ABU GARCIA Silver Max Casting Reel Product Review

ABU GARCIA Silver Max Casting Reel Product Review

In most cases, fishing is a hobby or recreation. However, current trends prove that fishing is likewise a sport. For total effectiveness, it is essential to have the proper gear.

Right now, the products of the Abu Garcia brand are famous everywhere in the world. The company fabricates products designed explicitly for Japan, Europe, the USA, and Russia. Among its different companies, you can discover everything for fishing: baits, casting rods, reels, garments, and numerous other fundamental merchandise to accomplish high outcomes in fishing.

Among them, the reel is a significant part. Nonetheless, today let us have the spot on the acclaimed fishing reel Abu Garcia Silver Max!

Detailed below is everything about this low-profile bait caster from Abu Garcia. Check out this reel that probably won’t have every one of the fancy odds and ends of some different models yet may be considered an alternative option for anglers out there.

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Abu Garcia Silver Max Product Review

Abu Garcia’s Silver Max is a somewhat stripped-down adaptation of their Pro Max model. However, it gives a superb performance on the water. It is a great bait caster for those hoping to get into the baitcasting game or need an optional or tertiary reel for their outfit.

Key Features

Offering a competitive mix of performance and price, the Abu Garcia Silver Max Casting Reel delivers the strength and features you should be fruitful on the water. It is the manifestation of the company's latest developments in a modern design.

      • Five ball bearings + 1 roller bearing assures smooth fishing
      • Lightweight graphite body and rotor
      • The mechanical aluminum coil offers strength without additional weight
      • Everlast system for improved durability
      • With all types of lines, Slow oscillation aims even performance
      • Rocket Line Control System Provides Better Control For All Line Types
      • Rocket Spool Lip Design to enhance line control

Ease of Use

Amazingly Ergonomic

​​If you have a couple of reels within this price range that are awkward to use while fishing, it is fitting to consider Silver Max. This low-profile baitcaster has a dual-bent handle that is highly compact. It helps in the Silver Max’s ergonomic feel, and the two paddleboat grips are easy to stay on point.

Gives Great Grip

Its compact, solid design fits your hands sensibly well and allows a stronghold, primarily when fishing in close-encounter situations. Even though it’s not as lightweight as some different reels, the 7.3-ounce Silver Max is a smooth inclination reel seeing its economical price point.

The reel foot helps the reel to fit equally in your grasp, furnishing your thumb with space to play over the entire surface of this reel.


Remarkably Robust

​The only graphite frame and side plates are both strong and hold up to misuse without any challenges. The Max bears these features to keep the weight of the bait caster down, created from a single graphite frame and graphite side plates. Also, it uses a flashed aluminum spool that different scales back weight.

In any case, the frame may twist, and the absence of viability might be an issue. ​Still, suppose you use this specific reel quite differently from its designed fish range. In that case, the graphite body comprises sufficiently high type and patterned enough to represent no trouble with most fishes.

Part’s Long Life Span

​The reel consists of five stainless steel ball bearings and brass gears, which allows the Silver Max to give an incredible performance during retrievals. The metal gears have been developed and adjusted using Abu Garcia’s Duragear advancements to extensively broaden their gear’s life expectancy and hold them back from failing under necessary coercion.

Although it drops the gear ratio slightly, the reel compensates for this with superior cranking force.


MagTrax Brake System

​​The Abu Garcia Silver Max works shockingly well for a reel at its price point. It works excellent with weightless soft plastics and lightweight balsa lures. The MagTrax braking system takes into account speedy changes without the disposal of any side plates.

When you cast a light lure and choose to switch things up, such as using some heavier jig or Texas rig, several ticks exterior brake regulators. Allow you to invest less energy-wasting time with your reel and considerably more time making accurate casts.

​No Irritating Noise

The good news, you will not hear any shrieking or screeching when making long casts with the Silver Max. These noises are typically found in cheap fishing reels and consequently are frequently characteristic of fundamental bearing problems.

This reel is consistently sufficient if you like to make flips and short pitches, jig under the stones, and repel with crankbaits in open waters.

Excellent Drag System

While you don’t regularly use the drag of casting reels, you can tighten up the drag to its most unique workable setting and use the thumb bar to release the line manually.

When battling bass, this reel smashes the setup without any problem. It won’t flood very far, which has brought about a significant number of lost fish once there are solid runs along the edge of the boat.

