RAYMARINE DRAGONFLY Ice Fishing Kit Product Review

RAYMARINE DRAGONFLY Ice Fishing Kit Product Review

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The Dragonfly fish finder by Raymarine is one of the more flexible fish finders available. To add to the Dragonfly offers‘ different features, it also comes in 3 distinct sizes, which means anybody from professional boat angler to easygoing kayakers can adequately use a Dragonfly form.

The Dragonfly has probably the most advanced imaging technology accessible in fish finders today. However, while the machine’s features are unique, they don’t come without the price tag. The Dragonfly isn’t the most affordable choice using any means, yet it’s positively one of the further developed fish finders out there.

If you’re an expert angler, the Dragonfly may be another feasible alternative among the many fish finders effectively accessible today. However, if you view yourself as even more an easygoing angler or hobbyist, the Dragonfly fish finder may not be for you.

Now, if after summer using your Raymarine sonar on the water, you’re considering how you’ll adapt without it when the ice season begins, it’s already taken care of. Raymarine has constructed an Ice Fishing Kit to ensure your Dragonfly and change it into a definitive hard-water fish finder, empowering you to use it lasting through the year.

RAYMARINE DRAGONFLY Ice Fishing Kit Product Review

Enjoyable and affordable, ice fishing is the best choice for anglers getting into the line and reel. It also happens to be one of the most addictive ways to catch varieties of fish, making it a favorite among seasoned anglers, too.

But to up the game a little bit, Raymarine has ventured into transforming the Dragonfly into the ultimate fishing machine. So regardless of whether you’re searching for salmon, trout, grayling, pike, or char, the Raymarine Ice Fishing Kit will give you all you need to make your excursion a triumph.

The Raymarine Ice Fishing Kit includes everything cold weather anglers need to release the power of Dragonfly sonar on the ice.

With a waterproof bag and rugged base designed solely for the Dragonfly, this compact unit is created to withstand the components. The Ice Fishing Kit houses a 12v/7Ah rechargeable battery, charger, and high-frequency CHIRP CPT-S ice fishing transducer with float. Full-sized load pockets give plentiful space to handle, and the integrated bar holders make it simple to go with all your stuff. The Raymarine Ice Fishing Kit is genuinely an all-in-one portable fishing bundle where you’ll be able to target the fish and observe your bait down to 900 feet!


  • High-frequency CHIRP CPT-S ice transducer targets bait and fish down to 900 feet.
  • Rugged, waterproof bag with an easy-stay-open door for easy viewing
  • Pre-drilled provisions for mounting any size Dragonfly Gen 1 or Gen 2
  • Extra storage for various size tackle boxes and integrated rod holders to carry all your gear

Kit Includes:

      • Waterproof Bag
      • 12V-7AH Battery with Charger
      • Base with Integrated Handle
      • CPT-S Ice transducer with Float and Clips
      • Ferrite
      • Document Pack
      • Note: Dragonfly Mounting Bracket NOT INCLUDED

CPT-S Ice transducer

High-quality ice fishing transducer for Raymarine Element HV series gadgets.

The drop-shaped transducer is at its best in ice fishing use. The transducer is easy to place directly into the hole in the ice, and it is consistently in the correct position as it hangs straight down. In addition, the included float makes the transducer very easy to use.

Wire length 2.5 meters. High Chirp frequency. NOTE! Not compatible with Element S series devices.

A-Scope Displays

The A-scope function displays the depth of your sonar targets with the width of your beam in real-time. In addition, the transducer has a 25-degree cone angle making it perfect for hard water fishing. By adding this transducer to your unit, you’ll experience far superior results.

Float and Clips

This practical kit allows for easy adjustment to the cable float system to ensure you’re getting perfect image quality regardless of ice thickness. Once measured, the float can be locked into place using the adjustable float. The ideal position would place the transducer slightly below the ice. However, a clear signal makes it considerably easier to detect anything below. Setting the float ideally is worth the effort as it improves the screen’s image. With the installation correctly done, you’ll be amazed at the incredible accuracy. Lures are in full view, and so are the fish movements. The best part is seeing the fish attack.

Waterproof Bag

The ice fishing kit comes in a rugged, waterproof bag that lasts for years. Designed explicitly for element and dragonfly, it’s perfect for a day on the ice.

Extra Storage

Full-sized cargo pockets provide ample room to slip in the tackle and extra gear. The rod holders are convenient, keeping your rods on hand ready to be used when you need them. They are also positioned for easy transportation and always remain in full view.

Compatible displays

The ice fishing kit requires a compatible display to view the sonar image. See the list of compatible displays below:

Adaptor cable A80331 is required to connect an ice fishing transducer to a legacy Dragonfly®
display that utilizes the one keyway Red connector.


As for the operation with the display, refer to the instructions provided with your display for details on operating the transducer
using the Sonar app.

Battery Operation

Guidance for battery operation is provided below.
• When used in colder temperatures, the battery will discharge more quickly than in warmer conditions.
• Lowering your display’s brightness setting can extend the time it takes for the battery to discharge.
• Battery life can be extended by not allowing your battery to discharge before recharging completely.
• Stored batteries will slowly discharge over time, prolonged usage, and charge the battery before use.
• The battery is recyclable, and you must follow local laws and regulations for safe battery disposal.
• The battery is a sealed lead-acid battery that requires no maintenance.

Adjusting transducer depth

1. Move the cable clamp up and down the cable to adjust the depth of your transducer.

Rod storage holders

2 x rod storage holders are included on the rear of the bag.

Transducer placement

1. Place the transducer in the oval recess located on the front left of the base.
2. Coil the excess transducer cable and store it in the recess in front of the display.

A fitting assembly in the bag

1. Open the bag using the zip and roll up the flap so that it is out of the way of the opening.
2. Place the assembly inside the bag with the display facing the opening.
3. Feed the bag handle material under the metal assembly handle and fasten using the hook and loop strips.


  • The kit easily adapts to several dragonfly units.
  • The transducer’s features are perfect for hard water ice fishing.
  • Practical allows easy adjustment to the cable float system, ensuring getting a detailed image regardless of ice thickness.
  • It has a powerful battery you needed for a full day of ice fishing.


  • The mounting bracket for Dragonfly is not included.

Final Thoughts

Ice fishing is a great way to keep you fishing all year long. If you love your ice fishing, then the Raymarine Ice fishing kit is a must! Please don’t leave your boat electronics at home. Bring them along! This kit allows you to adapt your dragonfly units for the ice quickly.

At the heart of this kit is the chirp bytes transducer, a specially designed transducer made just for the ice. Along with the transducer, these kits have a battery and charger, all housed in a robust waterproof bag that sports two integrated rod holders. With the high-frequency chirp transducer, you’ll be able to target the fish and observe your bait down to 900 feet.

Easy to use, assemble, and undoubtedly robust, considering all the beating it possibly gets on the back of your snowmobile. Don’t be discouraged, though, that it does not come with a mounting bracket for your display unit. However, if you already own a dragonfly for your boat, this is an excellent addition to get used out of your locator for ice fishing.

Improve your fishing by bringing along your Raymarine dragonfly unit the next time you hit the ice!

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