Xantrex Statpower: XPower Powerpack 1500 Product Review

Xantrex Statpower: XPower Powerpack 1500 Product Review

Fishing excursions can be a perfect getaway. You will enjoy a break from your day-by-day commitments and drench yourself in nature with all its brilliance. You may be an avid angler or a beginner. It offers numerous therapeutic advantages, from reducing your stress and improving your focus to advancing relaxation and giving you a feeling of satisfaction. Planning your following fishing excursions, then again, provide everything from experience to some recreation. Yet, there’s only one way to guarantee your trip is all that you expected, and that is to secure a portable generator.

Both convenience and a need when dealing with the environment, portable power is a must-have. Not only are they easy to move, set up, and transport, they are easy to maintain. To add, there are numerous fishing applications.

Perhaps one of the most successful and mainstream brands of locally available AC power technology is the Xantres brand. The products are used in different RV, marine, military, construction, EMS, transport, work service vehicle, and commercial truck markets. But since products are of a variety, they are still an ideal source of power for fishing.

Xantrex products are smaller, more innovative, and more effective than conventional power conversion equipment. Today, they offer products that address a broad scope of customers, and the XPower Powerpack 1500 is mixed with a power source to give an independent power solution.

Learn more about this portable power system below and determine if it is worthy of being one of your smart fishing equipment.

XPower Powerpack 1500 Product Review

The availability of backup generators is always in the market. It’s not in every case to discover one that can supply power to your most significant gadgets and equipment while still being easy to use and simple to move around. While the Statpower XPower Powerpack 1500 is ideal for backup power in your household, it is perfect for outdoor use since it is portable.

The Statpower XPower Powerpack 1500 from Xantrax figures out how to hit the greater part of the major classifications, making it one of the best portable generators around.

While many of the generators in the portable type will, in general, be not difficult to move, however short on power, the Statpower XPower Powerpack 1500 keeps from that drawback. The power source might be in short supply, yet you’ll get a lot out of them. This generator is not difficult to use, is manufactured with superb craftsmanship, and is strong enough for daily use if necessary.

Key Features:

      • Operates 120 Vac or 12 Vdc products anywhere
      • Sealed, non-spillable 51 amp-hour AGM battery
      • High surge protection and automatic over-temperature and overload shutdown
      • Low voltage alarm and shutdown prevents deep battery discharge
      • Battery level indicator confirms charge level
      • High power 12 Vdc connector
      • Two three-prong AC outlets
      • The padded grip towing handle is removable for easy storage, and built-in side handles allow for easy lifting.


      • DC Connection Type: Cigarette Lighter
      • GFCI: Yes
      • Outlet Qty: 1 Duplex GFCI
      • Inverter Surge Rating: 3000w
      • Waveform: True Sine Wave
      • AC Connection Type: Outlet
      • Inverter Input Voltage: 12v
      • Inverter Output Voltage: 120v
      • Inverter Cont. Output Wattage: 1500w
      • Box Dimensions: 16″H x 19″W x 19″L WT: 59.5 lbs
      • Weight: 53.5 lbs


Surely, there are many reasons why you should choose Statpower XPower Powerpack 1500 as your backup power. Thus, below are the remarkable features to take note of.

Easy to Assemble

You may have bought a generator before that you needed to really sort out yourself. This can prompt the generator to assemble erroneously, and it adds trouble.

Don’t stress over investing energy connecting batteries, wires, and gauges. The Statpower XPower Powerpack 1500 comes completely assembled, other than the handle. But surely the part is simple — slide the handle poles into a spot to pop them in, and you’re all set.

The handle can be disengaged just as simple as well, giving you more space in case you’re hauling the Statpower XPower Powerpack 1500 around in the vehicle or in case you’re putting it away in the garage or basement.

Abundant Power

The Statpower XPower Powerpack 1500 isn’t designed for the entire home backup. However, you have a lot of power to keep various gadgets and appliances running for quite a long time because of its 1350 W output power, 3000 W output surge limit, and amp hours rating of 51.

This converts into the accompanying run times for common appliances:

      • Laptop – 25 watts for 27 hours, 30 minutes
      • Table Lamp – 40 watts for 16 hours
      • 20” LCD TV – 52 watts for 11 hours, 52 minutes
      • 18 cu. ft. Refrigerator – 120 watts for 4 hours, 18 minutes
      • 8 cu. ft. Freezer – 80 watts for 7 hours, 6 minutes
      • Home Alarm System – 5 watts for 129 hours
      • Jigsaw – 150 watts for 3 hours, 18 minutes

Many Charge Options

The Statpower XPower Powerpack 1500 allows you to charge it from various perspectives, including AC, DC, and even jumper cables using the ports situated on the backside. AC and DC lines are included, which you can securely store away when not being operated using a built-in compartment located on the top.

Charging times differ upon the technique or your solar panel wattage. When the battery is 100% drained, it will require 24 hours using AC power, or 6-8 hours using a DC car charger.

Accessible to Use, Crystal Clear Controls, and Information

Generators and power packs may be a little discouraging or some electrical experiment. The Statpower XPower Powerpack 1500 has marked controls and a helpful battery gauge that keeps you informed on the battery’s status. On/off switches to both the battery pack and the AC outlets are included for a similar panel.

Extremely Portable

Generators aren’t generally the most straightforward to carry around, particularly when they are higher on the power scale. The Statpower XPower Powerpack 1500 isn’t the lightest unit on the planet, yet it’s not the heaviest either. The 53.5 weight is made simpler because of the strong, large wheels that make transporting the Statpower XPower Powerpack 1500 simple on almost any surface.

The removable extended handle is a significant addition also. Built-in handles on each side are included to assist with lifting and carrying. You will not experience a lot of difficulties getting this thing from one place to the other.


Another issue that sub-par generators have is the absence of any insurance with the electrical current, which leaves your gadgets and appliances in danger. The Statpower XPower Powerpack 1500 comes furnished with high surge protection, just as programmed over-temperature and over-load shutdown, keeping both you, your unit, and your gadgets safe.


Emergency power

It operates essential appliances like a fridge, cordless and cell phone, radio, fan, lamp, home security system, microwave, sump pump, and more.

Work productivity

It operates power tools like a drill, belt sander, circular saw, and more; it powers communication devices such as laptops, desktops and monitors, printers, fax machines, etc.

Indoor and outdoor recreation

It operates a TV, blender, video game console, portable cooler, coffee maker, and more.


Every great product has its drawbacks. Check out closely on the Statpower XPower Powerpack 1500’s downside.

Has Only Two Outlets

The unit is more built for driving a couple of bigger gadgets. However, restricting the output to only two AC outlets appears to be a bit unusual.

A third AC outlet would give better adaptability. A USB or DC outlet would give you more space in charging some smaller gadgets like a phone or tablet without focusing on using half of the accessible outlets.

When you have 1350 watts of continuous power, you shouldn’t need to buy a multi-power plugin to use with it.

Might Have a Bit More Power

The 1350 watts of power is acceptable, yet that sum is somewhat of an in the middle of sum contrasted with different units.

Give it 1350 watts of continuous output. A couple of changes and a battery with a couple of more amp hours will place it in an entirely different class, permitting it to control some bigger appliances and more.

Final Thoughts

The Statpower XPower Powerpack 1500 is the actual meaning of a portable generator unit.

While it could be restricted in outlets, the downright simplicity of the design and, in general, craftsmanship make it a solid unit that you can use at home for reinforcement or carry alongside you for quite a few outside activities, even your next fishing trip!

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