Mustang Survival - SAR Vest with SOLAS Reflective Tape Product Review

Mustang Survival - SAR Vest with SOLAS Reflective Tape Product Review

When fishing, the environment indeed has potential dangers, especially offshore. This is why one should secure a life vest/jacket. It should fit comfortably with the goal that an individual doesn’t get out of it. It ought to have the perfect amount of “float” for the weight of the person. A floatation device is intended to help an individual float and keep them on top of the water. It helps individuals maintain their heads out of the water, regardless of whether the person is drained.

A Personal Flotation Device (PFD) is the most significant piece of gear on your boat, and the main concern should be the size. More than 66% of all boating fatalities are drowning accidents, and 90% of drowning casualties were not wearing a life jacket.

There are a few types of traditional foam flotation devices, just as new inflatable life jackets. Each is built for various boating activities and water conditions, and each has its maximum buoyancy, performance level, and limits. You ought to choose your life jacket dependent on your sailing activities and needs. Life jackets should be U.S. Coast Guard-approved to meet carriage requirements.

One reputable company that can be considered the home of PFDs is Mustang Survival. For over 50 years, they have designed in-demand marine products to protect and enrich lives for water rescue. The one on the lookout now is the SAR Vest with SOLAS Reflective Tape. Dive in deeper below and discover the value and strength of this Mustang vest.

SAR Vest with SOLAS Reflective Tape Product Review

Offers helpful industrial buoyancy with enormous armholes for mobility, MV5600 SAR Vest is made of top-notch materials to serve you for quite a long time to come and built using state-of-the-art technology and considering clients.

The SAR Vest’s durability is tested to 100mph, meaning it has been designed, tested, and approved to hold up to rigorous activities. It comes with SOLAS Reflective Tape. The high neoprene-lined collar gives impact protection by limiting neck portability, and the large 3-belt adjustment system makes a protected fit.

Huge cutaway armholes for the total scope of movement, dark interior and bright orange exterior texture for low visibility, large front cargo pockets, and multi-purpose quick tab radio clips make this sturdy and cozy personal floatation device (PFD) a functional piece of your protective gear.

To add to its practical features, the vest has a full front zipper closure, a flexible waist tie with a “squeeze style” quick-release clasp, and for added safety, 62 square inches (1,016 cu. cm.) of SOLAS reflective tape for high visibility in the evening or low light conditions. The vest is made using solid nylon with foam for floatation. The vest comes in different sizes and is recommended for industrial marine, law enforcement, and public safety in the sea.


Color: Orange

Materials: Nylon &d Foam

Closure: Full-Front Zipper 3-Adjustable Waist Straps w/”Squeeze-Style” Quick-Release Buckles

Pockets: 2-Front Cargo Pockets w/Hook & Loop Closures

Reflective Tape: 62 sq. in. (400 sq. cm.) of SOLAS

Coast Guard Approved: USCG – UL1123 – Marine Buoyant Devices 160.064 – Type III

Sizing Chart:


  • Approval: Harmonized Level 70 – USA and Canada (Meets minimum buoyancy of 15.7 LBS)
  • Two large front cargo pockets with easy to use pull tabs for extra storage
  • SOLAS reflective tape for high visibility
  • Large cutaway armholes for maximum range of motion
  • 3-Belt system for a custom fit
  • Fast-tab radio clip

Harmonized Standard

The Mustang SAR Vest w/ SOLAS Reflective Tape has the approval of Harmonized Level 70. This is undoubtedly ideal use by those who have means of rescue nearby. However, this most likely cannot be safe for a long duration in rough water.

Extra Storage

The vest has two large front cargo pockets with easy-to-use pull tabs for more storage!

SOLAS Reflective Tape

The vest comes in 62 sq. in. (400 sq. cm.) of SOLAS Reflective Tape that is beneficial for high visibility at night or in a low light situation.


It is made out of nylon shell w/ foam for floatation. It goes to show it has a durable design. The full-front zipper secures the opening and closure. Its adjustable waist straps come with “squeeze-style” quick-release buckles.


  • Comfortable design tested and approved to hold up to rigorous activities.
  • It has impact protection by minimizing neck mobility.
  • It has a 3-Belt adjustment system for a secure fit.
  • Durable design made out of nylon shell with foam for flotation.


  • Reflective tape’s reflection shelf still depends.

What You Need To Know About Life Jackets

  • There should be at ONE life jacket for every individual on board
  • Life Jackets should be appropriately measured for every individual on board
  • Children under a specific age are needed to wear their life jacket (generally under 13 – check state requirements)
  • Participants engaged with certain water sports are required to wear a life jacket (usually skiing and personal watercraft activity – check state requirements)
  • Life jackets should be supported by the U.S. Coast Guard to meet requirements
  • These life jackets should be promptly available and not in a far off area or original packaging
  • Any boat 16′ and more (aside from kayaks and canoes) should have a throwable PFD
  • Throwable gadgets should be quickly accessible for use, like in the cockpit or close to the steerage
  • An inflatable life jacket should be appropriately equipped with an unused gas cylinder
  • Inflatable life jackets are approved for use on recreational boats by an individual at least 16 years old

Final Thoughts

When you are on the water, place security first is what Mustang SAR Vest aims for. Regardless of whether you are surfing, swimming, fishing, or cruising, there is consistently one thing that you can do to guarantee your safety, and it comes with SOLAS Reflective Tape.

The design is durable, comfortable, and tested to hold up to rigorous activities. It is made from top-notch materials to the most perceived security standards in the market to guarantee the most recent in dependability and worth.

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