Should you need to tighten up your drag while pitching and flipping, which you might love doing, you will experience issues pulling any line while tweaking on enormous basses in heavy cover. You will be in a situation to set the hook hard and get quick energy to move into fish.

​Star Drag and the Spool

The low-profile baitcaster incorporates a twofold twisted handle that is extraordinarily simplified. It helps the Silver Max’s agronomical feel, and both paddle boat grips are a breeze to stay on point with. The star drag is directly alongside the handle, which incorporates a twisted format and makes it easy to adjust during a fight.

You will track down a little play and twist from the reel handle yet not adequate to block line retrieval. You can make quick and straightforward changes with the dial on the contrary side plate of that of the reel handle. ​The brake system provides smooth pressure into this reel directly from the beginning of a cast and right to the draw hitting the water.​

Nevertheless, it won’t invalidate possible reactions on the spool. You require some thumb play to manage the line. The gear ratio on this bait caster makes it ideal for slower yet more profound retrieval strategies used with medium-sized crankbaits and jerk baits alongside other plunging lure techniques.

Superb Casting Precision

With a couple of modifications to the spool tension, the Silver Max can cast these lures at impressive distances with precision. The other feature that aids some casting strategies, such as pitching and flipping or maybe releasing your line, is the Rocket Clutch method.

In contrast to different reels with this specific feature, you don’t have to keep down on the change to separate the spool. Instead, you push the grip, and the bolt will withdraw. At whatever point you’re set up to connect with the spool, you press the switch adjacent to the grip, and it gives you the simplicity of activity using only one hand.

It is an incredible feature that can prove to be convenient using explicit techniques. The Silver Max has made it incredibly easy to maneuver.

​Gear Ratio and Startup Inertia

The Silver Max functions admirably under the heavyweight fishes, with the outfitting and bearing being the sole reason for it. The line recovery rate is average for similar low-profile bait casters of comparable size, and it’s not the most reasonable option for high-speed retrieval techniques. However, the task finished regardless.

The cranking power makes it incredible for deep plunging draws and heavier baits. Along with the gear ratio, the braking system makes it among those couple of bait casters that perform genuinely well with numerous skillful fishing techniques.​

​The Power Disk drag system uses plastic washers equipped to give more drag than you will need for your usual low-profile baitcasting necessities. The startup latency is minor in the lower-end drag range, and the artificial washers give smooth and steady drag pressure.

In the top-end drag range, it might turn somewhat edgy. Notwithstanding, it is not all that much.

Maintenance and Repair Cost

​Great Long Term Durability

​​Even though this isn’t the most robust reel seeing its body power, it’s a reel that could cast the entire day with no weariness and is more than equipped to face ordinary maltreatment. It stands up significantly better than its cost enables you to expect.

Price Point

It is Economical

​​​You will experience a couple of great deals of budget-friendly reels which look great yet work like nonsense. A few manufacturers like to lure you with gorgeous reels while not emphasizing the internal design components, which is the thing that directs on-the-water effectiveness.

In any case, the Abu Garcia Silver Max isn’t just worth each penny you spend, yet in addition, much better than a portion of the pricier reels out. Also, the initial look at its value makes you believe that it is a scam that a decent reel is attainable at a low cost.

Silver Max Pros & Cons


      • Lightweight and durable graphite
      • Flipping switch for a faster way of casting jigs
      • Low-cost
      • Superior for cost
      • Fair retrieve rate
      • Adaptable gear ratio
      • Compact and ergonomic plan
      • Rocket Clutch is likable
      • Incredible Brake System
      • Precise cast retrieval
      • Simple to work drag


      • A little shaky in the handle
      • Drag somewhat unsteady at the high end of the reach

Final Verdict

You don’t need to go through a great deal of cash to purchase an ideal fishing reel. Indeed, even with a budget of under $60, you can get yourself a perfect reel that will make your work simpler and fascinating.

​The Abu Garcia Silver Max bait caster may not be the greatest of the reels, and it may not have the quality you will find on other $100+ reels. But many avid anglers would opt for this Silver Max. This can be a great beginner’s reel, too, for anyone looking to get in the area of baitcasting. Not only does this fishing reel give precise cast control, yet additionally, it is made of value lightweight material.

The reel is outfitted with every vital feature that makes it easy to function. Its instant anti-reverse bearing guarantees that you accomplish a smooth retrieve.

This is a product that you will like for its performance in the entirety of your fishing trips. It is an excellent investment and comes at a low cost.

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