BUSHNELL MARINE 7 X 50 Binocular Product Review

BUSHNELL MARINE 7 X 50 Binocular Product Review

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Magnifying life does include marine life. And these are just the binoculars to do the job. When at sea, the use of marine binoculars is essential for strengthening the safety of the boat. Even though there is no particular guideline in SOLAS on how many binoculars are present on boats, it is significant that all boats are prepared with quality marine binoculars.

As an angler, it is critical to think about the binocular and the features you are using at sea to guarantee you have the right one and if there is a need for an upgrade.

In terms of quality in the line of marine binoculars, Bushnell is one of the top quality marine binocular manufacturers in the market today and one of the earliest leaders in optical technology for more than six decades.

The majority of the marine binoculars you see on boats will be of the Bushnell brand. Because of their multiple features designed to stand out in a challenging marine environment, they are perfect for any use where 100% durability is required.

Specifically, the Bushnell Marine 7×50 binocular is made known to be the best in the market and indicated below the details about the product and its features.

Bushnell Marine 7 X 50 Product Review

The Bushnell Marine 7×50 Waterproof Binoculars are ideal for marine conditions, and they commit their time to plan the absolute best binoculars at reasonable costs. And yet, they can unquestionably be convenient in different circumstances as well. Moreover, the outstanding quality incorporated inside a suitable size exhibits the high-level nature of the Bushnell Company.

It has a huge load of highlights that assists you with crossing the marine climate. Also, the binocular is inconceivably durable too. Thus, let us begin and see what the commotion is about this specific binocular!

Bushnell Marine Binoculars with Digital Compass

Bushnell has three binoculars in their Marine series (Bushnell Marine 13). All are 7×50’s, yet just this one, the 13-7507, which is the most up-to-date form that presently accompanies a 3-Axis digital compass. The compass is built into the viewing optics and illuminated with the course and bearing markers that track as you see through the optics. The compass bearings are read out in a simple-to-read and accurate 1-degree increase, making them ideal for navigation and finding objects precisely. An important note is that the digital compass provides solid precision at any place on the planet (both the Northern and Southern sides of the equator). Thus, regardless of whether you are in the Sahara desert or Mount Everest, the Compass will have precise directions.

The older Bushnell Marine 13 7500 Binocular is marginally less expensive than, the newer version and still highlights the range finder and internal Illuminated compass, yet it isn’t digital.


      • Product dimensions: 7.01 x 2.8 x 7.4 inches
      • Weight: 36 oz
      • Close distance focus: 25 Feet
      • Magnification: 7x
      • Field of View: 380 feet/ 1000 yards
      • Exit Pupil: 7.1
      • Twilight Factor: 18.71
      • Eye Relief: 18mm
      • Close Focus Distance: 35.0ft
      • Image Stabilization: No
      • Extra-Low Dispersion Glass: No
      • Auto Focus: Yes
      • Special features: Waterproof, fog proof, and lifetime warranty


      • Aluminum chassis
      • Polymer housing
      • Rubberized covering for a slip-free grip
      • Nitrogen-filled and O-ring sealed: waterproof and fog proof
      • Adaptable to tripods
      • Impact-resistant


      • Waterproof
      • Fogproof
      • Non-slip, non-skid rubber armor
      • Multi-Coated Lens Coating and Internal UV filter
      • Fold-Down Eyecups
      • Internal Ranging Reticle
      • 3-Axis Illuminated Compass
      • BaK-4 Porro prisms for bright, clear, crisp viewing
      • Floats


This Bushnell binocular checks all the boxes needed for it to be a decent set of Marine Binoculars. For a marine binocular, the main component is the waterproof structure, and this Bushnell binocular truly fits that box. It has an O-ring sealed structure which is nitrogen cleansed to keep the moisture out of it. Likewise, the binocular is airtightly fixed also. This keeps the moisture out of it. The optics have been intended to withstand saltwater also. Moreover, this pair of binoculars will likewise float in the water once dropped coincidentally.


This binocular additionally has a rangefinder that you can use at any distance. A range finder essentially shows you the span of a distant object. The reticle in the binocular makes this achievable. You can see this above the compass display. There you can see the distance to any object or even gauge the height of an object. This is a generally excellent feature, especially if you are out chasing in the wilds. You can likewise use this to measure distances in a combat zone!

How it works:

You can likewise compute the height of an object if you realize how far it is from you. Each label on the reticle scale has a value of 5 MIL (1MIL is comparable to an angle that can identify an object one meter in height at a distance of 1000 meters). In this way, if a navigation chart gives the height of an object, by locating it and checking the number of MIL’s, you can determine the distance away it is. The formulas to work these out are truly straightforward:

          • To measure distance when the height is known: (Objective Height (m)/Scale Reading) X 1000m = Distance in Meters
          • To measure object height when the distance is known: (Distance (m) X Scale Reading)/1000 = Object Height in Meters

Marine Use

Many individuals have this confusion that Binoculars are intended for land and open areas. Yet, this doesn’t seem right, and Binoculars are perfect for different reasons. Simply taking a look at the ocean or enormous vast water with it is simply extraordinary. Furthermore, the marine 7×50 has the ideal specs for it. This binocular accompanies 7x magnification along these lines. Thus, the images you get from here are unimaginably acceptable. Likewise, you are additionally getting amazing optics that are extraordinarily simple to use. The vast majority of marine binoculars have 7x magnification, and this one is no exemption. It takes care of business!

Lens System

Perhaps the best thing about this binocular is the unique lens system. You get Porro Prism lens design and multi-coated lens with BaK-4 prism glass. This is best-in-class innovation. It will give a lot of light transmissions. This means you will have a truly brilliant image that will likewise be fresh on account of the 50mm target lens present in the Binoculars.

Build Quality

In addition to the lens system, you likewise get a genuinely incredible build quality with the binocular. The non-slip rubber grasp is ideal for a wide range of conditions and sweaty palms. Similarly, the entire external piece of the binoculars has these armor layer pads that can take knocks and drops. Comfort is also considered with roll-down eyecups for individuals wearing glasses. You can even fit the binoculars on a tripod.


      • The binoculars have waterproofing as well as weather-resistant features.
      • The extraordinary grip on the handle and awe-inspiring overall lens performance.
      • You get a big warranty with this product so, it will last you for over a year.
      • The binocular is also very resistant to corrosion.
      • It has a wide field of view.


      • This binocular is bulky. If you like a compact binocular, try something else!
      • No image stabilization

Final Thoughts

While the Bushnell Marine 7×50 Waterproof Binoculars may be bulky, they have unique technology that effectively dominates them in front of the competition. Bushnell keeps on driving the binocular market by just producing quality items. It is a rugged full-sized binocular with two main selling points: Durability and Lens Performance.

This marine apparatus has various features that make it ideal for the expected use, like waterproofing, buoyancy, and magnification design. The rubbery, non-slick material guarantees a solid grasp on difficult situations as well. In addition, the binocular has a built-in digital compass and a rangefinder.

Indeed, even those on a budget should think about these binoculars, primarily dependent on the cost-effective and durable design. So, you are getting total value for your money with this one!

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