are its features with its Rocket Line Management System™.

It has 5 ball bearings + an anti-reverse bearing, and a sturdy Everlast™ bracket system. You can try one spin of the crank, which tells you about its sleek smoothness.

Depend on the Rocket Line Management™ and Rocket Spool Lip Design™ to expand your casting distance and dial in your preciseness with a wide range of lines. Slow Oscillation lays line equally on the solid, lightweight machined aluminum spool. Graphite body and rotor downplay in general weight.

The incredible slip system allows you to cast the biggest fish effectively. After each cast, the line is fully released from the spool. 


sx-spinningsx-spinningPrice: $169.95

Performance: Heavy Duty Quality Reel

Proficiency: Medium

The Revo® SX spinning reel is a cutting-edge design innovation that brings fishing to the next level. It heavily utilizes an Insert Molded C6 carbon body design incorporating a one-piece aluminum gearbox. It is the latest of the Revo series. The Revo SX is lighter than its predecessors while maintaining excellent rigidity, improved gears, and outstanding durability. It is probably one of the best Abu Garcia fishing reels for quality.

Spincast Reels

Spincast Reels, also known as spin casters, use the same reeling principle as spinning reels. The only difference is with the casting and design. Spincast reels do not offer the same casting flexibility as spinning reels. This, however, makes it much easier to control and is generally more stable. The only downside is the lack of free control with casting and retrieval.

It is generally recommended for beginners as it is fairly easy to use. The components are not that complicated. Maintenance and adjustments are easy to do. It is also a reasonably low-cost reel, making it a good starter reel for aspiring anglers to practice and develop their skills.

Abu Garcia® ABUMATIC® 170 SPINCASTabumatic-170


Price: $49.99

Performance: Traditional Look Modern Hybrid Reel

Proficiency: Low

Considered one of the hallmarks of the all-new Automatic spin-cast reel family. It is an infusion of the traditional dependability of the spin-cast reel mixed with modern engineering. The drag is controlled using the 170 or the Carbon Matrix drag system. It has an aluminum diecast for the front cone with a machined body engineered to be durable even in high-stress situations. In addition, it has an oscillating far-cast spool, creating an easy-to-use, no-twist line system that comes pre-spooled with a 12 lb. Berkley Trilene XL monofilament fishing line.



Price: $29.99

Performance: Great Price, Great Value

Proficiency: Low

Modern design integrated with spin-cast fishing reel advancements makes the Abumatic SX spin-cast reel stand out from the competition. Constructed with a graphite frame with a stainless steel front cone. Assembled with a numberless casting system challenges the traditional spin cast design. This equates to an increase in casting efficiency with a reduction in line wear. It comes pre-spooled with the Berkley Trilene XL monofilament fishing line.



Price: $19.99 – $24.99

Performance: Economic Starter Reel

Proficiency: Low

The Abumatic S combines bold cosmetics with modern design to deliver the ultimate value to its users. In addition to having a two-bearing system. The reel features a graphite frame with a stainless steel front cone. It possesses an ergonomic push-button which helps deliver a smooth casting performance. It is pre-spooled with the Berkley Trilene XL monofilament line like any Abu Garcia spin-cast reel.


abumatic-stxPrice: $39.99

Performance: Versatile Starter Reel

Proficiency: Low

Engineered to outperform the competition just like any Abu Garcia fishing reels in the market. The Abumatic STX platform takes standard spin-cast reel design to the next level. It uses a numberless casting system to increase casting efficiency and reduce the line from wearing down. It has a four-bearing system to ensure it operates smoothly and efficiently. It also includes upgrades such as a QuadCam engagement mechanism that results in faster line engagement upon retrieval. It is made with an aluminum frame and cone, giving the STX a modern, sleek design. It also comes pre-spooled with the Berkley Trilene XL monofilament fishing line.

Conventional Reels

One of the most common conventional reels used is inshore and offshore fishing. The mechanisms involved make it different from the other reels in that they are built for speed. Unlike traditional reel designs, conventional reels are geared toward more mobile components.

They also look like a cross between a standard bait caster round reel with a spin caster reel handle. The Abu Garcia fishing reel portfolio includes one of the best conventional reels in the market.

In the following list, we reviewed one of their conventional reels.



Price: $99.95

Performance: Highly Economical, Deeply Ergonomic Choice

Proficiency: Medium – High

In addition to having a mechanical line counter that displays the amount of lines out. The Alphamar LC Syncro conventional reel also incorporates a highly adjustable Syncro drag system, which can be done by cranking the handle 1/3 of a turn within a counterclockwise motion, resulting in a 50% decrease in drag pressure. The reel is probably best suited for professional anglers and seasoned offshore fishers, as this is one of the best toys for the big boys.

You can check out all Abu Garcia® Fishing Reels Here

**The prices stated in this guide are the posted prices without any special promotions, which are still subject to change from the time of publication.

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