Mustang Survival - Fisherman Manual Inflatable Life Vest Product Review

Mustang Survival - Fisherman Manual Inflatable Life Vest Product Review

Since anglers spend most of their time around the water, it’s better safe than sorry. However, it is essential to secure a flotation device with you.

Inflatable vests are an essential tool for your safety while fighting that big fish. Also, they often are legally required depending on where you are and the type of water you’re on. Although you should still have basic water survival skills like swimming and water treading capabilities, a PFD can keep you afloat in an emergency. It can help you easily stay above water until you can get safely to a boat or land.

Before going further, it is best to determine the types of life vests. It is vital to understand which type to match that suits you or the activity you are into.

Types of Life Vests

The market gives five various life vests, with Type III and Type V as regular models among anglers and paddle boarders.

      • Type I life vests are the ideal option for distant or far-off waters. They present the best buoyancy, transforming individuals into a face-up position.
      • Type II life vests are a better option for calm inland waters. They present a generally clear plan and are less bulky than Type I.
      • Type III life vests are the most well-known alternative for paddlers as they offer an incredible opportunity for movement and comfort for a long time.
      • Type IV models are floatation units that can save conscious people in the water.
      • Type V life vests are models made for specific activities. Therefore, they should be cautioned consistently all through the particular activity. It’s how they get the USCG certificate. Fishing, kayaking, windsurfing, waterskiing, and such are the activities for which Type V is made.

There are several inflatable vests in the market. Thus, finding the right value and quality combined is not an easy task.

Over 50 years in the market, Mustang Survival flotation products are famous in professional lifesaving solutions communities designing and producing. They steadily challenge and innovate to make sure their flotation products stay world-class for safety and performance.

Right now, the spotlight is for the Fisherman Manual Inflatable Life Vest, Mustang Survival’s retro-inspired flotation device. Here you will find out if this specific vest is worth your money and most certainly if it does its job to keep you afloat when in the water.

Fisherman Manual Inflatable Life Vest Review

The Mustang Fisherman Manual Inflatable Fishing Vest is comfortable and lightweight, so it somehow gives an illusion that you are not wearing a PFD. Thus, it is perfect for fishing in warm weather!

Operated by manually pulling an activation cord, the inflatable vest is lighter and more relaxed than standard foam vests yet at the same time offers a similar buoyancy performance—ideal for wearing over a shirt or warmer layers while lake or river fishing.

Manually activated inflatable PFDs are inflated by pulling the activation cord that swings from the PFD at the height of the abdomen. As a result, they won’t blow up when they get wet or are drenched in water. Manually activated PFDs are an incredible option for activities like paddling, wade-fishing, and swimming. There is a sensible possibility you will wind up in the water, and we are sure you will want to pull the activation cord when you need it.

They are additionally ideal for circumstances where power over PFD inflation is wanted.

◊Size Chart:


Chest (inches)

Weight (lbs)

Chest (cm)

Weight (kg)


34″ – 38″

99 – 154

87 – 97

45 – 70


38″ – 42″

132 – 198

97 – 107

60 – 90


42″ – 46″

176 – 242

107 – 117

80 – 110

Extra Large

46″ – 50″

198 – 276

117 – 127

90 – 125


    • Color: Olive
    • Materials: Shell; Fabric, Floatation; Foam
    • Inflatable: Yes
    • Closure: Front Zipper
    • Buoyancy: 16 lbs. (7.26 kg)
    • USCG Approved: No
    • Box Dimensions: 1″H x 12″W x 23″L WT: 1.35 lbs
    • Pockets: Yes, 6
    • UPC: 062533270022


      • Six roomy storage pockets
      • Manually inflates by pulling activation cord
      • 16 LBS of buoyancy when inflated (CO² activated inflatable cell delivers 16 lbs of buoyancy when inflated)
      • Back hanging ring for landing net
      • Sheepskin hook and fly patch
      • Compatible with re-arm kit model # MI5700
      • Note: This product is not Transport Canada or USCG approved

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals known to California’s State to cause cancer, congenital disabilities, or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to

Storage Pockets

The Fisherman Vest is available in one color, Olive. But there are four different size options, from small to extra large. What makes this vest extra attractive to anglers is the design, which includes six storage pockets. Each of these pockets is quite roomy so that you can keep many essential items with you.

Activation Cord

Mustang’s Fisherman Vest features an activation cord. You have to pull the activation cord to initiate the inflation to automatically inflate if the vest gets wet or submerged in water. This is best for anglers who need more power over the inflation of their PFD or who fish in water where they are certain that they will want to pull the inflation cord themselves if necessary.

CO2 Cartridge for Inflation

The Mustang Inflatable Fishing Vest includes a CO2 cartridge for inflation and delivers 16lbs of buoyancy when inflated.

D-ring, Sheepskin Hook, and Fly Patch

The vest additionally features a back hanging ring called D-ring for landing net along with a sheepskin hook and fly patch.

In addition to the practical feature above, Mustang’s Fisherman Vest has a full front zippered closure to easily put on or take off the vest. It also is quite a durable vest as the outer shell is made from abrasion-resistant fabric, and it has an Internal Radio Frequency welded inner bladder.

Formula to Determine Buoyancy

If an individual weighs 200 pounds on land, then the weight is 10 pounds in the water. 80% of the human body is water. Water in the body does not weigh the water.

200 pounds x 80% = 160 pounds

200 pounds – 160 pounds = 40 pounds

The human body is 15% fat, and fat is lighter than water.

200 pounds x 15% = 30 pounds

40 pounds – 30 pounds = 10 pounds

A 200-pound individual weighs 10 pounds in the water.

A U.S.C.G.approved Type V vest is ordered to have 17.5 pounds of buoyancy.

If a man weighs 350 pounds on land, he weighs:

80% of the human body is water. Water in the body does not weigh the water.

350 x 80% = 280 pounds

350 pounds – 280 pounds = 70 pounds

The human body is 15% fat. Fat is lighter than water.

350 pounds x 15% = 52.5 pounds

70 pounds – 52.5 pounds = 17.5 pounds

A 350-pound individual weighs 17.5 pounds in the water.


  • Perfect for fishing in warm weather
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Activated by manually pulling an activation cord
  • Inflatable vest, lighter and cooler than regular foam vests
  • Offers same flotation performance of foam vests
  • An excellent choice for activities like paddling, wade-fishing, and swimming


  • Price-value is stiff.
  • Although available in Multiple Sizes, it only comes in one color.

Final Thoughts

Many personal floatation devices can be hot and bulky when fishing in warm weather, making something like the Mustang Inflatable Fishing Vest an incredible other option.

Although priced at a little over $250, the Fisherman Vest doesn’t fail in quality and durability as Mustang Survival has delivered for over 50 years in lifesaving solutions.

Features are practical, manual activation of inflation is straightforward, so as the full front zippered closure. This is an excellent choice for paddling, wade-fishing, and swimming activities.

Overall, Mustang Survival’s Fisherman Manual Inflatable Life Vest is an excellent choice for kayak anglers who are not too fond of wearing bulky or restrictive PFDs.

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