ABU GARCIA Revo X Baitcasting Reel Product Review

ABU GARCIA Revo X Baitcasting Reel Product Review

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Abu Garcia reels platform could be named as the most captivating and fascinating one for numerous anglers.

One of the world’s most renowned fishing brands, Abu Garcia, promises to offer another variety of low-profile baitcasting reels that is reasonable and provides another significance to reel reliability and performance.

Abu Garcia® Revo® X Product Review

Most amateur and medium-skilled anglers are not keen on buying an alternate baitcasting reel or rod for each technique for fishing or type of fish. They are keen on tracking down a good, top-notch baitcaster reel that can work in however many fishing conditions and settings would be prudent. A reel gives an amateur to get familiar with the fundamentals yet gives enough extra highlights to the medium and highly-skilled anglers to take their game to a higher level.

The Abu Garcia Revo X low-profile baitcasting reel is a match to add to your arsenal with this inline. Below are the specific attributes and features to help you get acquainted with this Abu Garcia Revo line of baitcasters. When it comes to details, focus first on design, quality, and price.

Abu Garcia® Revo® X

Revo is entrusted with reliability and performance, welcoming the X to the lineup of the fourth generation of Revo Low Profiles. Take in a trophy fish with the Abu Garcia Revo X Low Profile Reel. Highlighting similar pioneering design, durability, and performance, the Revo X starts with an X2-Cräftic™ alloy frame and Duragear™ brass gear for a lightweight yet hard and corrosion-safe frame. A Carbon Matrix ™ hybrid drag system gives a smooth and dependable performance to deal with big fish. Complete with a lube port offering easy access support, the Revo X Low Profile Reel promises fully loaded features.


Reel Spool Material:

        • Aluminum

This implies durability and will handle big bass across the nation.


        • 7.9 oz/ 223 grams

This proves it is as light as a feather.

Bearing Count:

        • 8

The number is perfect; the more bearing counts, the smoother the reel functions.

Drag Material:

        • Carbon Fiber

This means high-quality and durable.

Max drag:

        • 18lb/ 8.1kg

Drag type:

        • Star Drag

Best for fish species under 40-50 lbs.

Gear Ratio:

        • 7:3:1/6:6:1/5:4:1

This is an ideal gear ratio, and you can choose between a quick reel-in.

Recovery Rate:

        • 30″/76cm | 27″/69cm | 22″ /56cm

The recovery rate per gear ratio.

Mono Capacity (m/mm):

        • 160/0.29 135/0.32 95/0.38

This is great for the medium-range cast.

Mono Capacity (yd/lb):

        • 175/10 145/12 100/15

Braid Capacity (m/mm):

        • 170/0.29 130/0.36 90/0.41

Braid Capacity (yd/lb):

        • 190/20 140/30 100/50


At this price range, Abu Garcia has built up the Revo X to address an excellent baitcaster reel trustworthy.

Possible Impression of the Revo X

Before considering this specific low-profile baitcast model of the Abu Garcia reels inside your tackle box, check out critical impressions about the physical aspects of the Revo X below.

Quite similar to previous generations.

You may discover this model to look and feel reasonably comparable if you have ever owned the previous generation of Abu Garcia reels. Other than a couple of changes in the size and shape of the reel, it has a customary exterior that looks and feels incredibly reliable and skilled.

A lightweight frame can be a problem.

As for beginners, the lightweight frame is a lot simpler to deal with for extended periods. What’s more, if you have invested in outstanding energy fishing, you should know the measure of patience and persistence it commonly takes before you feel even the first bite.

The lightweight frame is strong enough.

The X2-Cräftic™ alloy frame may be lightweight; however, luckily, it is exceptionally sturdy. Besides, the frames have been intended to be corrosion safe, which is crucial, considering how much dampness and sun damage these reels are exposed to.

Decently stable enough.

Although, from an external perspective, very little has changed when you contrast it with the past generation models. However, the outside is pretty protected and natural. Some minor changes have given this fourth generation of Revo X models an improved and more stable performance.

The Good Side of the Revo X

What is different in this model? To start with, the Revo X highlights another magnetic braking system, which can be a distinct advantage, mainly when fishing with brilliant, hard-to-catch fish. The MagTrax™ performs, especially for different sizes and baits. Likewise, it tends to be adjusted effectively, allowing users to upgrade execution and improve their fishing experience.

Then, the drag stack currently arrives in a revised hybrid carbon and synthetic material—this Carbon Matrix™provides a much smoother and more dependable dragging experience contrasted with its past models.

Also, the 30-ton rod blanks are finished off with stainless steel outline frames, adding stability and performance to its lightweight body. Its corrosion-free feature is most likely a good highlight since it can get exceptionally irritating to change items habitually. A large portion of the standard models get damaged and rust after a couple of fishing excursions.

Additionally, the dialing-in process was generally smooth and stress-free. The spool is incredibly free-turning, and this is made possible due to the top-notch high-quality bearing used.

The Downside of the Revo X

As referenced above, one of the new highlights of this series is its more extended reel handles. These lightweight reels were built to deal with the light lure in the right wind conditions with all transparency. It may perform well. However, once changed to a somewhat heavier bait, you’ll see the stretch and bend on the rod outwardly.

Reading its features, you’d understand what built this model for, and getting gigantic fish with a big lure isn’t something or other! If you hope to appreciate some easy-going fishing with a better-than-ever reel, this one will be ideal for your requirements.

Likewise, the plastic frame may not last long as the more costly models. That shows that plastic isn’t the most viable material you can use for heavy fishing activities.

Nevertheless, at the cost of this reel (under $100), it can give a supreme performance. Those who are searching for a beginner or intermediate-level reel will be incredibly content with this one.

Final Verdict

There isn’t a lot felt lacking from the fourth-age Revo X reel, specially priced at this range. Generally speaking, this model is highly recommended for amateurs and intermediate-level fishing anglers.

That being said, the minor disadvantages that will confront are not deal breakers at all. You may choose to get this mix of Revo X reel and rod for your future easy-going fishing trips.

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